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"Beep, Beep, Beep, Good morning Konoha, today's weather will be sunny with blue clouds all around click" I slapped my hand down onto the annoying device, scratch the top of my head and yawned, 'Another day another pain' I thought as I kicked the covers off. I jumped up out of bed and went to my bathroom and turn the water to warm. Stepping in and letting the warm water cleanse me of the night impurities, I step out awake, alert and ready to face whatever life through at me. Wrapping a towel around my body I walked to my closet. I put on a white boy beater, with a yellow spaghetti top over it. Then I put some dark blue jeans on and grab my black jacket with a silver dragon on the back then ran back into my bathroom. The steam had cleared and I wiped at the mirror so I could get a good look at myself. I smiled and put some yellow hoop earrings on and some light pink lip gloss and nothing else, I was a bare and natural kinda girl I didn't like to make a fuss. I stepped back and looked at myself 'not bad, I clean up well'. I left my bangs in my face letting them frame it, and pull the rest into tiny little pig tails on either side of my head. My hair was this weird kind of navy black mix, but I liked it. I let my hands roam down my body. I wasn't fat, never would I say I was fat, I was curvy, at least according to best friend Tohru.

A week ago

'I don't like the word thick' I said as we sat down in the food court. 'I mean I like my body, but I hate how guys only go for……

'Skinny bitches' Tohru said eating a fry.

'Yes, I mean no' we both laughed. 'But Tohru you're on to talk you're not exactly, thick' I said using her word. She rolled her eyes.

'Whatever' she said 'I apologize' she said eating another fry.

'So no more calling me thick' I said matter-of-factly.

'Why not?' she asked putting another fry in her mouth.

'Cause you use that word to describe Chouji' We both laughed at this' then she suddenly stopped.

'Nata you're pretty and you're not fat or thick you just got curves girl, so don't trip' she said continuing to stuff her face.

I smiled once more at my reflection and went on clamoring down the stairs. I slid into the kitchen grabbing the OJ off the island. I took a big gulp from it.

"Morning Nata," my little sister Hanabi said. Nata was my families and my best friend nick name for me. "I'm supposed to tell you something but I forget." I rolled my eyes.

"Morning Nabi," I said kissing her forehead. "How are you this morning?"

"Good" she said going back to eating her cereal "How are you" she asked.

"Good" I said mimicking her. She stuck her tongue out at me, and I did the same back. She rolled her eyes and I did the same.

"Stop it Nata" I said through her giggles.

"Okay" I laughed out "Hey Hanabi, where's Neji" Neji was my older cousin, but since his parents died when he was four he came to live here. At first he hated Hanabi and I. I guess it was jealously. We had our dad and he didn't, but I had decided as soon as he moved in I would be the best cousin I could be, even if Neji hated me. So as it was, he got tired of hating me, and soon he became one of my closet friend and eventually my brother.

"Oh, now I remember" she said perking up. Suddenly the door to the kitchen opened up.

"Where have you been, me and Neji have been waiting outside for ever" The person that was currently in my kitchen was Sasuke Uchiha. Konoha's high very own heartthrob, star athletic quarterback, and top of his class. In one word he was "perfect" some people would say. I wasn't one of those people. I rolled my eyes he was far from perfect in my opinion, he was angry, bossy and had some serious illusion of superiority, not to mention the fact he was cold-hearted, mean and shown little to no emotion except anger which he was showing now . "Well what the hell you been doing"

"I………." I started.

"Don't wanna hear it." He said cutting me off.

"Well just let me get my shoes" I said.

"Hurry up"

"You see Neji told me to tell you that he had stuff to talk about with the football coach and had to be at school early" Hanabi said as I finished tying my shoe and slipped my backpack on.

"Well a little……." late I was about to say before Sasuke said.

"Move your ass Hyuuga, and get to the damn car"

"Where do you get off…?" He rolled his eyes.

"I don't have time for this" he grabbed my fore arm and yanked, not hard enough to hurt but hard enough for me to get the message. I gave Hanabi one last kiss and hurried out the door behind Sasuke. I jumped into the back of Neji's red convertible and crossed my arms.

"Finally Nata, what toke you so long" Neji asked he started the car.

"Hanabi didn't tell me you had to leave early, you know how forgetful she can be" He nodded.

"We should've just let her walk" Sasuke said from the front seat. Neji laughed and my jaw clenched.

"No one asked for your two cents" I said.

"Oh good burn Hyuuga" he said sarcastically.

"What are you doing here anyhow? Don't you have like five cars?" I asked feeling I should changed the subject.

"Two Hyuuga and a motorcycle but Itachi toke one, I'm not allowed to drive the motorcycle yet, and the other car in the shop." He said. "So I'll be riding with Neji for at least a week" I rolled my eyes. Spoiled brat, and that was another thing, he called Neji, Neji but called me Hyuuga. What the heck was that all about? I putt my hood up and stuck my headphones in. 'I love my iPod' Ithought as we drove the rest of the way insilence. We pulled into the school parking lot and I jumped out the car, without so much as a goodbye, to either of them.

"Nata, my, my, my, aren't we early" I smiled and toke my headphones out.

"Neji had some business to take care of what's up." I said sitting down next to my best friend Tohru Risa.

"Nothing just chillin" she said putting her shades on covering up her light green eyes and smiling wildly. I smiled Tohru was a carefree person she was sweet at least to me. Tohru had dark skin, a shade between caramel and chocolate, and really curly dark, dark, brown hair.

