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Sept 8, 2011

Well, our little trip to help Chuck was an interesting one. I could tell something was wrong when we first pulled up to the hotel parking lot. There were about twenty or more black Impalas that were identical to Dean's. If that weren't strange enough there were several people hanging out near the parking lot in costumes. There was one guy with a hook on his hand, which was obviously fake. I was about to say something to Sam when we spotted Dean across the parking lot. It was obvious that he saw the Impalas too and thought something was fishy. He wanted to say something about them, but Sam reminded him that we were here to help Chuck.

The three of us started heading for the entrance when we spotted Chuck pacing outside. Sam greeted him first. Chuck looked surprised to see the three of us. He wanted to know what we were doing at the hotel. Dean chimed in and told him that he texted us that there was an emergency. Chuck looked even more confused because he didn't send us any text.

After a few seconds of thinking he figured out who was behind the text message. It turned out that a super fan of the series "borrowed" Chuck's cell to lure Sam and Dean to the hotel. Becky, the super fan, ran out of the hotel once she spotted Sam and Dean. Apparently she knows the truth behind Chuck's books. She squealed so loud and ran down the stairs to say hello. It was clear that Sam was her favorite. It took her a few seconds to even notice me. She gave me the evil eye and asked who I was. I explained that I am Bobby's daughter, Sophie. She quickly mentioned that Bobby didn't have a daughter. I was about to explain my life a little more, but Chuck interrupted us. He asked Becky if she used his phone to contact Sam and Dean. She nodded and said that she felt they should see what was inside. Right after she said that she ran back inside.

We all turned to look at Chuck for an explanation. He looked even more nervous than usual. He was about to say something when a large man, clearly wearing a toupee, came out to tell Chuck it was time. Chuck waved the guy back in and then apologized to the three of us. Immediately after he apologized he walked into the hotel. The three of us glanced at each other and decided to follow him.

I will never forget what we saw when we walked into the hotel. It was the most amazing site ever. Sam and Dean didn't know what to make of it. Almost every person in the hotel was dressed in the same outfit as Sam and Dean. There were even females dressed like them. They had the same jackets and haircuts as them. It was kind of freaky. A rather large man complimented Dean on his outfit. Dean was confused and asked the guy who he was. He said that he was Dean also and then went to talk with other people. The man I saw earlier with a fake hook on his hand waved it in our faces playfully and said that he was in trouble now that Sam and Dean were there.

Sam and Dean were flabbergasted by what they were seeing. I had mainly figured out what was going on and I wasn't sure if I should laugh or be sympathetic. I started glancing around the room at the different characters in the room. There were some people dressed up as my father. That was kind of eerie. However, the eeriest costumes had to be the few chicks dressed as Ruby. It was sort of funny listening to the conversations going on between the people pretending to be Sam and Dean. They really did act like how some of them were acting. I had to hide my smile from the real Sam and Dean.

Becky spotted us standing near the entrance and made her way over. Dean wanted to know what the hell was going on. Becky explained that it was the first convention for the Supernatural books. She was super excited about it. After she told us what was going on she excused herself. Sam and Dean really didn't know what to say. They stood there watching the people imitating them. We stood by the entrance watching the different characters interact with one another until the large man with the toupee called everyone to come into the conference room.

The conference room filled up quickly. Every seat was taken so the three of us stood in the back. There had to be about two hundred audience members. The large man with the toupee walked onto the stage and welcomed everyone to the first annual Supernatural Convention. He said a few things to pump up the audience until he invited Chuck to the stage.

Chuck was obviously nervous. He gets nervous just talking to one person and now he had a large audience staring at him. I felt kind of bad for him. He greeted the audience and then started taking questions. Some of the questions were normal ones about the book and the characters, but there were some that were a bit strange. One question really aggravated me. The hook man asked Chuck why nobody tells Sam that Ruby is evil. Several audience members agreed with his question. I wanted to storm the stage and defend myself. Sam could see the rage in my eyes and placed his hand on my back to calm me down. Becky soon defended me without knowing. She yelled at the guy and told him to stop reading the books if he didn't like them.

The next question asked was followed by a very interesting answer. The fan asked Chuck what happens to Dean after he goes to Hell. Chuck paused and then said he had good news. He received some money from a wealthy Scandinavian investor and will begin publishing the Supernatural books. Sam dropped his hand from my back in shock. He and Dean unhappily glanced at each other. I wasn't too happy about it either because I was going to be an even bigger part of the series. Chuck could see our reactions from the stage and knew that he was in trouble. Dean was so pissed off that he stormed out of the hotel.

