NB: This is the fault of the dudes on sffworld

NB: This is the fault of the dudes on sffworld…I would never have tried weird pairings if we hadn't been discussing it…and now you must live with the weirdness!

I don't own the characters! And yes, every single pairing is wrong! (It is only M & C which is right…M&C FATE!)

Maerad and Sharma

The hall was dark, darker than night, darker than all nights melded into one. Maerad paced through it, her heart pounding in her throat, to where the dais was, upon which sat the throne of the Nameless One.

Elednor of Edil-Amarandh, a voice said mockingly in her head, sounding unexpectedly sweet and soft. So finally you come.

Maerad paused unsteadily at the edge of the dais, then pulled her shoulders back and stared with all her ferocity at the dark shape within the throne.

"I have come to rid the world of your evil, once and for all, Sharma!"


The dark shape – not quite a solid figure, not quite a ghost – rose from the throne and walked down the steps on the dais almost lazily towards Maerad.

Evil? said the sweet voice again. You think me evil?

"You – you have done evil things." Maerad's voice seemed to come out in a rattling whisper; she couldn't breathe. She could feel the presence of Sharma leaking from all edges of the hall into her soul, and it was suffocating her with…sweetness.

Yes. Sweetness. Not fear. Sweetness.

And sadness.

I am not evil, said Sharma. I am lonely and I am sad. Many do evil things because they are lonely or sad. You did. To do evil things does not mean the doer is evil themselves. There can be other forces at play than just simple evil.

He was too close to her now; she could feel that ferocity inside her melting away into something else – pity. Yes, a deep and impenetrable pity.

He was bewitching her! Just like – the – Winterking –

But she had forgotten Arkan now. She had forgotten everything, everyone. Cadvan, Hem, Saliman – all of them gone from her mind. She could only think of him, Sharma, the pitiable one in the darkness…

"I – " she heard herself gasp. "I – "

Come, Sharma said softly, so close to her now that the sweet sadness was like a perfume wafting over her, drowning her other senses and befuddling her mind. Come, Elednor of Edil-Amarandh – let me show you my sadness.

Lips – lips of darkness, insubstantial and yet perfectly solid lips – pressed onto hers, and she was instantly lost – lost – lost in that darkness…with him.

Oh, she thought foggily, I have been taken over again. I let it happen again.

And that was her last thought, before the night overwhelmed her and all that she remembered or knew faded away into forgetfulness – until only Sharma and the darkness and the sweetness was left in her mind…forever.

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