Okay so I was extremely bored today, like you don't even know. OMG! Jo Bro lyric alert! Haha wow, anyways, I was having writers block for INAP & TWIT so my friend gave me this idea.

Disclaimer: If I owned JB & HM do you REALLY think I'd be writing a fanfic?

"Joe." Poke.

"Lilly." Poke.

"Joe." Poke.

"Lilly." Poke.

"Joe, I'm bored."

"Lilly, I'm bored."

"Joe." Poke.

"Lilly." Poke.

"Yeah?" Poke.

"Stop poking me." Poke.

"Make me." Poke.

"Fine." Poke.

"I'm waiting." Poke.

"I'm waiting for an uber smooth surprise attack." Poke.

"You do that." Poke.

"Lilly." Poke.

"Joe." Poke.

"Lilly." Poke.

"Joe! Stop tickling me!" Poke.

"This is my surprise attack!" Poke.

"Well it's not working." Poke.

"And why, pray tell, do you say that?" Poke.

"Because we're still poking each other." Poke.

"Right..." Poke.

"So Joe." Poke.

"So Lilly." Poke.

"Doesn't work right." Poke.

"Yes it does!" Poke.

"No Joe. So and Lilly don't rhyme." Poke.

"Well...no and Joe don't rhyme either." Poke.

"Yes they do." Poke.

"Prove it." Poke.

"No...Joe...that rhymes." Poke.

"No it doesn't!" Poke.

"Are you serious?" Poke.

"Yes I am. See, rhyme: identity in sound of some part. No and Joe have no identity in sound what so ever." Poke

"Joe...Yes they do." Poke.

"Fiiine." Poke.

"Joe." Poke.

"Lilly." Poke.

"Where is everyone?" Poke.

"I don't know." Poke.

"Nice." Poke.

"Thank you." Poke.

"Where's your Guitar Hero?" Poke.

"Somewhere in five pieces." Poke.

"Nice." Poke.

"Thank you." Poke.

"Pool?" Poke.

"It's like...50 degrees outside." Poke.

"Right." Poke.

"I need to slam my head against something." Poke.

"Ow. Please. Ow. Not. Ow. Me. Ow." Poke.

"Fine." Poke.

"Is my shoulder a good pillow, Lils?"

"Si chica." Poke.

"Lils, I hate to break it to yeah, but I'm a boy." Poke.

"Well dur. I would'nt have kissed you all those times if you were a girl." Poke.

"Well..you called my chica. Chica means girl." Poke.

"Yeah.." Poke.

"So why'd you call me chica?" Poke.

"Cuz that's just the way I roll." Poke.

"And I know." Poke.

"We get a little crazy." Poke.

"And I know." Poke.

"We get a little loud." Poke.

"And I know." Poke.

"We're never gonna fake it." Poke.

"We are wild." Poke.

"We are free." Poke.

"We are more then ya think." Poke.

"So call us freaks." Poke.

"But that's just the way we roll." Kiss.

So I like this. I don't know. It's completely random. But I like it. Sorry if it's a bit confusing. I'll update TWIT and INAP soon, like I said, i'm in a writer's block right now.