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Paris, France. June 2007.

Loud rap music played through the street as two people walked the streets, one shaking her head tiredly, resisting the urge to put her hands over her ears. She knew better, though, it was completely disrespectable to others taste by covering her ears and not even giving it a chance. She inhaled sharply even though she didn't need to.

People stopped and stared as they watched, both of them were extraordinarily pale with dark blue eyes, both strikingly similar but extremely different. Their hands were intertwined as they walked down the street, which they crossed, headed in the direction of the Eiffel Tower.

"You know, I abhor this place." The girl said quietly, shaking her head.

The other arched an eyebrow, "I get all of my ideas for songs here." he said quietly as they began the long stair climb up.

The girl just shook her head and sighed, continuing her trek up the stairs. "A friend of mine asked me to come visit her." she said quietly, shoving her hair out of her face so she could see.

"Who? And where?"

"Alice Cullen, and Somewhere in Washington state."

He nodded and pulled out an old composition notebook, seating himself on one of the numerous steps that led up to the top of the tower. She sat across from him, an old manual camera sitting on her lap, waiting to take a picture.

"Matthew." she warned in an icy voice, using his full name.

His lips curled up at the corners, as he recognized her agitation. Regardless of that, he continued writing in his notebook.

She rolled her eyes and crossed her arms across her chest, giving him a death glare. "Matt, would you at least attempt to talk to me, please?"

He rolled his eyes and chuckled lightly, "Of course, Chloe."

She rolled her eyes again, and then pulled her camera up to her right eye, and clicked a snapshot of Matt. He just shook his head and rubbed one of his eyes slightly. "Can you turn the damn flash off for that thing?" he grumbled, still rubbing his eye.

She smiled faintly and shook her head. He just rolled his eyes and went back to writing. "So tell me, why are you visiting this friend of yours?" He asked, eyes looking up for only a brief moment and then back down to the page where he was writing.

"No clue. I haven't seen her in quite a while. The late 40's, maybe. "She said with a shrug, brushing some of her dark hair out of her face. His eyes peered up from the notebook for a mere second, and then went back to it, putting sentences together in order to form lyrics.

"You don't need my permission to go, Chloe, you knew that." He said with a shrug, and then closed his notebook. He flipped some of his hair out of his face and smiled, standing and taking her hand. She took it and he helped her up, even though she didn't need it.

"I'm not letting you miss out on the Social Distortion show, though. Keep that in mind." He said with a half smile. She nodded and returned his half smile. "It's in London, right?"

"Yeah." He said with a nod and walked out onto the crowded streets of Paris.

"Can we stay in Ireland next time you decide to go country-hopping? I really hate France, just for the record." She said with a frown.

He arched an eyebrow, "I thought you loved France."

"No, I hate France. It's dirty and disgusting and the people here are completely horrible."

He just smiled and rolled his eyes, walking into an apartment building. It was decorated lavishly, with an old antique Victorian looking lobby. The girl wrinkled her nose at the atmosphere, which was far too posh for her own dress, which included a pea coat, a pair of long corduroys and a black t-shirt. She just went ahead and pushed the up button on the elevator.

The two scrambled in as quickly as possible to avoid the tense atmosphere and stares of the people conversating in the lobby.

Once in the elevator, Matt arched an eyebrow in Chloe's direction, and they both erupted in booming laughter. The elevator shook at the volume of it, which caused them to laugh even harder. The elevator signaled a stop on the sixth floor and opened, revealing a few shocked looking people.

They exited the elevator quickly, and dashed off into the hall and to room 623. It was one of the larger, more lavish apartments in the building, but combined, Matt Skiba and Chloe Thomas made a decent amount of money.

Whether it was hunting their own kind for the Volturi, Playing music, taking pictures, painting, they did it exceptionally well, just as they were supposed to. Well, their kind was supposed to. Chloe settled herself into a large maroon colored armchair next to a telephone and dialed an extensive digit number.

A smooth male voice picked up at the other line, "Cullen residence."

