Cheerleader 5

"You want me to what" she yelled at me, causing everything and everyone in 10 miles radius to look at us.

"Ru-Chan, keep your voice down" I had just asked, Tohru to tryout with me, for the Konoha foxes, i.e. the cheerleading team. After my little pep talk from Sasuke I had quickly ran off to find Tohru, she was sitting on the bleachers, laughing and talking to Gaara, who was telling her a story of some sort, I instantly felt bad, I had really dissed him. I pulled him aside, and told him about what happened at the pep rally from where we were sitting. He didn't seem surprised at my wanting to be a cheerleader, and merely laugh at my plan for Tohru's punishment for blowing my secret,

"Good luck", he said laughing tears coming to his pretty teal eyes.

"Thanks I said sarcastically but hugging him nonetheless. He hugged me back tightly, and whispered in my ear,

"I believe in you Hinata-Chan I know you can do it"

"Thanks" He released me and ruffled my hair, and ran off to find his camera. I sighed and squared my shoulders,

"Hey Tohru" I called, she ran over to me, her pretty braid whipping back and forth.

"Sup Nata"

"I Got a Question" she looked at me suspiciously


"Tryout for the team with me", which leads me to my current situation now, her looking at me like I didn't have a head.

"What don't look at me like that" I said "you owe me anyway"

"For what, blowing your secret, look dude I know I was in the wrong, but the cheerleading team, Nata-Chan no way in hell, why would you even ask, that's not worth it." 'Darn it' I thought to myself.

"Okay forget blowing my secret, you're my best friend and I want to share this dream with you" I said, holding out my arms.

"Uh-huh, no" she said crossing her arms, 'double darn it', I needed to think of something quick, got it.

"Well then I guess Sakura was right"


"She said you were scared"


"Yeah, and that you couldn't keep up, that even if you showed up at tryouts you'd run away just like you did today,"

"That bitch" she said walking away, oh man did I do it I thought to myself,

"Where are you going?"

'"to get an application," she called, and I smirked, 'bingo'

"No need" said Sasuke, coming out of nowhere, with said application,

"How did you………." Tohru and I asked at the same time but he cut us off.

"I figured out your plan" He said to me,

"What plan, no never mind, I'm a make that pink pom, pom puff ball, regret her words, come Nata we have work to do." She toke the sheet out of Sasuke hands with one hand and me with the other, But my eyes were on Sasuke. His hair waved in the wind as I passed him, and he smiled a very little smile, and I smiled back.


That night I spent the night at Tohru's place, she had picked out our outfits and we stretch, and we practiced, so by the time 1:00 had hit she was popped,

"Tomorrow were gonna kick ass" Tohru said falling on her queen sized bed" I smiled at he,

"Hey Tohru" I said but when I turned to look at her, she was her chest was already moving up and down, as she slept. 'Great' I push myself off here massive bed, 'How does someone so small need so much room' I walk down the stairs and made my way to the kitchen.

"Yummy" I said popping a cheeto in my mouth"

"You know you eat too many of those and you'll get fat." I turned to look to find Sasuke, standing there without a shirt leaning against the door. "Seriously" he said, "Those things are pack with carbs.

"Shut up" I said pooping another one into my mouth, he just smirked, and walked up to me and yanked the bag right out of my hands and held it up. I tried to reach it but he was way taller than me. I stood on my tippy toes, and tried to reach again but no luck; he just smirked and leaned against the kitchen island. He shook the chips in front of my face, and I tried to grab them but he was too fast, and I just ended up pressed against him. He was warm and nice and firm pressed against me. He must of notice to because he had stopped smirking and now just looked down at me. I suddenly became very warm, my glazed shifted to the chips and then to his hand and slender strong fingers, his muscular arms, not to his ripped bear chest, back up to his dark eyes, that swallowed the light, his strong jaw line and then to his lips. I wanted to him that scared me, it scared me so much. I quickly dropped my glaze for his lips, and look into his eyes, expected him to be smirking or glaring, but his eyes were focus on my lips.

"Sasuke" He shushed me and began his descent, I closed my eyes and waited for the sweet caress of his lips, but it never came, I opened my eyes abruptly, to find him looking at me like I had grown a third eye. Regaining my compusure I moved away from him, mad snapped back the chips, and began to walk away, but he grabbed my forearm,

"What the hell…." I started to say but he cut me off

"You thought I was going to kiss you"


"Yeah why did you close your eyes and pucker your lips"

"Well you were staring at my lips…………."

"So you did think I was going to kiss you"


"Oh that is rich, Hyuuga"

"Shut up"

"You thought I was gonna kiss you"

"Yeah sure I thought you were but with the way you were staring at my lips, well anyone would think you were gonna kiss them" I said looking away.

"Haha, you have cheeto crumbs on your lips"

"Oh" I said suddenly feeling glum, I felt my eyes water, what t he hell I should be glad he didn't try to kiss me, but for some reason all I could think was how much it hurt that he rejected me, how he thought the idea of kissing me was so gross.

"No I don't"


"I don't think the thought of kissing you is gross at all" crap did I say that aloud, I gotta stop doing that, quickly composing myself I said

"Then what….?" Wait, why did I ask that?

"What you want me to kiss you" I should have said no, I should have blown him off and walked away, but all I could do was strand there like an idiot and blush,

"I thought you wanted Naruto to be your first kiss" he spat the name like it hurt him to say it

"I did, I mean I do I mean" he suddenly got angry.

"Make up your mind and figure out what you want" and then I got angry, "I mean you're lucky I'm a nice guy and didn't take advantage of you, any other guy wouldn't have ask he would have kissed you, and just like that you're first kiss gone like that"

"I get it" if he heard me he ignored and ignored me,

"I mean your first kiss, Hyuuga God you're Stupid, you are so lucky, I'm nice I completely disregarded my feelings, and ask you If you….

"What feelings?" I asked,


"You said you disregarded your feelings, what feelings?"


"I can't believe the Great Sasuke Uchiha is speechless"

"Shut up"

"Did you want to kiss me" I asked, I didn't know why but I needed to know. He just looked at me, hard like almost glaring, but with a slight tenderness in his eyes. I felt the warmth of his fingers stroking my face, as he looked deep into and said.

"Who wouldn't" I could of sworn I felt my heart jump out of my chest, He grabbed the back of my neck and bent down to kiss me, It was gonna happen this time, I closed my eyes tight and braced myself. But instead of his lips caressing mine, they grace my forehand with their legendary presence. "Night Nata" he whispered in the corner of my mouth.

"Who Wouldn't?"

Sorry, I know it's been like months but guess what I'm a Senior  exciting