Full Moon Lovers
The Beginning

They were lovers before that one lone night when they were running from their tormentors. When out of thick forest jumped a rabid monster. It happen so fast they didn't have time to react.

Both were thrown to the ground, their breath knocked forcefully from them. By the time his senses came back to him, it was already too late. The Monster had already attacked his lover, his screams rending the silence of the night. Furious, he drew his sword and brought down vengeance and death on the beast, before it even had a chance to turn it's attention to him. Then, covered with the beast's blood, he fell to his knees by his lover's side, praying to the Goddess he wasn't dead.

Now they waited for the rise of the first full moon since the attack, not knowing if the wounded and scarred man would become a full fledged beast or just endure lesser changes to his life. Would the Wolf's soul now call to another for a mate. Would the love they had forged in darkness, and in battling to protect each other's love, be lost the moment he changed.

Only the first full moon would tell.

He sat back anxiously and waited, cringing in empathy as his lover screamed as his bones broke, muscles and tendons contorting as his body transformed. He watched in fascinated horror, tears streaming down his face, as the body before him shifted, changed. Legs and arms shortened, hands and feet become paws, a slender muzzle formed where once there was a pale nose and mouth, short square teeth elongated, delicate ears became large erect furred ones, and a long tail sprouted from the base of his spine as sleek fur covered pale flesh. Dark eyes showed pain and fear until the screams turned into howls, as Harry watched, unable to move. When the change was complete, a beautiful ebony wolf stood where his nude lover had lain.

"Never alone, love. Never."

Harry stood and called his magic, letting his own animal free; ever thankful for his other form that would allow him to roam this night with his lover.

Only under the full moon, he whispered as he slowly rose, looking straight into the dark eyes he loved so much; intelligent eyes that were no different than those of the man he loves.

Severus howled again calling to his lover and then he turned and ran. Again in the distance, Harry could hear him calling him.

Calling him to dance under the moonlight. Dance only the way lovers can.

Pure and beautiful.

It was in the early morning light, after the last vestiges of moon had faded, Harry lay with his lover, wrapped in their cloaks, as he carded his fingers ever so lovingly through long silky hair. Studying the pale face, signs of weariness and pain were evident around his lover's eyes and mouth though he slept. Harry placed a soft kiss on his forehead.

Severus shifted slightly toward the touch, "My mate," he murmured.

"Always, Severus," he whispered. "Always, my Love."

finis... but is it ever... never..