Sam and I followed behind him. Dean started shouting some expletives in the parking lot. He shouted at himself for about half an hour. It didn't help that he couldn't figure out which car was his since there were so many replicas. Sam and I just sat back and let him get his anger out. I knew Sam had to be upset, but he wasn't showing it like Dean. I had to get Dean to stop shouting when the people from the convention started coming outside. The panel had come to a close and several people stepped out for some air. I suggested we go inside and talk to Chuck about publishing the rest of the series. Sam agreed and we all made our way into the hotel.

When we got inside the hotel the crowd moved to the bar. We figured Chuck had to be in there too. Sam ordered each of us a beer while Dean and I searched for Chuck. We found him sitting with Becky. It was obvious that he was trying to put the moves on her. Sam and Dean didn't care. They stormed Chuck and demanded to know why he was publishing more books. His answer was simple. He needed money for the necessities in life. The only thing he knew was how to write those books. They may not be on The New York Times Bestseller list, but they bring in enough money to live. Dean was about to bite Chuck's head off when there was a loud shriek from upstairs. The three of us instinctively ran to see what the scream was about.

It took us maybe a minute to run to the top to find a terrified maid. She told us that she just saw a ghost. The three of us automatically went into investigative mode and started asking her questions. Before she could answer any of them others joined us upstairs. They had their memo pads and pens out ready to write any important details. That was when I figured out it was a show. It took Sam and Dean a little longer to figure it out. I backed away from the crowd and waited for Sam and Dean. They soon joined me and we made our way back to the bar.

As we were walking back we ran into Becky. She was excited because the LARPing had started. She handed each of us a sheet of paper. It looked like it came out of John's journal. It was a contest and the winner received a gift certificate to the Sizzler. I could tell Dean was about to snap. Not only were people dressing up like him, but they turned his life into a game. I didn't feel like playing the game so I went back to the bar. Sam and Dean stayed upstairs for a little bit longer.

Chuck was still at the bar so I sat down with him. He took a deep breath and apologized for the convention. It wasn't his idea. I told him that I wasn't the one he should be apologizing to. About a minute later Sam and Dean came back to the bar. Sam sat down next to me while Dean went to the bar to get another drink. Sam patted my leg with his hand and said that we should probably hit the road soon since there really wasn't a case. I agreed. I excused myself so I could let my father know we would be coming home.

My father was glad to hear there wasn't a real case. He told me to take my time coming back home. He thought it was good for me to get away for a while. We talked for a few more minutes and then I headed back in to the hotel bar. Sam and Dean were nowhere in sight, but Chuck and Becky were still sitting at the table. I asked them where Sam and Dean went. Becky gave me some attitude and asked why I cared. It was clear that she was jealous that I was so close to the Winchesters. Chuck chimed in and said that they went upstairs. I decided to just wait for them with Chuck and Becky.

As I was sitting at the table I couldn't help but notice Chuck staring at Becky. It was obvious that he had a big crush on her. After a few minutes of uncomfortable silence I finally asked Becky about her life story. She glared at me and asked why I wanted to know. I wasn't sure how to answer that question. I simply told her that she didn't have to tell me. We sat in silence again until I excused myself to go use the washroom. I didn't really need to go, but it was getting uncomfortable around Becky. She really didn't like me.

I found a bench in the hallway to sit on. I was rather amused by the different Sam and Deans walking around the halls. There were some costumes that were rather impressive. I hadn't noticed before, but the person dressed up like my father was actually a woman. I couldn't help but smile at that. My father would not be very happy if he saw a woman dressed as him. I sat there people watching for about five minutes when one of the Sams sat next to me. He was actually one of the better looking Sams. He asked me who I was dressed up as. I was about to say no one, but I changed my mind and told him I was dressed as Ruby. He smiled and said he thought that was who I was supposed to be. He then asked me which book was my favorite. I wasn't sure how to answer the question since I had only read a few. I just told him there were too many good ones to choose from. He agreed with my answer. He was about to ask me another question when Chuck came over to chat with me. He had something important to talk to me about. The guy I was talking to was awestruck by Chuck's presence. I told him it was nice to meet him and then went with Chuck.

