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Three Cinnamon Rolls

Hinata held the boxes tightly.

Hinata sighed. She had been training since dawn with Neji before attending to her regular duties. On her way to the Team 8 training grounds, she had been sidetracked by the lovely smells from the bakery. When she had seen the fresh warm cinnamon rolls in the bakery window, she had run in and bought three. One for herself, one for Kiba and one for Shino. But she had forgotten that Kiba and Akamaru were training with his family and Shino was returning much later today from a mission.

So she had three cinnamon rolls and no teammates to share them with. Kurenai would not be interested in the sticky treat. Since her pregnancy, Kurenai-sensei seemed to crave more savory foods…like barbeque.

Hinata was pleasantly surprised and happy when she saw that Team Kakashi was also at the Team 8 training grounds. Team Kurenai and Team Kakashi had been on several missions together. Sometimes Kakashi-san asked Kurenai to provide additional genjutsu training.

Hinata set aside of the cinnamon rolls in the shade with their other gear and joined them for the morning training. Sakura would probably not be interested in the rich sweet pastry, but perhaps Naruto and Sai would enjoy her favorite treat during a break.

A few hours later, Sai peered with curiosity at the bakery box held in front of him.

"Ah, Sai-san. Would you like one?" She asked shyly. Her face a held a light pink blush.

Naruto greedily ate his cinnamon roll in a few bites. "This is great Hinata-chan! Thanks!" Naruto made a point of licking his fingers.

"Disgusting Naruto-kun." Sai commented. Hinata nearly dropped the box.

"Idiot! Just try it. Sai-teme." Naruto glared angrily at the expressionless nin. "Heh…heh Hinata-chan. He didn't mean the cinnamon rolls. He just meant me!" He explained to the embarrassed Hyuuga.

"It-It's okay Naruto-kun. Sai-san you don't have to eat it if you don't want it." Hinata put down the box she had offered.

Sai nodded and drank from his water container.

Hinata turned to enjoy her own cinnamon roll. She blushed again at all the fuss that Naruto was making. But it was nice that he was paying attention to her feelings. Naruto really seemed to notice her now that they had shared a few missions. They were getting to know each other better.

But Sai was strange. As a Hyuuga, Hinata could read expressionless faces pretty well. Sai was a challenge, even for her. Sometimes she thought that she could see the same uncertainty and hope and despair that all shinobi held in their hearts. Other times it seemed liked he was just going through the motions of living life.

Naruto scolded his teammate, as Sai opened his sketchbook and pulled out his drawing materials. "You made her feel bad for offering you something nice." He hissed.

Sai looked up at Hinata as she took another bite of her treat. He gave a fake smile. "Thank you Hinata-san for your offer." Sai apologized insincerely.

"Th-That's okay." Hinata stuttered. "Um. Not everyone likes sweets." She squirmed uncomfortably under Sai's fake smile and expressionless eyes.

"You are too sweet Hinata-chan." Naruto commented. "Sai! You should at least TRY it!"

Sai looked at Naruto. Dickless was going to keep nagging him. Sai looked at Hinata. She was carefully taking small bites and clearly enjoying her cinnamon roll. Sai looked at the box next to Hinata on the ground. The unwanted sweet pastry looked completely unappetizing to him.

But Naruto was right to encourage him to try new things. To try to live his life and enjoy friends and food (mostly different types of ramen.)

"Hinata-san." Sai said as he moved to sit next to the shy girl. "I'll try a small taste." He said.

"O-Okay." Hinata replied. She smiled, pleased that he was going to try it. She guessed he wanted a bite of hers rather than a whole cinnamon roll.

Hinata pulled a small piece off her roll and offered it to him.

She nearly passed out when Sai took the food into his mouth and licked her fingers.

Hinata sat very very still. In shock. Sai ate the piece of roll and then went back to lick her fingers again.

The taste of the sweet frosting combined with the texture of her fingertips was quite interesting. Her fingertips were calloused from her taijutsu. But her shocked expression and wide eyes made him smile. A genuine smile.

There was only a moment when their eyes met, before Sai leaped out of the way of Naruto fist.

"Sai, you bastard! How dare you take advantage of Hinata-chan?" Naruto fumed as he chased Sai into the tree. It was the tree that they had been sitting under.

Several leaves floated down as Naruto's fist connected with a branch.

Hinata shook herself out of her daze and shouted up to her sometimes teammates. "Naruto-kun! Please stop! It's okay!"

She was startled when Sai dropped down next to her. "Thank you Hinata-san." Sai said as Naruto dropped down next them. Hinata positioned herself between the two.

"It-It's okay Naruto-kun. I-I don't think Sai-san, meant any harm." Hinata said quickly to calm the blonde boy down. She was a little thrilled that Naruto cared so much. And Sai's genuine smile lingered in her mind. It was a worth a little embarassment.

Sai sat down abruptly when he sensed that Naruto was not going to attack him again. "Actually, Hinata-san. I think I like this…cinnamon roll." He paused over the unfamiliar word.

"Oh." Hinata replied. "You-you can still have one if you want." She offered.

Naruto glared at his emotionally stunned teammate and decided to walk away and find Sakura. Maybe she could explain things to the idiot. It seemed like Hinata didn't mind him too much.

It was a good thing that Naruto was out of earshot when Sai said to Hinata. "It really tastes so much better when I can lick your fingers too."


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