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NB: Heya! This was randomly written, and may one day be extended if I feel like it…I'm gunna keep it as In Progress until I decide so if you like it, keep an eye on it…Also I don't own anything. It really sucks to know that…

No Access

"You don't understand. I'm Maerad of Pellinor. Maerad of Pellinor."

"We know who you are, miss. Our orders were not to allow anybody through these gates."

"But I - But I must - "

"We're sorry miss, but orders stand."

"Did you hear the demand the Dark Army made yesterday, or not? If you do not deliver Maerad of Pellinor to us, Til Amon will fall. Did you hear it?"

"Yes. We did. We were also told that you had decided to stay in the city."

"I changed my mind. That wasn't my choice, anyway. But - But now I'm making my own decisions…as I…should have done from the beginning. And I'm going through these gates, now let me through!"

"I'm sorry. I have told you before. We cannot let you through."

"By the Light, if you don't let me through, Til Amon will be at war with the Dark! Millions will die who didn't have to die! Doesn't that affect you at all?"

"Yes miss, it does. But we have our orders. We were told not to let Maerad of Pellinor through these gates despite what she said or what she did. We were ordered not to let you through unless forced to."

"Oh really? And who ordered that?"

"I did," said Cadvan's voice behind her.

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