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Ziva entered the elevator quickly after Tony.

"I think that it was the girl- his co-worker- Sarah- was it?"

"And why do you say that Zee-vah?"

"Lover's spit, it's obvious."

"Lover's spat, Miss David, lover's spat. And apparently the two weren't romantically intertwined. According to another co-worker, James Deacon, who I just let out of interrogation now, they had been playing a game of cat and mouse for a really long time, but he didn't think that anything had come of it."

"Cat and mouse?"

"You know.. The cat chases the mouse, the mouse teases, the cat then runs away, then they-"

Ziva interrupted knowingly, "Switch roles and it begin the game all over again."

Tony turned and grinned at her lightly, "When since has our little knife wielding Mossaid ninja been an expert on the dynamics of flirtation?"

Ziva chuckled, looking Tony in the eye unflinchingly, "You of all people should know Tony," she replied coyly.

Then, she tilted her head forward, her nose resting an inch away from his.

She spoke, barely audible above the rumble of the elevator, "Maybe since I met my mouse, yes?"

The elevator dinged open and Ziva stepped out first. As she did so, she turned to Tony and uttered an abrupt meow. Then, she raised her eyebrow flirtatiously, turned on her heel and walked away, leaving Tony standing with a dumb grin plastered to his face, as he watched her go.

Just then, as fortune would have it, Gibbs stepped into the elevator, "Wipe that dumb smirk off your face Dinozzo and get to work. You have a whole list of coworkers to talk to. Get Ziva and get going."

"Zi-ziva?" Tony asked, still stunned by her bold departure.

"Your partner?" Gibb replied, staring at Tony as if he was an escaped mental ward patient.

"On it boss," Tony said quickly, as he hustled out of the elevator, just barely avoiding a head slap from Gibbs.


"You know, I should be the cat, " Tony remarked to Ziva from the driver's seat of his car.

Ziva turned to him, and made eye contact, a slight grin evident on her face, "What do you mean Tony?"

"You implied earlier that you were the cat, and it's been bothering me because mice are so little and cute and furry. I'm more of a cat, Zee-vah, big and daring and full of-"

"Fleas?" Ziva interrupted, smiling devilishly.

"Energy," Tony finished, ignoring her retort.

They were so immersed in conversation that neither of them noticed the microscopic GPS tracker that James Deacon, co-worker of Mark Waltham, had stuck onto Dinozzo's coat during interrogation.

Ziva sighed, but then, seeing how resolute Tony looked, laughed, "Does that make me little and cute and furry, because I am really opposed to that classificatio-"

Tony smiled at her, then, ran his eyes over her small frame slowly. "1: check. 2: check. 3: I don't know…but if you want I can find out," he winked at her.

Ziva shook her head, smiling, "Better that you watch the road, I would like to get to Mark Waltham's office alive."

"HA! Coming from you of all people! I'll take "ironic statements for 500 Alex"!" Tony retorted.

Ziva chuckled. Then, eyes glimmering she remarked quietly, "How did you know I was talking about you anyways, hmm?"

Tony's face reddened slightly, "Well weren't you?"

Ziva smiled knowingly at him, but just as she began to open her mouth to reply, her phone rang. She picked it up, and while doing so smirked,

"I guess you'll never know."

She turned her attention away from Tony and towards the phone, "David here."

"Damn modern technology," Tony murmured under his breath, unsure of whether he wanted Ziva to hear him or not.

A minute later, Ziva hung up and reported what Gibbs had informed her to Tony, "Sarah Adams didn't show up at work today. Gibbs wants us to check out her apartment instead of Mark's office. Address is 23 Pinecourt Drive. Looks like our game of cat and mouse may have just turned into a deadly one."

Little did she know that she was very close to the truth, in more ways then one.


Tony and Ziva arrived at Pinecourt drive ten minutes later, and parked on the side of the road, unable to park in Sarah's driveway due to the presence of a massive blue Honda taking up the entire space.

"Hot wheels," Tony stated flatly, while thinking to himself that he had already seen that car at some point today. He shook off his idea, due to how incredibly unlikely it was. "I thought that Sarah drove a Mazda though?"

"Me too," Ziva replied, "Well, the sooner we get in there and talking to her, the sooner we'll know."

Tony tried it the door, "Locked. Let's see some more expert break-in techniques Zee-va-"

The door was opened before he even got to finish his sentence- Tony regarded Ziva with a bemused expression, "You know, you are one fast moving chick, David." He almost added, "and it's kind of hot," but then refrained, determined to maintain some level of professionalism while on the job.

