Tsukune was about 3 millimeters away from her lips when

Tsukune was about 3 millimeters away from her lips when...a bright pink light surrounded Moka. Bats fell from the sky and surrounded her, "Tsukune!" she said softly, "I'm sorry ahead of time if I hurt you!" Silver hair. Red eyes. Full vampire.

"How dare you..." The inner-Moka began.

"M-Moka-san?!" Tsukune gasped. "How did you—waaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhh" he said as she kicked him.

"Know your place, Tsukune. No matter how much I want this, my pride as a vampire wont let that happen." Moka said with her back facing him.

"You want to what...?" Tsukune said, sitting up.

Moka turned around and looked at him, then walked next to him and picked up the rosary. She re-hooked her rosary and the silver hair faded back to pink.

Tsukune stood up quickly and caught Moka before she fell.

"M-Moka-san..." Tsukune whispered, as he carried her back to where everyone else was.

"Tsukune-san! Where did you go? What happened to Moka?" Kurumu asked right when she saw them.

"Eh...she fell...and passed out...I was going to bring her back to my room since I have no clue where hers is...and since I don't have a key." Tsukune sweat dropped.

"Aww Moka is so lucky...she gets to go into Tsukune's room! How come I haven't been there yet?!" Kurumu shouted.

"Ehhh...next time I have nothing to do, I'll invite you over?" Tsukune asked.

"YAY!" Kurumu said as she jumped on him from behind.

"Wahh" Tsukune said as he nearly dropped Moka. Tsukune sighed. "I'll be off now then..." He said as he was turning around.

"Bye Tsukune." Mizore said as she appeared in front of him.

Tsukune jumped back but recovered from the shock. "Bye..."