"Where's Nanny Carrie?" Jamie asked

"She found a new job" Rachel replied while looking at Nathan in his eyes from across the dinner table.

"You like your chicken Peyton" Brooke asked trying to end the awkward silence between Nathan and Rachel.

"It's very delicious" Peyton answered looking at the strong stare that Rachel was giving to Nathan, who seemed scared of her for some reason.

"Okay I can't take this anymore. Jamie go to your room", Brooke said knowing that a child shouldn't be here, when they finally got some answers. Jamie rushed to his room, even he knew that there was something going on and there was going to be a huge argument. As soon as they heard the door close they all looked at each other. "Whose going to start? Rachel?, Nathan?" Brooke asked.

"Why don't you?" Rachel asked looking straight at Nathan.

"Don't do this Rachel?" Nathan pleaded.

"Why not?" Rachel asked angrily.

"I'm sorry Rachel. I wasn't myself" he said sincerely.

"I know that, but if you honestly think I'm going to keep you little discretion a secret you got another thing coming" Rachel said angrily.

"What the hell are you talking about Rach?!" Brooke shouted.

"Nathan isn't there something you want to tell everyone?" Rachel said amusingly.

There was a quiet silence Rachel hadn't taken her eyes off of Nathan, then as Nathan was going to say something the doorbell wrung. Peyton got up and answered the door, it was Lyndsey and Lucas. Leading them into the dinning room she smiled and turned to them and said, "Welcome to the dinner from hell."

"What?" Lucas said completely confused at what she was talking about. As soon as he saw Nathan and Rachel he knew exactly what she was talking about.

As Lyndsey and Lucas sat at the table, Nathan asked Rachel if they could speak in private. Rachel stared for a second and then got up and headed to the back room, and following her was a terrified looking Nathan.

"What's going on?" Lucas asked as soon as they were out of sight.

"I don't know it's been going on for awhile" Brooke stated.

"It's been like this ever since we got here." Peyton clarified.

From the Back Room

"Are you going to do this all night?"

"I might" Rachel answered with a smirk

"Why Rachel, I said I'm sorry"

In that moment she had a flash of her husband saying the exact same words. She felt the pain that she had almost forgotten. Rachel remembered how empty those words were. How she had loved that man and when she found that bitch with him, she broke and made it her mission to destroy him. As always revenge has a price, and in the process she hurt herself far worse than he could ever do. Realizing what she was doing to Nathan, taking out her anger on him for what her husband did to her, tears began to fall from her eyes.

"Rachel, Are you okay?" Nathan asked concerned

"Does it look like I'm alright?" she snapped at him

"I'm getting tired of your attitude" he said angrily

"I'm sorry" she said sincerely. "It's just.."

"It's what?" Nathan asked pulling her to the couch to sit down.

"Just tell me, maybe I can help"

"I seriously doubt that"

For the second time in Tree Hill, she told the story of her past four years. As in the first time she told it, it ended with a hug and a lot of tears.

Back in the Dining Room

"They've been gone awhile. Do you think we should go check on them?" Brooke asked

"We should let them handle what ever they are going through themselves" Lucas answered.

As soon as he finished, in walked Nathan

"Brooke you'll come with me for a minute?" Nathan asked looking a little shaken up

"Yeah," Brooke answered knowing it had to do with the last four years of Rachel's life. She got up and both of them walked to the back room.

"What's going on?" Peyton questioned to herself more than anybody else. What does Brooke know that she's not sharing? She seems to know something. She just got up and walked to the back with Nathan, not even questioning him on anything. I'm going to get some answers out of her.

"This is getting weirder and weirder" Lyndsey said

For the first time she noticed Lyndsey and all the pain she felt with loosing Lucas came flooding back. Slowly her eyes began to tear up. Before she even noticed she was up and out of the door saying, "Tell Brooke I'll see her back at the house".

Five hours and a bucket of chocolate ice cream later, Nathan and Rachel had fallen asleep on the couch in front of the television. Her head was propped up on Nathan's shoulder while his arm was around her and Jamie was stretched out on both of them fast asleep. All three of them where so knocked out, that they didn't hear the doorbell ring, or hear Lucas and Peyton walk in.

In a whisper Peyton said, "I guess they made up".

"I guess so" Lucas said with a worried look on his face, seeing how happy they looked without Hayley.

As quiet as they walked in, they walked out.