This parody is dedicated to jade-kwl-name-eva.

Oh My Jonas!

One day Mary-Sue woke up to the sound of the radio. "Aaaaand next up we have tickets to the sold out Jonas Brothers concert right in the centre of the front row. And we're giving them away right now to the forteenth caller."

"Oh My Jonas!" Exclaimed Mary-Sue, "I could be the fourteeth caller!"

She picked up the phone and started to dail.

"Hello Mary-Sue! You are our fourteenth caller!"

"Wow!" Mary-Sue was blown away, "I wonder what the odds of that happening are? And how did you know my name?"

"The odds in the real world or the fan fiction world? And everyone knows your name Mary-Sue, you show up in all Jonas affiliated fics."

"Oh, awesome!"

That night was the Jo Bro's concert and Mary-Sue stood in line. There was a girl standing next to her.

"G'day mate. I'm Britney and I'm from Australia."

"Really? You're from Australia? Wouldn't it be amazing if we got to meet the Jo Bro's and Nick fell in love with you and Joe fell in love with me?"

"Shhhh... you're giving away the rest of the plot!" Britney told her.

"Oh sorry!" Mary-Sue blushed and looked around the crowd. "Oh My Jonas!" She exclaimed yet again to her new friend. "Is that Miley Cyrus?"

"Of course, Miley comes to all their concerts. "Especially the ones with Mary Sue's... Uh, I mean you."

"Hey Miley!" Mary-Sue called and Miley came straight over.

"Hi, are you excited for the concert?" Miley asked.

"You bet we are!" replied Mary-Sue.

"Hey, you know... I was just looking for two cool girls to come hang with me and the boys after the concert. You up for it?"

"Are we?" Exclaimed Mary-Sue unable to believe her luck.

"You bet!" Responded Britney.

"Great. And maybe we can be BFF's too." Miley smiled.

"Really? Me? BFF's with Miley?" Mary-Sue pointed to herself. "What are the odds of that happening?"

Miley rolled her eyes, "In the real world or in the fan fiction world?"

"Oh." Mary-Sue responded.

During the concert the girls got up on stage and danced with the boys while Nick dedicated the song Australia to the girl he'd never met before in the front row - Britney.

After the concert the boys pledged their undying love to the girls and the girls coudn't be happier.

"So we can travel around the world on tour with you?" They asked.

"Of course, even though we just met you and don't know you... we love you and would be honored to have our new girlfriend's on the road with us."

"Squee!" the girls squeed.

"Wait..." Mary-Sue suddenly said, "Who's going to take Kevin? He needs a girlfriend too."

They looked around.

"Don't look at me!" said Miley with her hands up. "I'm usually paired with Nick or Joe."

"Or me!" Replied Emily Osment who just popped up out of nowhere. "Haven't you ever heard of Loe?"

Then someone else popped up out of nowhere... "Hi I'm Kevin-Jonas'-Biggest-Fan and I'm a good friend of Mary-Sue. I'll take him!"

"Yay! Now all the boys have girlfriends to tour with them and make everyone else in the world jealous by writing them sweet love songs."

"Awesome!" Kevin-Jonas'-Biggest-Fan said to Mary-Sue.

Then suddenly Mary-Sue was back at her computer screen with a pout on her face. "Oh my Jonas! It was all a fan fiction!" and then she put on her CD and fantasized about the Jonas Brothers until he brain turned to mush.

The End

Disclaimer: Mary-Sue is not based on an actual person. The Jonas Brothers are owned by Disney like everything else in the world, and not me or Mary-Sue (much to her dismay).

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