Chloe smiled smugly, "Hello, uh, Mr. Cullen, can I speak with Alice, please?"

The voice on the other end was frowning; it seemed agitated, on edge. Chloe's smug smile turned to a frown. "Yes, of course, Chloe."

She heard a sharp inhale of breath on the other line. "Chloe?"

"Hi Alice, how are you? Things sound a little… tense."

"They are. Can you and Matthew catch a plane flight to Seattle as soon as possible?"

"Yeah, of course. We'll be there as quick as possible. Can you tell me what happened?"

"No, that I can't. I'll tell you when you get here."

Chloe nodded her head solemnly, and immediately raced to her room, throwing a black dress, a suit, and a few articles of she and Matt's clothing into a large suitcase. He entered, frowning, "Where are we going?"

"Washington state, apparently." She said with a frown, and then called the airline, making plans for a flight. Matt furrowed his brow and listened to Chloe carefully as she spoke in a smooth, musical voice that nobody could turn down even if they tried.

"Thank you, Marie; we'll see you in fifteen minutes, then. Have a lovely day."

"Get the BMW, please. I'll get the suitcase." She said with a frown and Matt grabbed a set of keys, his necessaries, which consisted of an acoustic guitar, an iPod, and a book he had been reading. He also grabbed Chloe's iPod and books, throwing them in a bag and walking out the door quickly.

He pulled up to the apartment building from the parking garage in a black beamer, which was possibly the best car they had purchased, extremely fast, nice leather interior. He popped the trunk and watched Chloe run down the steps, throw the suitcase in the trunk and take a seat next to him.

He sped all the way to the airport, checking in and getting to the plane just in the right amount of time, going through the ridiculous security measures, listening to the Flight Attendant speech. All while holding tight to Chloe's hand, which was trembling slightly; he noticed the frown on her face as she closed her eyes during takeoff.


When they arrived in Port Angeles, Matt attended to the bags and Chloe rented the car. She was good at persuasion, unlike Matt. She pulled up shortly after he got the bags in a dark green Toyota Yaris.

He eyed her boredly, "A Toyota?"

She wrinkled her nose, "Hey, its fuel efficient. And it goes fast." She said, stepping out of the car and getting into the passenger seat.

"How fast?"


"It wouldn't last a second on the Autobahn." Matt mumbled bleakly and got in the car, adjusting the seat and speeding out of the airport. Chloe just stared out the window and sighed at random intervals.

Neither she nor Matt liked the States; they preferred Europe, especially the more scenic countries in the east.

Finally after an hour drive in complete silence, the two arrived in Forks, Washington. Chloe cocked an eyebrow. "Don't even think about saying you want to move here."

Matt held both his hands up, "I never even said a word, but a nice house out in the boonies…"

She sighed, annoyed, "No more houses, Matthew Skiba. We have two already, and four decent sized apartments. We don't need anymore real estate."

"Aww, come on, Chloe, Please?"

"Matt, you're Ninety-five years old, yet you still act five?"

"Yeah, but that's not your problem, is it?" he said, pulling down a side road.

After that, the two remained in silence, Chloe biting her lip with a focused frown on her face, and Matt staring ahead at the road, tense. She tapped her fingers lightly on the glass of the window and Matt began to hum slightly.

"So, after we leave here, we're going… where?"

"London again, I guess. I told Elliott we'd meet him there."

She nodded and continued staring out the window until they came to a clearing and a large white house. Matt cracked a smile, "See, we need a house just like that. Not some big house, something simple but elegant. Exactly like that." He said, stopping easily next to a BMW convertible, stepping out and admiring it.

"Nice car." He mused, examining it carefully, running a pale hand over the hood.

Chloe cocked an eyebrow, "For Christmas."

He nodded, "Black, preferably. Tan interior, and a good stereo system."

Chloe nodded and looked up at the house, frowning slightly. She walked up to the front steps and knocked on the door twice, then looked behind her, sensing something wasn't quite right. Matt looked up from the car and walked up to the house, hands in the pockets of his black pants.

