What if Desmond Tiny met a woman so many thousands and thousands of years ago by the name of Fay Tee? Anyone care to guess what her name means? Fate! They go hand in hand, often thought of as a pair. Well…let us see why he's a cold bastard and how he got that heart shaped watch.

Mr. Tiny gave a soft sigh of annoyance and boredom. He walked through several periods of time, his right hand twitching occasionally. This was his job, what he was 'destined' to do. A chuckled left his lips, thinking of the irony; he was destined to do this job and be called Destiny.

Finally he stopped at a peaceful looking area, probably in the mid 1600's of Paris, France. Sitting near a pond on a bench, he stared out. What was going to happen here in a few years? In a hundred years? In…He hated thinking of the answer.

Something, a very small something but still a something, inside him hated his job and his life. While he could avoid danger at the simplest of dodges or by the easiest whim, he had to watch others suffer. If he saved a couple, a group could die. That was the more harmless scenarios at least.

"Hello Desmond…" A female voice interrupted his thoughts.

He looked up to see a woman his height, her black hair covered with gray and white streaks. Her eyes were mismatched, one blue and the other a blackish purple. Although she wore a dress, as she usually did, it was mismatched as well! The bottom part was frilly with lace and a pink while the top part was a green, making her look like a doll from China.

"Hello Fay…" The man smiled up at her. "You look sad. What's wrong?" That was something annoying about the woman. Because she was indeed his equal in many ways, he could not see into her future or past, just like she could not do to him.

Her eyes dimmed, her smile on her pale face saddened. "You can see so easily through me, Desmond. Sometimes you worry me." She sat next to him, staring at the pond where, across it, children played. "I am thinking of…well, us."

"Us?" The semi-cold hearted man echoed stupidity. "What do you mean?"

"I mean…when people think of Fate, they think of Destiny. When they think of Destiny, they think of Fate. The fact is, no matter how hard they try to believe or think…we are not the same thing. No matter how hard you try, Desmond, we can never be together." Fay could not look at him, could not bare to see his expression. She knew it well for he wore it subconsciously each time he faced death; grim and almost blank, his eyes grief filled.

She pulled something out of her dress pocket, placing it in his hand. "Take care Desmond Tiny. Perhaps our paths will cross if Destiny and Fate wills it." She smiled sadly at her own pun, walking away quickly and disappearing into another time. Untraceable now.

Mr. Tiny looked down at the thing she gave him; a heart shaped watch.

His face hardened, his eyes held no tears but anger. A sickening smile came across his smile as he looked up, watching one of the children drown. A cruel laugh left his throat, echoing in the cold Paris air.

Fay Tee did not intend to leave Desmond Tiny in such a pitiful cold state…it just happened…as Destiny and Fate planned.