Ok, my sincerest apologies for this but im probably not gonna post for 2-6 weeks cuz o f all the crap that's happened in my life. To start it off, my friend tried to OD on Tylenol and got sent to a mental place (sadly not the one I went to a couple of months ago). Then while she was there she tried X (ecstasy). She finally got clean and now she only smokes! Well, to add to that her parents are making her go to another school now cuz they think our school and the people she hangs with are the problem. Like hell we are!!! This might not sound bad if we were in high school in like 11th or 12th grade. We aren't, we are in 8th. Then a month ago I figured out I was bi... not that bad. But I've been busy with my new girlfriend. So my friend's leavin this Monday and my mom wouldn't let me get her a going away lighter present. She thinks it's "inappropriate". What the hell, cigarettes are better than drugs and I don't do that shit so why should it matter to my mom? So anyways the other thing that happened was a few hours ago, my friend RC stepped on a huge needle and half of it is still in his foot. I feel sorry for his foot. To top it off a few days ago my best friend's bitch of a sister tried to beat the crap out of me and the same friend who tried to OD. The shoved me and tried to punch my friend. And we all cussed each other out. Fun! So once again, sorry, but I'm drained. This is going up for all my stories. And if anyone has any suggestions for Numb, My Immortal, or Flying Hearts, do tell. I have writers block on Flying Hearts and Numb.



Moo Cow