Chapter 2

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Somewhere on the path I got ahead of her. When I reached the inn I could tell Meliara would be here soon. The maid showed me to the parlor, I walked with percussion because of my arm. I told the maid to get me a doctor to look at my arm.

In the room I poured me some hot cider, and there was a pile of letters for me to look through, which I suppressed a groan about. I was just settling down when a figure stormed in.

Meliara was socked from head to toe, I couldn't but help faintly my lips went up. She seemed to see my looking at her and blushed furiously. To take her out of her discomfort I said "As the winner I choose the time and place." Now I'm not sure if that was the best thing to say.

Meliara flushes even more, she soon got herself back to together, and glared at me. Meliara was trying to find something to say to it, but couldn't – instead she just glared more. I'm probably wrong but for a second she even seemed a bit shy – but I'm being delusional. I realized that this isn't the best topic to talk about so I tried to distract her.

"Would you like some cider, it will warm you from the cold?" I asked her. Meliara just simply nodded and went to pour some herself. We started a conversation about by water proof cloak and about magic for sometime.

It was odd, Meliara would hardly look at me, but when she did, she'd start to blush madly. This got me curios to what she was thinking. Thought I was curious I still wish that she would look at me.

"All right. No wizard. But I shall find me one of those cloaks…" Meliara drifted off.

I realize I had been staring at her for a long time. I couldn't look away from those sparkly blue eyes. I swear, the whole village could hear my stupid heart thumping in me.

Is it me, or did Meliara just take a step closer to me? Meliara opened her mouth to say something, when all of a sudden there was a nock on the door.

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