Title: Promise
Rating: PG
Genre: General
Characters: Jenny Shepard, Jethro Gibbs, Tom Morrow
Disclaimer: I don't own them.
Spoilers: Kill Ari
Warnings: None.
Prompt: Promise
Pairing: Jenny/Tom Morrow
Author's Notes: Written for the Weekly Writing Game on NFA. . . Yes, I am finally catching up on these. . . the story is told from Jen's POV.

Of all the people that I could have been working with, it had to be Jethro. Our relationship is a complicated one and I had thought that we'd delt with it, but looking at him again, knowing what he was thinking made me realise that we hadn't. Director Morrow stood up and said, "He's your problem now, Director." Yes, my problem indeed, he had been my problem six years ago. Now he was my problem again.

Just before this introduction, before Gibbs had entered MTAC, I was talking with the now former NCIS Director, and I'm not sure he knew of my relationship with Jethro, he did voice concerns that something would interfere with my professional judgement because of how well I knew Jethro, but I assured him it wouldn't. My mouth may have said those words, but my eyes didn't. Director Morrow knew I wasn't telling the entire truth, but he trusted me to do the job and do it well. I wasn't just an inexpericenced agent after all.

I spoke with Morrow for a good half an hour, in that time, he made me promise a few things. He made me promise to not let personal feelings interfere - I have tried to uphold this but it isn't always that simple, human nature prevents total exclusion of personal feelings in certain cases. He also said made me promise to do my job with in the best way I could, to which I told him, "Of course I will, Sir."

After making me promise these things he became much more casual about the situation and informed me of Jethro's feelings towards NCIS current case, the one of the death of Agent Todd, I know Jethro, I know how far he is capable of going to bring about justice for the death of an agent. When I looked into Jethro's eyes, I saw this determination, he still had it. It was one of the things I always admired about him, but it sometimes got the better of him. This was one of those times.

The cloud of doubt that hung over most people involved about Ari's innocence or guilt was growing stronger. Many people - mainly those who had brought Ari in as their mole - believed he didn't kill Agent Todd. Jethro thought otherwise, and I was inclined to agree with him, Jethro doesn't just go after someone because he feels like it, he has a damn good reason for being that determined. I was on his side. But I wasn't going to tell him that, at least not straight out, there had to be some sense of professionalism. I just told him what everyone was saying, which in a sense told him what I thought. I know he knew what I thought, for he knows me as well as I know him. It wasn't hard to see I was on his side.

Determined to uphold my promise to Morrow, I helped Jethro get some kind of justice, perhaps that was through Ziva, I'm not sure. I know something happened with Ari and those two, I am not sure what though, Jethro claims he shot Ari, Ziva says the same. But I know both of them very well, that's not the whole truth. But in the interests of protecting everyone's arses I won't say anything, the report is best kept the way it is.

I feel I have a lot to prove as the first female Director of an armed federal agency, but I also think I can do this job well.

I just hope that I can still deal as well with Jethro as I have in the past. Morrow said he would often emerge as a problem, I knew this, of course, having worked with him for so many years, but he's a problem I like, he's a challenge, one which I'll gladly take on.

The End.

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