Chris still had a hold of Walburg when they arrived at the lab. He blinked when his eyes adjusted to the light of the lab. His arms were tired of holding Walburg and once he saw he was safe in the lab, he let go, his arms went limp.

"Grab him!" Chris hollered to Buck, who quickly came to reprehend Walburg.

"Got him, Chris." Buck looked over at his partner and smiled. "Welcome back, partner."

"Thanks. Not sure if I did my job, though." Chris said, his eyes beginning to water.

"What job?" came a familiar voice.

Chris whirled around. He gasped when his eyes met the same brown eyes.

"Dad?" he said, blinking his eyes.

His father was older, greyer, but it was in fact Matthew Sykes.

Matthew Sykes looked over at his son and smiled. "You saved my life, Chris, when you brought Walburg here to this time. You also saved your mother's life as well,"

"I—I wasn't sure.." Chris said, suddenly feeling weak.

"Well, you did, son. Are you hungry?" Matt asked, a broad smile comes to his face.

"Starving!" Chris answred, smiling back at his father.

"Good, cuz I'm cooking." came Emily's voice from behind them.

Chris looks over at his partner. "She's going to cook?"

Buck chuckled. "Welcome back, partner!"

The family of four walked out of the lab, but not before they watched the police drag Tony Walburg to the police station.....