Chuck escorted me to the empty conference room. I had no idea what he wanted to talk about. He hadn't mentioned the need to talk to me before. We sat across from each other and I waited for him to start talking. He took a deep breath and then asked me if I could help him with the next part of the convention. He was so nervous talking on stage he thought he was going to have a panic attack. I wasn't sure what I could do to help, but I figured I would try. Chuck had already come up with a plan. He thought I could go up as a ghost hunter and tell the audience about the real life of a hunter. He suggested I just stick to telling tales of haunted places. I don't know why, but I agreed to the plan. Chuck thanked me and then left me to write some notes.

An hour later people started coming back into the conference room for the next panel. I had most of my notes written out. I sat down in the front row next to Becky and waited for things to begin. I was getting nervous about going up on stage. I'd never spoken to an audience this large before. Eventually Chuck went on stage to start the panel. In the middle of his speech Sam walked up on to the stage and interrupted Chuck. He pulled him to the side to tell him something. I was trying to listen to them, but I couldn't hear a single word Sam was saying. I stood up and saw Dean entering the room with the entire hotel staff. He had a bag of rock salt with him.

I jumped up on stage and asked Sam what was going on. It turned out the hotel was actually haunted. I was a little peeved that I was just hearing about it, but I moved on. He told Chuck and me to keep everyone in the room and then he started walking towards the door. I went after him because I wanted to be part of the action. Sam was using his long legs to his advantage, but I finally caught up to him right by the door. He and Dean stood there waiting to hear what I had to say. They both knew what I was going to say and already had their answer ready. As I was asking Sam if I can join them, Dean was salting the doorway. Sam gave me a firm no and told me to make sure no one leaves. He quickly explained that they needed me to make sure the salt line isn't broken and that no one gets hurt. He went to give me a quick kiss, but I turned so it was on the cheek. I didn't really want to start anything with Dean. I shut the door after Sam left.

Chuck continued where he left off before Sam interrupted him. He soon asked me to come up on stage. I pulled out my notes and started telling some rather boring stories about haunted places. The audience didn't find my stories boring and looked rather intrigued by what I had to say. After talking for about a half hour I ran out of stuff to talk about. Sam and Dean still weren't back. Chuck joined me on stage and started telling the story of how he lost his virginity. As he was telling his story I noticed the hotel manager about to leave the room. Chuck saw it too. We both ran off the stage as quick as we could to stop him, but we were too late. He opened the door and broke the salt line. I pulled him back into the room, but the ghost of one of the little boys appeared. Chuck grabbed the coat rack and swung it through the kid. He shut the door while I re-salted it. After that things changed in the panel. The audience was curious about what they just witnessed. I wasn't sure if we should lie or tell them the truth. Chuck decided to go with lying to them. He explained that it is all part of the LARPing activity. It looked like most of them bought it, but there were a few that looked skeptical.

I had no idea how much more time the boys needed. I figured they would call when it was all clear. The audience and staff were all getting antsy. I didn't blame them. It had been over an hour since Dean and Sam left. I wanted to leave the room just as much as everyone else. Chuck was trying his hardest to keep the attention of the audience.

About ten minutes later Sam and Dean entered the room and gave us a thumbs up that it was all over. Chuck thanked everyone for coming to the convention and wished them a safe drive home. I pushed through the audience so I could get to Sam and Dean. I wanted to give Sam a hug and kiss, but I held back because of Dean. Instead I awkwardly punched him on the arm and congratulated him on a job well done. He mockingly hit my arm back and thanked me.

It didn't take long for us to hit the road after the convention ended. Sam and Dean said goodbye to their new friends while I said goodbye to Chuck and Becky. Chuck thanked me for going up on stage. Becky apologized for her cold behavior before. She was jealous, but now she realized how great Chuck was. I was happy to see the two of them together.

Sam and Dean eventually came over to say goodbye to Chuck. Once they were through it was time to go home. Dean said he would be by in a couple days to drop off Samantha. I could tell it was still difficult for him to be around me. We said goodbye and then Dean hopped in his car.

Sam and I are on our way back home right now. It will be nice to sleep in my own bed tonight. We should be home soon. I'll probably just go right to bed when we get home. I am exhausted.

Sept 15, 2011

Samantha is back. I am so happy she is here. I missed her so much. She was so happy to see me when Dean dropped her off. He said he would come back in two weeks for her. Before he could get too far I stopped him. I needed to know what he saw in the future. Why was he acting so civil all of a sudden?