Tony and Ziva entered the house, guns at the ready. "Clear," Tony shouted as he passed through the kitchen.

Ziva recoiled as she encountered the sight that awaited her in the living room. There was Sarah Adams, spread- eagled and face up on the floor, dead in a pool of her own blood.

"Tony, I think that you are going to want to see this," Ziva called.

Tony laughed, "Ziva, unless you managed to strip in the last two minutes and are now dancing around in a state of female abandon, I think I'll stay in here. This chick has some sweet Chinese leftovers in her fri-"

"Tony. In here. NOW!" Ziva hollered.

"Ok, ok- Jee-" Tony saw what Ziva was looking at. After taking a moment to digest the scene before him, he said quietly, "I'll call Gibbs." He pulled out his phone, and dialled, then held it up to his ear, waiting.

Ziva glanced around the room, she had the eerie sense that someone was watching her, and she was often correct when such ideas struck her. Not seeing anyone however, she shook her head in reaction to her Mossaid- training- induced paranoia. Looking up, she noticed the star of David hanging above Sarah's couch and the Minora resting on her side table, "Jewish…" she murmured sadly.

"I'm not getting any reception in here Ziva. You secure the premises, I'm gonna go out back and update Gibbs on the situation. I don't want any prying neighbours hearing what I'm saying out front. I hate prying neighbours."

"Will do." Ziva replied dutifully as Tony exited out the back door.


Tony got reception the second that he was out of the house. He walked into Sarah's yard as he talked, "Gibbs. You will not believe what Ziva and I just found. Our prime suspect dead in a pool of her own blood on the floor of her house."

"I believe it Dinozzo," was Gibbs's curt response.

"What? How?" Tony replied, bewildered.

"I was just about to call you, as I heard my phone ringing. We have a lead. You shouldn't have let that bastard James Deacon go. About 15 minutes after he left we got a call from his boss saying that he he'd gotten him confused with another James when we asked him to back- up James's alibi. James Deacon lied to us about where he was at the time of Mark's murder. So, we did a more in depth scan on him, and found out that he was a suspect about two years ago in the murder of a young Jewish woman and this guy who she'd been hitting it off with on the job. The forensics came back and it turned out that some other guy's fingerprints were found on the weapon. The "culprit" was found dead in his apartment five hours later, having overdosed on Tylenol. He left a suicide note explaining that he'd committed the murder of this girl and her potential lover because of a beautiful Jewish woman who had broken his heart. The case was closed. Fishy thing? James Deacon's alibi fell through."

Tony shivered, realization dawning on him, "And, Sarah Adams was Jewish. This guy is a serial killer boss."

"Exactly what I was afraid of Dinozzo. Where's Ziva?"

Tony started. He'd been so engaged in conversation, he'd forgotten all about his partner, investigating inside the house. Tony replied into the phone, talking over the noise of a car starting nearby, "Just in the house boss, I'll get her and we'll continue securing the premises until you get here."

"I can't hear you," Gibbs replied, "What's that noise? And where did you say Ziva was? I want her under your surveillance at all times Dinozzo, this creep seems to be after any Jewish chick that he can get his hands on…"

"Sorry boss- it was just some huge car taking off in a hurr- SHIT!!"

Tony dropped the phone and lunged towards the doorway, realizing in sudden horror where he had seen that blue Honda before- parked in the parking lot of NCIS closest to the interrogation room earlier today-

"ZIVA!!" Tony hollered once he'd entered the house, "ZIVA! Are you here??" Nothing. Nothing. Tony glanced around the room quickly, signs of distress that hadn't been there before. Why had he turned his back?? Never turn your back on a co-worker, that should have been one of Gibbs's notorious rules.

Tony ran feverishly out of the house, tripping over furniture as he went, and not even caring. Sure enough, the driveway was empty. The blue Honda had left. Tony stared unblinkingly at the spot, millions of thoughts running through his head at the same time.

Then- with no time to lose- he belted for his car, thoughts of Ziva lying slain in a pool of blood torturing him, as he lunged into the driver's seat, abandoning his cell phone in the backyard, and screeched off, following the tire tracks left by the blue Honda. He was so blinded by his own overwhelming need to insure Ziva's safety, that he didn't take the time to realize just how pointless trying to track the vehicle was.


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