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Tsuna and Reborn were sitting at home, studying. Tsuna was hastily scanning over his textbook, trying desperately to ignore the shotgun Reborn was aiming at his head. Even though school was cancelled for the week, Reborn didn't want Tsuna to neglect his studies or training. Tsuna could only think about two things while his eyes were fixed on the page in front of him: His will to live and what he'd rather be doing.

"I wish I could do something while school's out instead of staying at home with this psychopath. Maybe Yamamoto or Gokudera would want to do something, like so skiing or something. Anything's better than this punishment." Tsuna, despite keeping his thoughts within his own mind, heard the clicking of a trigger behind him. Instinctively, he ducked down, smashing his head into the table to avoid a fake bullet from the shotgun.

"Quit procrastinating and start reading," Reborn said as sternly as his infant voice could allow. "Quantum Theory and its Religious Background is an important subject to understand." Tsuna looked up to see a toy bird dangling on the end spring coming from the shotgun.

"Thank god, he's taking it easy on me today."

"You just recently honed your skills at the Vongola Ring tournament, and I don't want you getting rusty. It will make me look bad if my student is resting on his laurels so soon after a fight." Reborn stowed his shotgun in his case and sat atop Tsuna's head to lecture him further, when an interruption occurred.

The door flew open, nearly hitting Tsuna and Reborn, and a human shape was plopped on the floor in the doorway. Tsuna turned to discover a drooling, twitching Gokudera blocking his door. Tsuna quickly crawled over and turned Gokudera onto his back, shaking him lightly to wake him up.

"Gokudera-kun! Gokudera-kun, what happened?" Tsuna's question was answered soon, as Bianchi ran in not soon after, holding a dish of writhing purple liquid.

"Little brother, oh my poor little brother," she set down the dish and leaned down to give Gokudera a sobbing hug, to which he spontaneously convulsed on the floor. He must have come by to talk to Tsuna and saw Bianchi accidentally. This hadn't been the first time this had happened, after all. Tsuna heard yet another set of feet running up the stairs to his room, and Yamamoto rounded the corner. Bianchi looked up and assumed that this was the man responsible for her brother's horrible condition, much to her obliviousness.

"You! You tried to kill Gokudera, didn't you!" Bianchi screamed pointing an accusing finger at the startled Yamamoto. He put his hands up to his and waved them innocently.

"No! We came here together to talk to Tsuna!" Bianchi snarled and picked her dish back up off the floor, preparing to throw the acidic goo at the poor boy, when she felt her pant leg get tugged.

"That's enough. He's telling the truth." Bianchi calmed down immediately as Reborn ushered Yamamoto inside Tsuna's room. Tsuna had already dragged Gokudera inside and propped him against the wall.

Tsuna was now in the good company of his friends…and Reborn. Gokudera was feeling well enough again to sit at the table with Tsuna, and Yamamoto was still grinning his absent-minded grin.

"Your sister sure loves you, Gokudera. I'm jealous, I wish I had a sister like that." He nudged Gokudera with his elbow. Gokudera scowled slightly, then turned to Tsuna across the table.

"So, 10th, I came by because I won a contest at a local grocery store and I thought you'd be interested in the prize!" Gokudera fished in his coat pocket for a while, pulling out several sticks of dynamite before finally finding four crinkled slips of paper. He handed them over to Tsuna, who took one to look over. It was a pass to a ski resort in the area.

"Since we're snowed out of school for the week," Yamamoto started, "we thought we'd swing by and take you and Reborn-san with us!" Gokudera gave another ticket to Reborn, and handed one to his side that Yamamoto graciously took.

"It'll be great, 10th! I'm a great snowboarder, and I'm sure Reborn-san can teach you too! Then the Vongola's will rule the entire mountain!" Gokudera was obviously caught up in the moment, and didn't bother looking at Tsuna's stupified 'are you serious!?' expression. Yamamoto just smiled.

It wasn't long before yet another inevitable thing happened. This time it was Lambo, who was thrown into the door and sent flying across the room. I-pin was standing in the hallway with her palm thrusting forward and a gyoza in the other hand behind her. They were play-fighting yet again, much to Gokudera's chagrin and Yamamoto's amusement.

Reborn was studying the ticket carefully, but still managed to grab Lambo and throw him out the window as he passed him. I-pin followed after into the yard to finish off the dreaded broccoli monster, at least that's what Tsuna picked up from her hurried Chinese. Tsuna was happy about the chance to get out and have some fun, but then the prospect of being taught anything further by Reborn came up again, and doubts came into his mind.

"Let's go." Reborn said suddenly. Gokudera and Yamamoto looked happily at him, while Tsuna just turned with a suspicious look.

"Really?" Tsuna inquired. "It'll be okay to go, Reborn?" Reborn turned to Tsuna and picked up the book they were reading earlier.

"Don't think a ski trip will excuse you from your studies. Instead of doing housework for physical exercise we'll ski and hike all day. Plus, this house is starting to feel rather cramped. I approve of this plan, let us gather the family and head out immediately!" Gokudera looked shocked. He leaned in towards Reborn.

"But, Reborn-san, we only have the four tickets and we can't get anymore! Plus, this was supposed to be a vacation for the boss and his right hand man!" He quickly remembered Yamamoto was still in the room, so he pointed to him, "And he won two of the tickets, so he has to come along too!" Yamamoto perked his eyebrows up and waved his hands yet again.

"It's okay! I don't have to go even though I won the tickets! I can't even stand on a snowboard right." He started scratching the back of his head and looked at Tsuna. "You can choose who else you want to take. It's fine with me, Tsuna." He reached out his hand to give Tsuna his ticket, but it was pushed back.

"It's fine." Tsuna said. "It wouldn't be a great trip if all of us weren't there." Gokudera was hanging his head with shame and defeat, while Reborn pulled out a cell phone and began dialing a number. Tsuna turned to him, assuming he was doing something that someone would deeply regret later.

"Ciaossu. Please get me the," he paused to look at the resort ticket, "Yukikowa Ski lodge and resort. I need to make a few reservations." A sinister grin streaked across Reborn's face. Tsuna retreated a safe distance to the other side of the room, not wanting to discover what Reborn would do with that look on his face.

The next day, Gokudera and Yamamoto showed up in front of Tsuna's house in a taxi that would drive them to the train station. Tsuna's mother was busy straightening his scarf and telling him not to be a burden on anyone. After bidding his houseguests good bye, he ran out and got in the taxi, followed by Reborn who rode shotgun.

"This should be a great vacation, 10th. I've heard this place has really great food and an awesome hot spring. And the mountain paths are amazing for cross-country and downhill stuff. You excited?" Tsuna chuckled, crammed between his two best friends.

"Not as excited as you. I'm anxious to get there and have some fun though." He glanced up to the front of the car at Reborn, who was sitting in the front seat listening to a CD-player. "Say Reborn, who did you make reservations for?"

Reborn slowly turned and took off his head-phones, having heard his student's question, and answered with a pleasant face,

"Everybody in Tsuna's family."

At first Tsuna smiled, then grimaced as the image of his Cloud guardian, Kyoya Hibari, flashed in his mind. More fearsome was the visage of Mukuro glaring through the black space of Tsuna's mind.


Reborn turned back around without regarding Tsuna's obvious shock and reiterated himself.

"Yes. Everyone."