I was going to my favorite Club Phoenix

I was going to my favorite club, Club Phoenix. It was one of the hippest clubs in Miami. On any given night you can find at least 3 celebrities there. Anyone from Chris Brown to Pink.'

"Hey Bella, sup!" Gum said while smacking his gum. I called him Gum because he is always chewing gum.

"Not much, got anyone new?" I asked, as I usually did.

Yeah, says his name's Edward. Just look for a guy with bronze- brown hair, and green eyes."

"Hey is Mike here?" I asked wishing with all my heart he wasn't. Ugh Mike Newton, seemed like he was stalking me these days, always "accidentally" bumping into me then just happening to ask me out.

"Unfortunately yes." Gum replied. Gum also hates Mike. And as me he agrees tat Mike is a nuisance to society.

As soon as I walked in my eyes snapped to the front. Yet what do I see? Mike Newton pole dancing. He has gotta be drunk or something I thought. Uh, oh hope he hasn't seen me.

"Hey Bella!!" Mike called enthusiastically, slightly slurring the words.

"Mike how much have you had to drink?" I questioned. I knew Mike wasn't good with alcohol. It only took about ½ of a beer to get him drunk. There had been waaaay too many nights lately when I had to drive him home.

"Maybe 2-3 beers and about 5 shots." Mike replied again with slurred words.

Mike you're drunk aren't you?" I asked very annoyed.

"Who me? Couldn't be. Then who?" he replied retardedly.

I walked away shaking my head. I saw a large crowd gathering in the corner. I shoved my way to the front of the crowd wondering what the hell was going on.