Date & Time: July 20th, Saturday Night

Place: Lavender's House

Gossip Participants: Hermione, Ginny, Lavender, Parvati, Helena, Luna, Ginger, and Pansy

Topic: Last Gossip! Johnny Hendrick, a dildo, and the Holy Whore

"We gather here today," Ginger began solemnly, "to celebrate the last of our gossips."

"Because we graduated," sighed Hermione. "Except Helena, Ginny, and Luna."

"What are you girls gonna do?" asked Helena.

"Well, I was thinking, younger boys," said Lavender thoughtfully. "I made out with Johnny in the charms classroom when it was empty."

"Johnny Hendrick?" cried Parvati suddenly, aghast. The other girls had no idea who Johnny Hendrick was.

"Who's Johnny Hendrick?" asked Ginger.

"This guy," said Lavender.

"He's a third year, fourth year in September," explained Parvati.

"Wait, that wasn't my question, I meant what are you girls going to do in the future, with your lives-" said Helena, exasperated, but the girls were more interested in Johnny Hendrick.

"Pedophile," snickered Ginger.

"He's tall for his age," said Lavender defensively.

"I knew you had a thing for him, but I didn't know you would make out with him," said Parvati, shaking her head.

"But thirteen? That's four years apart!' cried Hermione.

Pansy perked up. "Are we talking about the guy with really short brown hair?" she asked. "Really tall and muscular?"

"Yeah," said Lavender dreamily.

Pansy scoffed. "I'd do him," she said.

Hermione made a disgusted face at her. "I could never go for younger boys like that."

"Is Johnny big?" asked Ginger, ignoring Hermione, "like...big?"

Lavender frowned. "I didn't like...sleep with him or anything."

"Oh, he is."

The girls turned. Luna was smiling dreamily.

"Oh, here we go again," muttered Helena.

"You slept with Johnny!" cried Lavender, aghast. "When?"

"Last day of school," shrugged Luna. "He's big. Really big."

"Oh, geez, I wish I was going back to school in September. Why didn't I think of laying younger guys?" Ginger was miserable beyond words.

"There will be other guys, older guys!" said Pansy comfortingly. "But let's first hear about Luna fucking Johnny!"

"They're only three years apart, though," said Ginny.

"Same thing," said Lavender. "Three, four, whatnot."

"So, how was it?" asked Helena, forgetting about her initial question about plans for the future.

"Hard. Really hard. And big. Oh, very big," said Luna.

"It's amazing how so few words can cause so much excitement," sighed Ginger, fanning herself with her hand. "Luna, since you're going back to school, send me his number by owl."

"Big, big, big," Luna continued dreamily.

"I think she's been hypnotized by the memory of it," offered Parvati. She took out her wand. "Want me to knock some sense into her?"

"Eh, let her be," said Pansy.

"Oh, hey, guys!" cried Ginny suddenly. "I brought something!" The girls turned to see Ginny holding up a rather large dildo.

"Oh my Merlin!" cried Lavender. She jumped up and went to lock her door. "Do you have any idea how my mom would react if she saw that when she walks in the room?"

The girls were going crazy, however. Ginger had already tackled Ginny for the inanimate cock.

"Why did you bring that for?" asked Hermione, disgusted.

"It's our last gossip, we might as well bring something to the table."

Ginger apparently took the comment as implying that the dildo was something to eat. She stuck it in her mouth.

Helena fell back laughing. There was no one in this room who hadn't seen Ginger's mouth take a cock, although it had been Hermione disguised as Ginger.

After wetting the surprisingly realistic dildo, Ginger pulled it out. "All right, kids, I'll be teaching you how to give a good blowjob today."

"Are you sure you wanna put that thing in your mouth, Ginger? Ginny might have stuck it up her ass," mused Pansy.

Ginny suddenly turned furiously scarlet.

"First, you kiss and wet the tip to start with," Ginger explained professionally. She followed it by a demonstration. "Then you enclose the head with your mouth and wet it properly while sucking gently."

"She looks hungry," Parvati stifled a laughter.

"Big. Very big. Bigger than that!" cried Luna suddenly, but Ginger went on, licking the shaft now.

"Now, the shaft doesn't have any nerve endings, but it does respond to pressure. So push hard when licking the shaft. Of course, if it's enclosed in a warm juicy mouth it feels great, too. Here." Ginger pushed the dildo deep in her mouth.

Helena sighed in admiration. "You know, if I gained one good thing from these gossip meets, it was getting to know Ginger."

"I kind of agree," said Ginny, once she got over the shock of knowing that what was in her vagina two hours ago was now in Ginger's mouth.

"You know, she joined here to protect me against you crazy Gryffindor tigers," said Pansy.

