" Um….Shino-kun….." said Hinata, blushing deeply as she walked towards her teammate.

" Yes, Hinata?" asked the bug user, mildly interested.

" I need…to tell you something." said Hinata with a sigh. " Y-you remember….last Tuesday?"

" When we had sex?" said Shino bluntly.

" Yes." said Hinata, looking around in a panic. " Don't say that out loud. Naruto-kun might hear."

" I must admit, I was rather insulted when you asked me to help you practice for him." said Shino in a odd voice.

" It's…worse than that." said Hinata, cringing. " I….might have given you crabs. I just didn't want to admit it."

" Why do you think I agreed to it in the first place?" said Shino, raising a eyebrow.

Hinata stared blankly

" I mean, come on. Aburmae chicks dig lice." continued Shino. " And pubic lice? That's just advertising I've got a lot of practice. They've been on me like ants on a dead beetle."

" O-ok then." said Hinata, walking away quite confused. She quickly ran into Kiba and Akamaru, who were staring at her angrily.

" You stay away from Shino-kun." said Kiba with a scowl. " He's all mine today."


" And Akamaru has him tomorrow. Don't even think about it!" said Kiba, storming past. " Shino-kun! It's almost noon! And you know what that means!"

" I know just what it means, sweetie." came the bug users reply. Hinata fled, wishing she had a normal life like Neji.