I told him that Cass told me about Zachariah and how he sent him into the future. Dean kept refusing to talk about it, but after pressuring him for so long he finally gave in. He told me that Samantha and I were dead and Sam said yes to Lucifer. It all happened because he pushed us away. Zachariah was trying to convince him to say yes to Michael, but Dean learned that he needed to fix the present to change the future. Dean doesn't want to live in a world without me or Samantha. I assured Dean that Samantha and I were not going anywhere anytime soon. I gave him a hug and then he left.

That really did explain Dean's recent change in behavior. It makes me feel better knowing that he still cares about me. He doesn't want to see me dead. This definitely makes it easier for me to be in a relationship with Sam. I'm not so concerned with what Dean thinks.

Sept 29, 2011

Lucifer came into my dream again last night. It had been a while since he made an appearance. I don't know how to take what he told me. I'm trying to figure out if I believe him or not.

The dream started out at my father's house. I was there to celebrate my birthday. Sam and I were sitting on the couch watching Samantha play with her toys. We were so happy. My father came into the room with my birthday cake. It was time to sing "Happy Birthday." After we finished singing the cake was passed out. My father decided to give a speech while the rest of us ate cake. It was a great speech. He told the story about the first time he ever saw me. He knew that I had to be a part of his life. I was the sweetest, most beautiful baby he had ever seen.

While he was giving his speech Lucifer appeared. He stood behind my father and started commentating on everything my father said. He was calling my father a liar, but no one else could see or hear him but me. I thanked my father for the kind words and then excused myself to use the bathroom.

Once I was upstairs Lucifer appeared in front of me. I told him to go away. This was my dream. He pretended like he was thinking about leaving, but said he had to tell me something. I knew he wasn't going to leave my dream without telling me his big news. I let out a big sigh and asked him what he had to tell me. He turned around so quickly and told me it was about my father. My father never wanted me when I was a baby. I shook my head in disbelief and told Lucifer that my father always loved and wanted me. Lucifer said that was not true and snapped his fingers.

Right after he snapped his fingers the scene changed. We were at my father's house, but it was clearly a while ago. It didn't look the same inside. I started looking around the house and realized it didn't look much like a home. There were books and newspapers all over the place. I turned the corner and finally saw my father. He was much younger, but still looked the same. He was still wearing a baseball cap and had a beard, but there were less wrinkles and gray hairs. He also seemed a bit slimmer. My father was in the kitchen cooking and whistling. He was pretty happy.

After watching my father for a while Lucifer finally started talking. He said, "Your father was a bachelor. He was out hunting everyday saving people's lives. He was a hero; but that all changed the day you came into his life."

There was a knock at the door. My father turned off the stove, wiped his hands on his pants, and then went to answer the door. It was John Winchester. He told my father that he needed his help. John moved to the side so Dean could get through. Dean was only about six or seven years old. In his arms was a baby girl. I knew that baby girl was me. My father shook his head and asked John where the baby came from. John explained what happened and how I needed someone to look after me. My father asked him who that person was going to be. It was obvious who John wanted, but my father just shook his head. He told John that he never wanted a kid. John wouldn't take no for an answer. He told my father to take care of me until he finds me a permanent home.

Lucifer snapped his fingers again and the scene changed to my nursery. It was the middle of the night and I was crying hysterically. My father walked in half asleep. He flicked on the light and angrily asked what I wanted. I could tell my father was annoyed, but what person wouldn't be. He was new to being a father. It was only natural for him to be nervous. Lucifer snapped his fingers again and we fast forwarded a few months. I had to be about nine months old.

My father and I were in the car. I was strapped to the car seat in the backseat. My father seemed really nervous. He kept muttering to himself that it had to be done. I turned towards Lucifer and asked him what he was talking about. Lucifer told me to wait to find out. My father started slowing down which meant that we were close to our destination. I looked outside, but didn't recognize anything. My father turned into a driveway and put the car in park.

He sat in the car for a good five minutes before finally getting out. He got out of the car and went straight for the front door. He didn't bother taking me out of the car. Lucifer and I followed behind him. He rang the doorbell and waited for the owners to answer the door. I could hear footsteps approaching the door. It turned out it was Ellen's house. As soon as she opened the door my father told her that everything was in the trunk and I was in the backseat. She asked my father if he was sure he wanted to go through with his decision. I couldn't believe what was going on. My father was giving me to Ellen. My father nodded and told her that it had to be done. He wasn't cut out to be a father. It had been three months and he still couldn't figure out what I wanted when I cried.

