Full Summary: A new group has a burning hatered for Tsukune and Friends. They come up with a plot to tear him apart! At Moka's expense...Fatherhood.

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Tsuku...ne...ahh this is killing me! You smell so...good..."

"M-Mo-Moka-san..." Tsukune sighed, then loosened his tie and pulled down his collar.

Moka's face lit up, "Really Tsukune? It's ok?"

Tsukune gulped and nodded.

"Kappuchuu!" Moka sighed.

"AHEM??" Kurumu shouted. "Moka! Don't do that! You're draining him dry!"

"N-no...no it's okay Kurumu-chan! I promise!" Tsukune stuttered.

Kurumu smiled wickedly, "Okayyy..." she said as she pressed her breasts against him casting her 'charm'.

"Gahhhhh..." Tsukune said as he stiffened up.

"Kurumu-san!! Get your oversized breasts off him!!" Yukari shouted as she waved hir magic wand...and a pot fell on Kurumu's head.

"OVERSIZED?? Is that jealousy I sense...Yukari-chan? Possibly you want your breasts a little bigger, perhaps?" Kurumu taunted her.

"No! I'm happy with my current size...they are light and don't get in the way!" Yukari retaliated.

(background arguing of Yukari and Kurumu) "Tsukune...follow me?" Moka said nudging him.

"Eh? Uhh...okay." Tsukune said as he followed Moka.

Moka stopped in her tracks. "Tsukune...?" She said as she turned around to face him.

Tsukune was confused. "Yeah?"

Moka's face was getting redder and redder. "Kiss me."

"K-Kiss??" Tsukune gasped.

Moka nodded getting even redder.

Tsukune took a deep shaky breath.

"Umm...It's okay. I'm nervous too." Moka said with a shy smile.

Tsukune smiled back and brought his lips inches from hers moving in slowly and slowly...then he froze. "It's kinda strange...usually, we're interrupted by now."

Moka giggled, "Hurry up before we are..."

Tsukune was about 3 millimeters away from her lips when...a bright pink light surrounded Moka. Bats fell from the sky and surrounded her, "Tsukune!" she said softly, "I'm sorry ahead of time if I hurt you!" Silver hair. Red eyes. Full vampire.

"How dare you..." The inner-Moka began.