"Heads up" I heard a voice say. I looked up and saw a red Frisbee hurtling towards my head. I close my eyes and braced for impact and waited but it never came. I opened my eyes to see the Frisbee in mid air. 'Wait that can't be right', I thought.

"Whoa nice save Sasuke", someone said. 'What Sasuke?'I looked up to see none other than Sasuke Uchiha holding the Frisbee. He caught it. I was about to say thank you, when he hit me with it.

"No, no Sasuke, now you're being counter productive," Tohru started. "If the point of catching the Frisbee was to prevent young Hinata from getting hit, why would you hit her? Wasted energy, dear it's all wasted energy."

"Hey" I said fake hitting Tohru.

"Yeah you should have just let it hit her." I knew that voice that was the voice of Sakura Haruno. I looked at her as she smirked. Sakura Haruno was the most popular girl in school. Long luscious pink locks, starling green eyes, long muscular legs. She was head cheerleader, and a head turner, she had the majority of Konoha's high male population, chasing her heels no pun intended, most of the time she had heels on. Today, however she was wearing the Konoha cheerleader uniform, and truthfully she looked flawless. I secretly envied her. She had the two things I wanted most, the love of a certain blonde hair blue eyes linebacker, and she was a cheerleader. I wanted so to be one.

"Awe the queen decides to grace us with her presence" Tohru picked up, never missing a beat.

"Well what kind of queen would I be if I didn't greet my loyal subject "Sakura said as Gaara popped down next to Tohru? Gaara was a genius photographer and was another one of my closet friends.

"Wait do you smell that" Gaara said sniffing the air.

"Why yes "Tohru said, "Yes I do" Sakura sniffed the air.

"I don't smell anything." Tohru sniffed the air once more.

"It's the smell of rebellion," Tohru said finally. "I don't think you're "Subjects" are as loyal as you think" The crowd of people around all snickered.

"Whatever" Sakura said as she rolled her eyes.

"Ouch that one really stung Haruno" Tohru said. Sakura seeing she was losing.

"Well at least I don't look like a boy." She said which was totally untrue Tohru had curves to die for. "and I actually wash my hair, and it's manageable" Tohru looked at Sakura, as if to say 'Are-You-Serious', to add to that no one had laugh at her joke. It was known fact that Tohru had really curly hair, but she had fix it so it was a perfect ponytail, with curly dark brown ringlets falling down her back. Tohru just scoffed. Sakura's face burned with anger.

"Hey" Tohru said putting her hands up in mock surrender. "Calm, down killer, wouldn't wanna have you to mad; you might burn the tissue you use to stuff your bra in the morning."

"Shut up you bitch" she said. Everyone around us said Ooooo, as if we were in Jr. High or something.

"Ouch, Sakura you wield words, like swords, truly you are a worthy adversity" she touched her heart, she was so dramatic. I smiled though. Tohru was one of the only people that stood up to Sakura.

"God you're so uncivil" she said, and then she smirked, "Must be because you don't have parents to teach you any better" The world seemed to stop. I looked at Tohru. She looked removed, then suddenly her eyes lit up and she launched herself at Sakura. I got up quickly, and wrapped my arms around Tohru's waist.

"Let me go Hinata, I'm gonna rip out her throat" Tohru Sakura may be mean but she wasn't stupid she quickly backed up.

"Told you she was uncivil" she said.

"And you're a coward" I said.

"Oh the Hyuuga girl speaks" She said "No one cares what you think or say" I didn't know if it was Tohru was fighting me so hard or it was because that comment stung and I let go, but Tohru had escape my grasp. The look of pure fear on Sakura face was priceless. She backed away and fell to the ground. Then, was when Gaara and Sasuke decided to stand between Tohru and Sakura. Tohru was pushing through so I ran back to her waist and pulled.

"She's not worth it, Tohru" I pulled, and Sasuke pushed. Sakura got off the ground.

"Someone should put that animal in a cage" she said quickly and scurried off. When she was out of sight, and the crowd had left, Tohru stopped fighting and collapsed onto the ground in tears. I caught her and let her down slowly, rubbing her back. She was crying into Sasuke chest. He wrapped his arms around her and whispered into her ear.

"It's okay Ru, its okay." The bell rang in the distance.

"Sasuke you and Gaara go I'll take it from here" He looked at me, as if I was crazy.

"This is my sister are you out of your mind" He yelled.

"She's just as much my sister as she is yours, now go" Tohru's parents had given her up long ago, she was found three years old in a dumpster, with bruises and blood on her. She had been abused, physically, verbally, and sexually. Mikoto had heard her screaming and got her out of the trash. The plan was to nurse her back to health and then send her to an orphan but, the Uchiha family had become too attached to give her away so they adopted her. Sasuke was about to argue more until Tohru spoke up.

"Go" she said he kissed her forehead and walked to class grabbing Gaara by his shirt on the way. "That Bitch I'll kill her, she had no right."

"Shhh" I said. "I know, I know". We sat there for there for another five minutes, before Tohru stood up, and walked into the building. She was strong I knew she didn't want to cry, it made her feel weak. I ran to catch up with her. "But you gotta admit the look of pure fear on Sakura face was priceless. Then Tohru and I broke into a fit of giggles. So how I knew we would find a way to stick it to Sakura.

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