Eight years from Season Three

Eight years from Season Three

It was the one thing that she had always feared. That one call took away the fantasy, the dream that was her life. How could she be mad at a miracle? , she thought Hanging up the phone she turned to watch the two men in her life playing around on the floor in the living room. Smiles from ear to ear were on their faces. As she began to open her mouth, she felt a tug at her leg. It was her daughter asking for a cookie even though she knew she already told her no. But as many mothers would say, how could you say no to that smile? She headed to the kitchen and gave her a chocolate chip cookie and told her that this would be her last cookie. Her daughter took the cookie smiling because they both knew that it was a lie, she was going to give in like she always had. Just in the moment her love turned around and gave her a kiss on the mouth, startling her for a second before she kissed him back. Her love asked who was on the phone. She knew she couldn't hide it any longer. She had changed and this was the beginning of the true test of her life. And it all started with the simple four words. "It was the hospital."




"Why didn't you tell me you where back in town?"

"I just got back this mourning. The real question is what YOU are doing here. The famous designer, Clothes Over Bros"

"What can I say I missed this place"

"Tree hill, NC compared to New York? Whatever you say Brooke"

"So, you haven't explained why you're back, Rach"

Then in that moment Rachael Gattina spilled the last four years of her life to the only best friend she ever had. The highs and God knows there were highs, but all the lows as well. Brooke just looked at her friend and pulled her into a hug as she cried in her arms.

Rachel had decided to take Brooke up on her invitation to stay with her and Peyton. Rachel was sitting on the couch holding her mini me as she slept in her arms. Brooke entered the door noticing mother and daughter." I never thought I would see you like that"

Rachel turned around and smiled at her friend. "So, how was work?"

"The same, nothing special"

Rachel little bundle of joy began to squirm before she opened her green eyes. "Mommy can we go to the park tomorrow"

"Yeah angel go back to sleep." Rachel picked up her daughter and went upstairs to place her in the guest room before coming back down seeing Brooke stretched out on the couch.

"Tired?" Rachel questioned.

"My feet are killing me." Brooke sat up and looked at her friend noticing the circles around her eyes. "You okay?"

"Yeah, it just been hard lately you know?"

Brooke nodded while placing her hands over hers trying to comfort her friend. "I can't believe what you've been through"

"I got a call from Ruby's grandparents today"

"What did they want?" Brooke asked

"Just to see how I was doing" Rachel replied

"What did you tell them?"

"I told them I was doing okay, especially since I have a good friend helping me out"

The two old friends gave each other a smile when Brooke's cell phone wrung.

Brooke picked it up and began talking and headed for the kitchen. She stayed on the phone for about five minutes telling Peyton that they had a house guest. As she clicked the phone and headed back in the living room she noticed Rachel stretched out on the couch. Brooke got a green and blue blanket out of the closet and gently placed it over her friend and cut off the light.