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London, England. July 2007.

Izzy Swan sat on a large leather couch with her feet propped up on a wooden coffee table, reading the latest edition of a London newspaper. Chloe dashed across the room, tripping over a pair of bulky shoess that had to be ancient, at least, they looked that way.

Izzy stifled a laugh and shook her head. She had been in London for a month and a half now. Chloe stood and dusted herself off. She flopped down on the couch next to Izzy, "So, I'm kind of waiting for you to flip out any day now." she said with a concerned frown.



"Whyso?" Izzy asked, running a hand through her hair.

Chloe shrugged and picked up an acoustic guitar that was lying next to the couch, plucking a few simple chords to a song Bella had heard Matt fooling around with a day earlier.

"What song is that?" she asked, curious.

"Oh? That bit I just played?"

Izzy nodded, "Yeah, that."

"The intro to This Charming Man by The Smiths, why?"

"I like it," she said with a shrug, "But why are you expecting me to flip out?"

"Izzy, I want you to understand something. Take it as you will, repress it, or whatever you want, but Edward isn't coming back for you. He already told Alice that, and the rest of his family."

With those simple sentences, the room got quite tense. Chloe flicked her eyes from Izzy, to the guitar, and back to Izzy, a concerned look on her features. She watched the newborn with an extremely analytical and also empathetic gaze, hoping that the poor thing wouldn't have a breakdown.

Finally, she nodded and focused on the wall in front of her, "I know. I'm trying to forget about it."

"Alice said he left you before and you were in pretty bad shape, that's why I was waiting." she said with a shrug, attempting to be easygoing as to not upset the girl any more than she already was.

After that, a large crash, along with a squeal and a stream of extremely loud profanities came from upstairs. Chloe laughed out loud, shaking her head with a smile on her face, happy for the release of tension. Izzy cocked and eyebrow and gave her a funny look.

"Matt, Dan, Derek and Elliott broke an amp." She said with a shrug. "It happens a lot. They play too loud."

Izzy nodded and went back to reading her newspaper, bored with it already, "Can we go watch them?"

Chloe shrugged, "I don't see any problem with that."

Matt sat in an old beaten up office chair that was a worn industrial red color, acoustic guitar sitting in his lap. He strummed a few cords and looked up at Chloe, who sat herself against a wall with her knees pulled up against her chest. Izzy did the same, crossing her legs Indian style and observing the people she had spent a month or so with.

Elliott Mendenhall, Matt's partner-in-crime, assistant, guitar tech, and best mate, was by far her favorite besides her adoptive parents. He was a tall, sinewy kid with messy dark brown hair that fell into his eyes if not blown up. His eyes were blue, because of contacts, just like they all had. Izzy had acquired some of the same contacts, making her eyes a deep blue.

He wore an old black sweatshirt that read "T.S.O.L" and an old pair of dark brown corduroys. He argued about a specific song and plucked a few different cords on his guitar, then looked at Matt, who nodded and played the next few chords.

Dan Adriano, the bassist of Matt's infamous 'Dark Punk' band, Alkaline Trio, was sitting on the floor with an acoustic bass in his lap, absentmindedly playing slap bass to a ska tune Izzy had come to hear all week.

Derek Grant, the drummer of Alkaline Trio, merely sat behind a drum set impatiently, waiting for directions. He twirled his drum sticks impatiently, waiting to get back to his wife; he saw Izzy watching him and smiled.

"Allright, boys, My Little Needle, and then you're done for the night. Except for you, Elliott. But then again, you live here, you mooch." he said with a smile.

Matt plucked a few chords on his guitar, which he had switched to electric, and began singing into a microphone.

I'll come down to get you high

Or maybe sing you a lullaby

Sing you to sleep - a sleep you'll never wake from

Sing you to coma so to speak

When I fall down I'll fall apart

Trade in my bike for a shopping cart

And beg change from a world that needs some

Like I need someone

So where are you my little needle?

The stack's been burned away

But I'm so inebriated that I cannot see

Three feet in front of me

Between the moon and you, lunacy is setting in

Lately I've been feeling dead inside

Like my guts have dried up and died

But every night I water them back to life

Yeah every night I water them back to life

When I fall down I'll fall apart

Trade in my bike for a shopping cart

And beg change from a world that needs some

I'm tired of sleeping alone

So where are you my little needle?