"Lions," Hermione corrected her.

Pansy shrugged. "Whatever. Bitches." Parvati stifled a laughter again.

"I sense a cult forming for Ginger Stotts," snickered Lavender, watching as the admired woman ran her tongue up and down the dildo.

"Oh, hail, Ginger Stotts!" cried Helena. She got up and then sunk to the floor, bowing deeply. "The Holy Whore! Thou art the greatest slut of all!"

Ginny joined in. "Only thou knows how to thuck, I mean, suck, a cock like thou does!" She also bowed deeply to the floor.

"Ah! Those following Stotts must be undressed appropriately," said Pansy seriously, getting in the way between the new cult members and the Holy Whore, who now was deep-throating the dildo. "Pull up your skirts immediately!"

The two cult members, Helena and Ginny, obliged. They pulled up their skirts ridiculously high and pulled down their shirts above the skirt to complete the look. Their skirts were barely visible, and their panties were blatantly exposed when they bowed to the floor again.

"Aw, look at their panties. So cute patterns, too," laughed Lavender. She pulled up her skirt as well. "I join!"

"This is ridiculous!" cried Hermione, clutching her hair.

"'Tis not enough! Take off your shirts!" demanded Pansy. The girls, after being assured by Lavender that the door was bolted shut, giggled as they took of their shirts and bowed down in their bras.

"I wear 34C," said Ginny without being asked. "I hope the Holy One thinks it's adequate."

"Silence! The Holy Whore is busy!" cried Pansy. No one even noticed Luna licking her lips at Ginny's luscious cleavage.

Ginger, in the meantime, took out the wet dildo from her mouth and was poking it with her wand. It soon came to life and moved wildly about. She lifted up her skirt and slid her green thong down in front of everyone.

"Holy sight!" cried Pansy. "Believers! Open your eyes!"

Parvati joined in the worshipping, taking off her shirt and pulling up her skirt.

"You see, girls benefit from a blowjob in more ways than one. Not only is it yummy, but you also get a wetter cock that slides better into the pussy," explained the Holy Whore to her aspiring followers. She slid the wet dildo into her pussy in front of everyone.

"Alas! Here stands the Sex Guru, the Sacred Slut, the Holy Whore!" cried Pansy.

"Hail the Sacred Slut!" cried Ginny.

Smiling benevolently, Ginger pulled out the wet dildo and handed it back to Ginny.

"What?" whispered Ginny to Helena, confused.

"I think the Holy Whore wants you to suck it," snickered Helena, who was getting the hang of the situation. Ginger smiled wickedly, enjoying it all.

"Hey, that's taking the joke too far," said Hermione, making a disgusted face. However, Ginny grinned and started to lick the tip.

The girls cheered wildly.

"Can I have some?" asked Luna earnestly, eyeing the white cum on the dildo hungrily.

"No," said Ginny between the licks. "Not yet." She stuck the cock deep in her mouth and sucked on it, hard. Some of the girls squealed.

"Hey, save some of the Holy Cum for Luna," snickered Parvati.

However, when Ginny pulled out the cock, it was clean of Ginger's cum. Luna scowled.

"It's okay, Luna," said Ginny. "Let's get some more." Ginger backed away into the chair.

"You aren't worthy enough to please the Holy Whore!" cried Pansy indignantly. "Give that to me right now!"

"Make me," Ginny said playfully. She pulled Ginger's legs apart and touched her still-wet core. Then, carefully but surely, she slid in the dildo once more.

"How is she so tight when she's always sleeping with guys with big dicks?" asked Lavender jealously. Ginger didn't reply, as she was moaning softly. Ginny was sliding the wet dildo in and out.

"Ah, that feels nice," the Holy Whore sighed.

"Okay, Ginny gets promoted," said Pansy.

"To what?" asked Lavender.

"A higher level in the cult, whatever you want to call it," Pansy replied.

The girls laughed. "Nice," said Ginny smugly.

"Oh, oh!" cried Ginger. She came onto the cock in great amount. "Shit, that was nice," she sighed.

"All right, Luna," Helena said. "Here, take that."

Luna gleefully took the wet dildo from Ginny.

"This is so insanitary," frowned Hermione.

Luna apparently didn't think so. She began to skillfully lick the cum off the dildo.

"She does it so professionally," snickered Lavender. "And hungrily, too."

Soon Luna was sucking so hard on the cock that it almost became limp from the pressure. It was soon clean of the Holy Whore's cum, but she kept it in her mouth like a child continues sucking on a popsicle stick.

"Take it out, Luna," laughed Ginny.

She continued to suck.

"Oh wow," said Helena.

"Mindless gossip dismissed!" cried Ginny, "girls, help me pull the cock off her!"

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