Ellen went to my father's car and took me out of the car seat. She held me in her arms and asked my father how he could give up such an adorable baby girl. My father told her that I wasn't so cute when I was crying at four in the morning. Ellen carried me into her house while my father started taking my belongings from the trunk. It took him roughly fifteen minutes to get everything out of his car. He gave me a kiss on the forehead and then drove away. Lucifer snapped his fingers and we were back where we started at my father's house.

I didn't believe what I had just seen. I asked Lucifer how I could be sure that what he showed me was the truth. He told me that he has no reason to lie to me. He hasn't lied to me once. He suggested asking Ellen if I didn't believe him. She would sort things out. What I didn't understand was how I ended up back with my father. I asked Lucifer how long I was living with Ellen. It couldn't have been that long. For all I knew my father came back the next day regretting his decision. However, Lucifer said that I was there until I was four. That couldn't be true. I would have remembered living with Ellen. Lucifer told me to ask Ellen and then I woke up.

I sat in bed processing what Lucifer had just showed me. If this is true it changes everything. It would explain why Ellen is so protective of me. She sees herself as my mother. She basically raised me. I have to find out if this is true. I already gave Ellen a call to meet up. She asked me what it was about so I just told her I needed a woman's perspective on something. We are meeting up tomorrow. I don't know how I am going to react if Lucifer showed me the truth. It changes everything about my childhood. What I would really like to know is why my father changed his mind. How did I end up back in his care? I will hopefully get those answers tomorrow.

Oct 1, 2011

I haven't gotten around to asking Ellen about raising me. When she was on her way she got a call from Jo to go off on a hunt. It was an emergency. She promised to give me a call as soon as she is through with the hunt. In the mean time I have been trying to find answers on my own.

I went over to my father's house and searched for pictures of me when I was a toddler. There were a lot of pictures of me from grade school, but I couldn't find a single picture of myself before I was at least three. While I was looking through the pictures my father came in to his office. He was curious about why I was looking through old pictures. I told him that it reminds me of when times were simple. He sat down across from me and started looking at the pictures with me. I decided to ask him if there were any pictures from when I was around Samantha's age. He got kind of nervous and shook his head. He explained that he was too busy chasing me around the house to take any pictures. When I was older it was easier to get me to sit still. I told him that was too bad because I wanted to compare the two of us. He told me to take his word for it that I looked just like Samantha when I was a baby.

I'm not sure if I believe my father's excuse for not taking pictures of me. It is not that difficult to get a picture of Samantha even when I am by myself. I find it rather interesting that he doesn't have a single picture of me during the time Lucifer said I was with Ellen. I hope Ellen gets through with her hunt soon so I can get some answers.

Oct 8, 2011

My father sprained his ankle today walking down the stairs. He was carrying a bunch of stuff down to the basement and missed a step. I told him it was a bad idea to bring so much stuff down, but he didn't believe me. I wanted to take him to the hospital to get an x-ray, but he wouldn't let me. He said he could tell it wasn't broken. He sprained it pretty badly. Luckily my dad has an entire closet full of medical gear. He grabbed a walking cast and took some painkillers. That's my dad for you.

Oct 9, 2011

Sam and Dean have found Lucifer's location. Dean got a visit from Crowley and he told him where to find Lucifer. He explained that the Colt should do the trick of stopping Lucifer. Dean didn't understand why Crowley was giving him that information. Basically Crowley knows that Lucifer will kill demons once he has full power. Crowley is a little too full of himself to die. As soon as Dean got the location he gave Sam a call. Dean drove over here as fast as he could so we could come up with a plan. My father decided to call Ellen and Jo as well because we needed as many hunters as possible since he can't join us because of his ankle. That was just convenient for me.

Ellen and Jo arrived about three hours before Dean did. We got down to business as soon as they arrived. The entire time we were discussing the plan I was distracted by Ellen. I wanted to talk to her so bad about what Lucifer told me. I kept imagining how it would be having her as a mother. She is so protective of Jo. She didn't want her to become a hunter and I can tell she still doesn't. Would she have been the same way with me? I had to talk to her. We all might die tomorrow and all I could think about was talking to Ellen.

