Harry James Potter is a being of pure magic, created by Magic itself in the line of Peverell. Quiet, mistaken to be autistic, but dangerous, One of two candidates to be considered as "The Chosen One" along with his twin sister, Harry embarks on a journey to fulfill the tasks set by the magic itself, lest the world be destroyed. AU

Extended Summery:

Harry Potter has been created by Magic to bring the sense of equality amongst the beings on the planet Earth. He is a very different child, does not talk much, devoted to his family and sisters, he can be very dangerous when the need to protect them is at hand. He shows an outstanding intelligence sometimes, but seems most unintelligible other times. He is mistaken to be autistic. But in reality, he is an emissary of Magic on this planet, with a specific task to fulfill. He is to restore the balance of power on this planet, and bring equality between the Magical and Non-Magical entities. Nobody understands him, but everybody is awe-struck by his occasional deeds. Read as Harry takes the world on a roller coaster ride.

(A/N) The Harry Potter in this story is very different from Cannon. This story is totally AU. While the incidents and concepts of cannon may be used, it is not going to follow the same plot. For one thing, Luna will be starting a year early in this story. I could not think of any more perfect pair than this story's Harry and Luna. Read it and figure out why.

Prologue – A Brief History of Magic

Magic just was, is, and will be. What it is is immaterial. Only its effects are. Since the beginning, Magic existed. And Magic created everything. It created a vast enormity of nothing, which we call The Universe. There was no God, no higher being or entity responsible for creating and maintaining reality. Everything came from magic and ended up with Magic. Magic is a sentinel, which invested itself in a never ending quest for the betterment of itself, refining, trying to increase its potency. It constantly tested itself creating new entities, breaking itself into various major branches and minor sub-branches of magiks that operated by a certain set of rules, within a specified boundaries.

One can call Magic selfish in a way that, it only cared about itself. But the same can be said about every invention, which is yet another device to ease one's process for doing something the hard way. Magic was merely trying to understand itself, and its capabilities.

Out of nothing, Magic created matter, and thus realized the change in itself. It changed into a type of magik that could not properly be contained. It probably was how the concept of energy was created. Out of energy, was created the entire contents of The Universe. Star systems, constellations, galaxies, planetary systems and their moons. On the most conducive planets, magic took the energy to a next level, where the matter and energy were put into the same entity, with capabilities of recreating the energies needed for sustenance. This was how life was created.

Magic realized that with life comes the opportunity of creating beings that can help in the Magic's quest for betterment and understanding. Thus, Magic began experimenting with the concept of 'will' in the beings. In certain life systems, it gave the beings no will of their own. They were born, lived and died at the whim of Magic. They spent their lives doing whatever was the Magic's bidding. To a certain level, Magic was satisfied with these perfect subservient entities. Under limited scrutiny, the beings performed exactly what was needed. No more, no less.

In other life systems, Magic explored the concept of limited independence. The individuality bestowed on to these beings let the beings try and figure out Magic's need behind a bidding, and provided not just what was needed, but beyond, thus aiding in achieving Magic's goals.

This led Magic to try the concept of free will. Magic understood the problems involved in letting its created beings find their own reason for existence. The destiny of each was to be made by their own devices. However, Magic also realized that letting beings have their own sense of accomplishments, brought the very best out of them. Driven by a device of their own selection, be that a positive force like determination and competitiveness, or negative device like jealousy, greed or hate, they always achieved the best results. This suited just fine for Magic. However, it dare not create too many of such life systems, for it knows that ingrained in every great system's very foundations, were the seeds of its own destruction.

Magic achieved the greatest understanding of itself, and its very existence out of such freewill driven life system. The knowledge gathered by every entity in such life system was given up to Magic when it died and coalesced back into Magic. However, due to the very nature of Freewill, new threats rose out of these life systems. Threats that were minor enough to be dealt with locally, or greater threats that can not. These bigger threats often tipped the harmony of the entire life system, and maybe at times even threatened Magic itself. Chaos ensued. These times, Magic itself interfered in order to bring back the harmony of such life system. When threats became too great, Magic would not hesitate to destroy the entire life system, and start from the scratch. The only loss would be the time it would take for the evolution cycle on the particular planet or moon to begin and flourish. Suffice to say, Magic had to do this many times at many different places of the universe.

One of the tiniest creations of magic was a puny little planet called Earth in a system of star called The Sun. Magic had not given enough attention to the way beings had been on this little inconsequential planet. However, it may have been because of this very oversight that the greatest breakthroughs in harnessing Magic way came from this planet. It was a surprise to Magic itself. The life system on this inconsequential little blip at the far end of the universe, traversing the least interesting of all galaxies called the Milky way had the best results to offer back to Magic.

Magic began paying closer attention to this system, ensuring that the harmony between creative and destructive forces of this life system was maintained at a proper level. It realized that for destruction and mayhem also had the side effect of greater advances in the study of magiks. As one of the beings on this planet said, "The greatest technological advances are made during the times of war". Hence, Magic ensured that there were always enough opportunities for each being to take either the creative or the destructive path.

However, the evils of Freewill are not to be undone. Given an opportunity, the beings always seem to take the easiest path, neither the creative nor the destructive. The choices were not looked at from Magic's or society's point of view anymore. The choices were purely selfish. Negative devices took the frontal in every being's life. Magic could not understand how it could be, that any rule set forth for the betterment of the life system was always followed, yet the result farthest from the desired. Greed, Lust, Coveting, Jealousy, etc. These beings had classified their own devices into various categories, recognized them, yet did nothing to suppress them. Freewill, at times, brought the best out any being, but most times, brought the worst.

And so, Magic began influencing directly and indirectly on these beings. Through impinging new thoughts and ideas into select beings, or bestowing a certain type of gifts to some other, Magic made its will known to these life systems. When the times were dire and mere influence not sufficient, Magic created and sent emissaries to the life systems to bring back the balance of forces, restore the peace and harmony. These magical emissaries, or "Magus Emissarius" came with the set of tasks, and resources to achieve them. The emissaries had the knowledge in Magic itself, amassed over several trillion years, and several life systems. They had the control and capacity to do the right thing to achieve Magic's tasks. However, they were rarely created. But, the field is set for this to happen for the second time on the puny inconsequential planet called Earth. Inconsequential? Maybe not any more.

Magic's influence on the beings of this planet was felt for long. Its influence on a man named Arthur got the system of Justice into the world. To assist him in his quest, Magic had created an emissary out of pure Magic by the name of Merlin. He achieved his goals of restoring the prosperity among beings and imbuing the sense integrity, which could be felt to this very day.

In the second age for men, Influence of Magic on four greatest minds of the time, and the Gifts to the Peverell brothers were meant to bring a sense of equality to the masses. Magic did not recognize the difference between magic wielders and non magical (muggles as they were called). For, the very fact that they are alive, means they are magical. Establishment of Hogwarts educational system was a success. But Peverell brothers failed. Two out of three brothers fell to the vices of the life system before they could even attempt to make way of their destiny. Ignotus Peverell remained faithful to the cause until his death, yet could not achieve it alone.

Magic concluded that for this cause to be realized, a second emissary is needed. Who more would be ideal than the descendent of the one who had strived the most for the goal. In the line of Ignotus Peverell, Magic decided, shall the Magus Emissarius be born, who shall teach the right of equality to the second age of men. Harry James Potter was thus created.