The stack's been burned away

But I'm so inebriated that I cannot see

Three feet in front of me

Between the moon and you, lunacy is setting in

Isabella frowned, her brows furrowed tightly in frustration. She exhaled quickly, as if the air in her lungs was constricting her them. "Excuse me." she said hastily, letting herself out of the room.

Matt frowned, "That must have struck a nerve with her. I'm surprised. Usually it's you, Elliott."

Elliott merely shook his messy hair and 'tsk-tsk'ed Matt, who merely shrugged and waved him off, "Go talk to her, she seems to have taken a shine to you."

Elliott shoved a hand through his hair, setting his guitar in an old beaten up case and headed out of the room. He looked over at Chloe pleadingly, but she waved her hand dismissively, leaning back and listening to Matt play the rhythm to a Led Zeppelin song.

Elliott shook his head and walked out the door, closing it lightly. He turned to his left and looked over at Isabella, who was taking shaky deep breaths. "You know vampires don't hyperventilate or get panic attacks, right? I mean, really, we're not even supposed to breathe."

She rolled her eyes and put her head on her knees, facing him. He gave her a half smile and offered his hand. She took it graciously and he pulled her to her feet. He frowned at her, "That song bothers me from time to time, if it helps any. Would you be interested in talking, maybe?"

Isabella frowned, shook her head, and then changed her mind; nodding slightly, "Yeah. Where can we go?"

Elliott shrugged, "For a walk, I guess. Grab a blazer, though. It gets cold. Not that that matters, or anything" He added with a chuckle. Isabella merely rolled her eyes and grabbed a deep blue Blazer and pulled it over her arms. Elliott shrugged into a plaid suit coat and substituted a pair of checker boarded vans for his socked feet. He jogged down the steps two at a time and opened the door for Izzy, "Ladies first." he said with a cheesy grin.

She nodded and stepped out into the cool London air, smiling as the wind hit her face. Elliott held out his arm for her to take, then furrowed his brow. "Chloe is taking you shopping tomorrow." He said with a frown, "She wants you to buy me some new pants."

Izzy cocked an eyebrow and continued walking, "Pants?"

Elliott shrugged, "Yeah, pants. You know, they go over your legs. They're there so you don't walk around naked…"

She frowned, "Fine. Do you have a preference?"

He frowned, "Nothing too tight. More pants similar to these," he said, gesturing down to his pants. "And I only wear Dark Blue or black jeans, none of that super faded shit." He said, sticking his tongue out and cringing.

She nodded and continued staring ahead, attempting to keep her head on straight. She looked over at Elliott, who was eyeing her with a hint of expectance.

She frowned, then turned around and walked facing him, eyes locked on his. They were the same exact color, a deep midnight blue with slight flecks of topaz near the pupil; it was quite obvious the contacts didn't really do much justice, or cover up much.

"Hmmm…" Elliott Mused while he continued to walk. He seemed to be contemplative, or maybe just a little spaced out.

Izzy frowned, watching him carefully. Finally, he let out an agitated sigh.

"What are you thinking?" he asked quizzically, annoyed as well.

She smirked deviously, "I knew it! I knew you were going to say that, I pictured it in my head. Also, I heard you thinking about it, I think. Maybe? I don't know."

Elliott shook his head and sighed, "Oh great, I'm stuck with a girl who knows what I'm thinking, and can know when I'm going to think of it. This is just fabulous. Mind controller. Jeez."

Izzy smiled and turned around, slipping her hand into one of her blazer pockets. "Aw, it won't be so bad. I won't spy on you, Elliott I promise."

He just nodded and shook his head, then looked up at the night sky briefly.

"What about Matt and Chloe?" she continued, "What's their deal?"

Elliott smiled, "I'm glad you've started talking. Dan and I had a bet going as to whether you were mute or not."

She frowned, "A bet?"

He shrugged, "Yeah, I won. I knew you would talk eventually. Either that or I'd force you into talking, The Chloe and Matt coalition gets really boring after awhile, especially when you have to go to get your missions in Italy, it's a big pain."