By the time Dean arrived we had figured out our course of action. Basically we were going to go to Carthage, Missouri, find the devil, and shoot him. Sounds a lot easier than it is going to be. It is never as easy as it sounds. It is going to be one hell of a fight, pun not intended, to get to Lucifer. He will have the place guarded as if the queen were in town. Dean liked our plan and we all got down to getting our guns ready.

By ten o'clock we were all finished getting ready and decided to celebrate what could be our last night. Ellen was having a drinking contest with Castiel while Dean and Jo talked in the kitchen. Sam was in the living room with Samantha wondering whether or not we could trust Crowley. He is a demon after all. Sam is afraid that this is all a set up. Crowley made some sort of deal with Lucifer to get Sam near him. I'm not sure which to believe. Both scenarios are possible. Crowley could be telling the truth and rooting for us or he could be sabotaging us. There is only one way to find out.

I sat in the living room with Sam for about fifteen minutes before I finally got up to talk with Ellen. She was getting pretty drunk with Castiel. I didn't want her to be too drunk when I talked to her. Castiel was still pretty sober. I approached them and asked Ellen if we could talk outside. She got up pretty quickly and we made our way outside.

I sat down on the bench outside my dad's house and thought of how I was going to ask Ellen for the truth. Ellen sat down next to me and asked what was wrong. I started by telling her that I needed to know the truth about something. She waited patiently for me to continue. It took me about a minute to gather my thoughts and figure out how I wanted to ask her. I realized there was no gentle way to bring it up. I had to just get straight to the point. Ellen placed her hand on my leg and told me I could ask her anything. I took a deep breath and asked her if she raised me until I was four years old. Her face said it all to me after I asked her. She sat there in shock. She couldn't believe what I had just asked her. I didn't need to hear her response. Lucifer was telling the truth.

Ellen started tearing up and nodded her head. I was furious. Why didn't she tell me? She explained that she promised my father she would keep it a secret. When he came back for me he regretted ever giving me up. He didn't want me to know that he had given up on me for a few years. He was ashamed of himself. My father knew that if I had found out I would lose all respect for him. In a way he was right. I have lost respect for him. All this time I thought he had raised me as a single father. I thought he taught me how to read and count. It turns out it was Ellen all along.

After Ellen told me the truth I was so pissed off. I just wanted to hit something. Ellen could see the frustration in my eyes and explained that it was extremely difficult for her to give me back to Bobby. I had become her daughter. She was willing to put up a fight for me, but it seemed like my father had really changed. Something happened to him that made him rethink having a kid. Ellen wanted to continue being a part of my life, but my father told her it would just confuse me. This didn't make me feel any better about the situation. It just made me that much angrier at my father. Ellen wanted to know how I found out. I told her the truth. I had to hear it from Lucifer. She wasn't sure how to respond. Ellen got up and apologized for not telling me sooner. She pulled me in for a hug and told me that she loves me.

As we were hugging Sam stepped outside to let us know my father wanted to take one last picture of all of us. My father wanted us to meet in the living room. Ellen said we could talk more about everything later. We quickly made our way inside. My father had the camera on the tripod and was waiting for the rest of us to enter the living room. The seven of us congregated in the living room and took the picture. It could be the last picture of the seven of us. Who knows what will happen when we get to Carthage. We are leaving first thing in the morning. I really hope everything goes as planned and we put an end to Lucifer.

Oct 13, 2011

Nothing went as planned in Carthage. Everything went the opposite of smooth. I'll start from when we arrived in Carthage.

We split up into two different cars. I road with Sam and Dean while Castiel road with Jo and Ellen. When we arrived in Carthage the entire town was deserted. It was rather eerie. We each checked our phones to find out none of us had service. We knew that wasn't a good sign. Sam and Dean split up from us to go check out the police station. Castiel just stood by Ellen's car looking around the town. He mentioned that we were not alone. There were reapers all over the town. He warned us that they only gather during a great catastrophe. Castiel said he would find out what was going on and then disappeared.

After Castiel left us we decided to meet up with Sam and Dean to tell them about Castiel's warning. Sam and Dean were basically finished at the police station since there was no one there. Ellen suggested we search the streets for any civilians. When we turned the corner we ran into Meg, the demon that threatened my life. Dean immediately pulled out the Colt and threatened her with it. However, as soon as he pointed the gun at her we could hear the growls of Hellhounds. Sam stood in front of me to keep me safe. He slowly walked backwards so I had no option but to backup as well. Meg invited us to speak with Lucifer, but Dean declined her offer by shooting one of the Hellhounds.

