"Do you believe in a higher power, child?"

The question wasn't so much surprising, perhaps, given the nature of the person who was asking it; but since we were several millenia old (or longer!), the 'child' connotation was a bit surprising. I couldn't help but chuckle a bit. "That I'd have to abstain on answering, old friend. After all these ages, everything seems to be like an endless storybook, with the pages unfolding and new ones still being written- and I can but look at the pretty illustrations."

The other laughed, a rusty, ancient laugh that seemed to rumble in his chest like an echo through the ages. A few of the senators looked at us, then turned away. "A good analogy, my friend! Stories, yes- always, there are stories. But some stories live only in the imagination. Others, like this one... these are the truths that are the foundation of our entire race."

"Mythology, then?"

He shook his ancient head in mirth. "You have changed too much. What you now call myth we once called religion- but they are one and the same, no matter what titles we bestow upon it. It is truth- pure and simple. Any other name is irrelevant."

I sighed inwardly. "Have it your way, then- the truth. What truth is it you tell me now? And what makes it any different from any of the truths we have fought for in vain?"

The look of pity he gave me shook me to the core. Was his tale that important? What could he have brought to relieve the suffering that thousands of years had wrought upon our race? "Well, Chronolith? Will you not tell me, or will you stand there and stare at me with that damnable look on your face?!"

"Alpha Trion." He looked at me, in my anger- and laughed. Laughed, as behind him, the brilliant azure glow of the Matrix erupted around us. "I will tell you, then, and damn your soul to joy! Look to the skies, old friend! Primus has risen- the Chosen One is born!"

Rusty Nail a Transformers G1 fanfiction

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