Jasper Hale opened the door after a few minutes, wrinkles increasing on his forehead as he looked at the two. "Chloe, Matt." He said with a nod to the both of them.

Alice stood behind Jasper near a large grandfather clock, eyeing Chloe carefully. "You came." She finally breathed.

Chloe frowned, and then looked over at Matt, "Yeah. We did. What did you need us to do?"

Alice sighed reluctantly, then looked over at Jasper, who ran a frustrated hand through his hair, then shrugged, "What else can we do, Alice? She's not safe here anymore. Neither are we."

The tiny girl frowned, numerous thoughts swept through her mind, "I'm going to ask you an extensive favor, Chloe. I hope you don't mind."

Chloe bobbed her head up and down, signaling that she understood.

"Edward changed a girl—you know that one I told you he was ears over arse for in my letters?"

Chloe nodded tiredly and gestured for her to continue. "Then he left. He's not coming back."

She nodded again, solemn this time, then looked over to Matt, who had his fists clenched and a malicious look on his face. Matt knew the feeling of being left alone by someone he cared greatly for during his own transformation. He snorted and shook his head, shaking the feeling off. "What can we do to help?"

Alice sighed, "We've decided that we don't want her to be around us. Not because we don't care, we really do. We want her to stay more than anything, but I don't think that would be fair to her."

Chloe nodded, "So, technically, we're adopting her?"

Alice smiled, "Right, I guess."

Matt put his arm around Chloe and smiled slightly, "What's her name?"

"Isabella Marie Swan. She's eighteen."

Matt nodded, looking down at Chloe, who merely rolled her eyes.

After that, a loud growl sounded at the door. Alice gave Jasper a shocked look, "Please tell me Edward changed her when they went to Seattle." Jasper shrugged, "I have no clue."

Chloe frowned, worried now "Werewolves? Honestly. Are there any fairy princesses that are going to pop out of the sky anytime soon? Ugh. I think it's best if the rest of you leave, Matt and I can handle them." She said with a devious smile. "It'll be fun. I haven't killed any werewolves in a long time."

Alice nodded and Jasper grasped her hand and they left out of the front door in a blur.

Five minutes later, as Matt and Chloe were planning the best tactic to get rid of the wolves, a pale girl with dark brown hair and coal black eyes emerged from the room, "You will not lay a hand on those werewolves." She said venomously.

Chloe smiled sincerely, "You must be Isabella."

She nodded, "Bella. Where is everyone?"

"Alice, Jasper, Carlisle, Esme, Emmett and Rosalie all split. Edward left you mid transformation. Sorry about him." Matt said with a frown, and then his eyes flicked toward Chloe.

"We should get a head start if we want to get to Seattle to get back home. Oh, and Isabella, you're coming with us." He said with a comforting smile.

She nodded, as confused and disoriented and thirsty as she was, then Chloe smacked Matt on the back of the head as soon as she noticed how red the newborn girl's eyes were, "You idiot, we need to get her something to eat."

Matt nodded, "Right, right. We'll stop in that park near... wherever we saw it. You may want to change your clothes though, kid." He said to Isabella with a smile, "You're wearing pajamas."

She chuckled and scrambled into the room she had just came from, emerging five minutes later dressed in typical clothing for a girl her age—jeans, a t-shirt, and shoes.

Chloe smiled and nodded her head in approval, "Lovely. Now, we're going to London. And, well, we'll probably have to pay for a private jet. Again. You newborns. Jeesh. If we even so much as think of putting you on a jet plane the whole damn thing would be massacred off in a few minutes."

Isabella's eyes widened, "London and a private jet?!"

Matt chuckled and put an arm around her, "Yes, Izzy, Do you mind if I call you Izzy? London, England. And private jets. This is on Aro, Marcus and Caius, easily."

She smiled, "Wow, England. And no, I like Izzy. I feel the need for a change."

Chloe smiled, "Well, enough of that, we have a flight to make. I'll call that pilot."

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