That was when everything got chaotic. The Hellhounds went right for Dean after he fired the Colt. I wanted to help him, but Sam was being extremely forceful. He wouldn't let me passed him. Jo, however, ran after Dean to help him out, but the Hellhounds went for her as well. They started tearing her apart. Dean eventually got her out of there and we all ran into the closest shop. Sam and I salted the doors while Dean and Ellen took care of Jo.

Once we got the doors salted I just sat down in the aisle. I couldn't believe what I had just seen. Jo was torn up pretty good. There was no way she was going to live much longer. Her insides were on her outside. Sam sat down next to me. He put his arm around me and asked if I was okay. I shook my head and leaned into Sam. He kissed my forehead and tightened his grip around my shoulder. I reminded him that we weren't done yet. We still had to find Lucifer. Sam said we had to take care of one thing at a time. Our first priority was getting Jo out of here safely. I was about to say something in response, but we heard Dean trying to get in contact with my father through a radio.

Dean eventually got through and started speaking with my father about what was going on. He told Bobby about Jo's condition. Sam and I sat in the aisle listening to their conversation. My father could tell Dean was upset about Jo, but he got him to focus on the rest of the mission. Ellen came over to explain the reapers Castiel saw to my father. My father knew right away what we were dealing with. Lucifer was planning a ritual to unleash Death, the horseman. My father explained the ritual to us and figured out where it was going to take place. That was about all we needed to know from my father. Before we disconnected my father asked to speak with me. I got up and walked over to the radio. I greeted my father and asked what he wanted. He admitted that he just wanted to make sure I was okay. I told him I was fine considering everything. He told me he loved me and to come home in one piece.

After I finished my conversation with my father we started discussing how we were going to get Jo out of the store with the Hellhounds outside. Jo cut us off and explained that she couldn't move her legs and her guts were being held in by a bandage. She knew she was going to die and didn't want to slow us down or get us killed. Ellen couldn't believe what she was hearing out of her daughter's mouth. Jo continued and told us to build a bomb to slow down the Hellhounds. She would press the button and sacrifice herself. I was on her side, but I kept my mouth shut. I knew the evil looks I would get if I said Jo was right. Eventually everyone else realized it was our only option.

We all gathered the items necessary to build the bomb. Luckily we had run into a hardware store. We would've been SOL if we had entered a clothing store or bank. It took us a few hours to get all the bombs made and placed around the store. Once everything was ready Dean handed the trigger to Jo. He said his goodbyes to her and gave her a kiss on the lips. Sam said his goodbye next. He gave her a hug and she told Sam to treat me well. I wasn't sure how to say goodbye to Jo because we were never really the best of friends. I don't remember the time we spent together as kids.

Ellen kneeled down next to Jo after we had said our goodbyes. I thought she was just going to say some final words to Jo, but she wasn't getting back up. I realized she was staying behind with Jo. I couldn't believe it. I just found out that she raised me and now she is going to die. I couldn't fight the tears any more. I started pleading with her to reconsider. She pulled me down so she could give me a hug goodbye. She apologized for leaving me after everything, but it needed to be done. Sam told me we needed to go. The three of us ran down the fire escape. Right before we got to the bottom the bomb went off.

We ran to the Impala and drove to where my father said Lucifer would be. We had a few hours until the ritual would take place. None of us said a thing for the first fifteen minutes. We were all processing the death of Jo and Ellen. I couldn't believe they were dead. I just found out Ellen raised me. There was so much more I wanted to find out from her. She probably had a bunch of stories from my childhood. I have her to thank for raising me into the person I am today. My father had some influence on my upbringing, but it was mostly Ellen. I will never get to know her. I didn't realize that I had started crying until Sam moved to the backseat with me.

Sam put his arm around my shoulder and pulled me into him. Dean mentioned that he never thought I was close to Jo or Ellen. I told him that I didn't think I was either until a week ago. Sam pulled away a little bit so he could look at me. He asked me what happened a week ago. I told them both about what Lucifer showed me and what Ellen told me. Neither of them knew what to say. It made sense to them why I was upset over Ellen's death. Dean reached his hand over the seat and patted my leg. I could see the sorrow in his eyes.