"Missions?" she asked, eyebrow arched.

He nodded, "Oh yeah, they didn't tell you about that, did they?" he shrugged and pulled a white iPod out of his pocket, sticking one of the ear buds in his ear and handing the other one to Izzy, "You'll find out tomorrow, then. I can't really explain it; I'm not good with those things. I either lie or I'm too blunt, or too honest. Either/or, you know what I mean."

She nodded and listened to the acoustic song that was playing out of the iPod, "Who is this? It's amazing."

He smiled down at her and she noticed he was shorter than Edward, and a world different. This was good, the whole 'different' thing. Izzy wanted different. Different was a change, and changes led to getting over things, which was exactly what Isabella wanted.

"It's Ani DiFranco, she's a folk singer; One of Chloe's favorites, actually. We're big music people, so we get custom iPods. You'll get one tomorrow, and then we'll upload all the music on it tomorrow after you get it. And don't be afraid of our music tastes, you're not going to have to hear death metal because Matt and I look different. Chloe makes sure of that, she hates death metal and hardcore, it drives her crazy."

Izzy nodded and sat down on a park bench, looking up at the sky, "You can't see any stars."

Elliott nodded, "Wait until we go to Dublin or Finland, they're gorgeous up there."

"So," he continued, putting on a poppy song by The White Stripes and drumming his fingers lightly on his knee, "Do you want to talk about him?"

"What?" Isabella choked out; surprised Elliott had brought it up.

"The boy; When Chloe and Matt brought you here I got a lecture about not to bring up Edward," Izzy cringed, "Whoever he is, apparently he screwed you over bad, or something to that extent."

Her face was contoured slightly; it was a vague look of slight anguish, "You could say that." She managed with a frown, attempting to find the words.

"I was in love with him, and I guess I still am. I'm trying to get over it, though."

Elliot shook his head and laughed, "God, this is like one of those bad teenage movie clichés, isn't it?"

Izzy nodded and laughed, "Yeah, I guess it is."

Elliott frowned then, "We're going to a show tomorrow; Matt's idea, your enlightenment." He said with a frown.

"Enlightenment?" Izzy asked with a frown.

Elliott gave her a half smile, "Yeah, if you consider Big D and the Kids Table enlightenment." He said with a shrug.

"Big D and the what?"

"Kids Table. They're a ska band, and ska is basically reggae mixed with punk. Punk with tubas, trumpets, and so on. It's good stuff."

Izzy nodded, "I trust your judgment."

Elliott nodded, "Good. You're going to end up trusting me with a lot more than that soon enough, and hopefully I don't mess that up." He muttered, shaking his head, "Let's head home."

Izzy nodded and smiled, happy to have a friend and somebody to identify with. She grasped Elliott's hand as a knee-jerk reaction, and noticed it was just as cold as hers was. He looked down at his hand, and noticed hers in it, then tightened his grip on her hand.

The music played as background music, they didn't talk; they just sat back and observed the people that walked by on their way home. So far, Izzy loved everything Elliott had played for her, apparently he was big on music just as Edward was, maybe more.

"I miss food." Izzy said with a frown, "like Milkshakes and stuff."

Elliott shook his head and laughed, "Yeah, I miss food too. I was a vegetarian in my human days, so things were a little different."

He opened the front door of the large house for her, "After you, Izzy." She curtsied and walked in the door to see Chloe and Matt lying on the couch watching an old war movie.


They were watching a Stanley Kubrick movie. When Elliott screeched something about being home, Chloe fell off the couch and on to the hardwood floor of the house, Matt still stared at the television and after a few seconds of noticing Chloe wasn't in front of him, he looked down on the floor and cocked his head in confusion, which caused Elliott and Isabella to laugh as well.

"It's not funny!" Chloe chided while she crossed her arms over her chest in a pout.

"Yeah it is." All three said at the same time, doubling over again.

Izzy smiled to herself, 'so, maybe this isn't normal? Well, it's as close to a normal family as I'm going to get.' She thought with a smile, Matt saw this and smiled.

'Welcome home, Isabella,' She heard Matt's voice whisper so that only she could hear.