After a few more minutes of grieving I took a deep breath and asked Sam and Dean what our next course of action was. Dean said that the plan was for me to stay in the car while he and Sam took care of Lucifer. Sam was on board with the plan, but I had a problem with it. I wanted to help and be part of the action. I didn't want to just sit in the car and hope everything was going okay. I immediately started disagreeing with their plans. They didn't care what I had to say. The two of them had already made up their minds. They just witnessed the death of two close friends they didn't want to add me to the list. After some thought I finally gave in and promised not to leave the car until they came back. Dean didn't trust that I would stay in the car and wanted to handcuff me, but Sam thought it was ill-advised. Last time he did that I ended up in the hospital for weeks.

Sam and Dean started getting ready for their fight against Lucifer after I promised not to join them. I sat on a tree stump, conveniently located next to the Impala, while the boys rummaged through the trunk for stuff. I was so nervous. I hated that I wasn't going to be with them. What if something went wrong? What if one of them ended up hurt? What if both of them got hurt? Once I heard the trunk slam shut I knew that meant they were about to leave. I got up and walked over to Sam. He immediately opened his arms so I could give him a hug. I gave him a quick kiss on the lips and told him to come back alive. After I finished hugging Sam I made my way to Dean. Even though we were broken up I still loved him. I gave him an equally big hug and told him the same thing. He gave me a kiss on the forehead and said they would be back in no time. He then gave me the keys to his car and told me to get inside.

I absolutely hated those hours I spent alone in the car. Time passed by so slowly. I had nothing to do to pass the time and all I could think about was Sam and Dean. I had no idea if they were making progress. As I was sitting in the car I realized that we hadn't heard from Castiel since he went to check out why the reapers were in town. It wasn't like him to just vanish and not come back without an explanation. He had to be in trouble.

While I was thinking about Castiel the ground started shaking all of a sudden. I knew that couldn't be a good sign. I was about to get out of the car to see what was going on when Castiel appeared in front of me with Sam and Dean. I started the engine and waited for them to enter the car. Dean opened the driver's side door and told me to slide over so he could drive. I didn't really put up a fight and slid over. Sam hopped into the backseat and Dean started putting Carthage into the rearview mirror.

After five minutes of driving I finally asked them what happened. I pretty much knew the answer, but I needed to hear it from them. Sam explained that the Colt didn't work and Lucifer was able to raise Death. There wasn't much else to the story. I could tell there was something else bothering Sam, but he didn't want to say anything. I didn't really know what to say when they gave me the news. It felt like Ellen and Jo died for no reason. We completely failed and two people had to die.

It took us roughly ten hours to get to my father's house. He was waiting for us in his office. I could tell that he was pretty bummed about Ellen and Jo passing. He has known both of them a long time. He trusted Ellen to take care of me for several years. Dean turned on the news so we could hear about the tragedy in Carthage. I don't know why he wanted to hear it. I think it just made matters worse. It was like a huge slap in the face. I personally didn't care to see it. I left and went to the kitchen to get some water.

Sam followed me to the kitchen and sat down at the table. He didn't really know what to say. I sat down next to him and asked what else happened with Lucifer. He wasn't sure what I was talking about, but I knew there was something Sam wasn't sharing. Lucifer said something to Sam that got under his skin. I put my hand on Sam's and told him he could tell me anything. He knew I was right and took a moment to gather his thoughts. He took a deep breath and then explained that Lucifer told him that he would say yes to Lucifer within six months in Detroit. I assured Sam that I would make sure that doesn't happen. I will make sure he stays strong. Sam didn't seem very convinced, but he thanked me and gave me a kiss. Shortly after our little discussion Sam and I made our way home with Samantha.

It was nice to be home. I just wanted to curl up under my covers with Sam and forget all about what happened. Samantha was tired and went straight to bed. Sam and I got ready for bed and curled up next to each other. It didn't take long for either of us to fall to sleep. I had some terrible dreams that night. I kept dreaming about Ellen and Jo's death and the apocalypse. I was tossing and turning for most of the night.

It has been a few days since we went to Carthage and we are still recovering. I've wanted to tell my father that I know the truth about my childhood with Ellen, but it never seems like the right time. My father is having a tough time dealing with Ellen's death. They were very close. I'm still dealing with her death as well. Eventually I will say something to my father, but for now I am going to keep quiet. He came back for me and I will find out one of these days.