The band's music was heavy and deep, the thick baseline and droning voice of the lead singer sounded so good to Bella's ears as she held Ava from behind, the other girl's hips and body swaying and grinding against hers in a way that shouldn't be displayed in public. Bella's hands were roaming and holding Ava while Ava's arm was holding onto the back of Bella's hair.

Bella couldn't help but be reminded of the first time she'd fucked her and couldn't help but think Ava was thinking the same thing as she threw her head back onto Bella's shoulder. The dark haired girl bit her lip in an effort to not moan just at the memory of that night and made a mental note to make sure she took Ava the same way tonight.

She didn't know how long they'd been dancing for, if it could even class as dancing anymore. She'd blocked out the rest of the guests long ago despite how much she was revelling in the fact that everyone had been watching them and knew how ridiculously hot this display must be to watch.

She didn't know how much longer she could go without fucking Ava right her on the dance floor. It was so hot; so very, very hot. She was just about to tell Ava they had to go when the other girl spun to look at her. Bella's breath hitched at the look Ava was giving her. It wasn't lust, it was need. Pure demanding want. The now familiar burning sensation that Bella related to being aroused by Ava had filled the pit of her stomach and she grinned.

Ava recognized the look. It was a smile of smug satisfaction, desire and promises of evil and pleasurable things to come. She was relieved when Bella grabbed her roughly by the wrist and dragged her out of the party and headed straight to her dungeon chambers. She couldn't remember ever wanting Bella as bad as she did right now.

They'd barely made it through the portrait to the bedroom when Ava felt herself slammed against the wall, the wind knocked out her and Bella's mouth claiming hers in the most bruising, painfully good kiss they'd ever shared. Bella knew she was kissing the other girl, one of those things she always tried so hard not to do, but as the taste of blood filled her mouth it just fuelled her hunger even more.

They kept kissing, harder and harder. Ava was starting to feel light headed from the lack of oxygen but it still wasn't enough and she feared it never would be. Bella had never kissed her like this before and if she was capable of thinking straight, Ava surely would have pondered on this fact further but the other girl's hand had just found her throat and she moaned deeply as the hand squeezed harder. She was getting close and Bella hadn't even really started yet.

"For fucks sake!"

The room went silent. The two girls stopped their assault on each other. Ava saw a fleeting look of worry pass through Bella's eyes as the darker girl turned to look into her room. Standing near the fire was Narcissa, fuming as much as Ava had with Lucius earlier.

If Bella really was worried she didn't show it to her sister. "Cissy," she said calmly, but all three girls in the room could hear the ice underlying her tone. "To what do I owe this pleasure?"

Narcissa's lip curled as she glared at her sister, completely ignoring Ava who was still pinned to the wall not only by Bella's body, but the hand still holding her throat. "You know very well why I'm here."

Bella kept her demeanour uncaring. "How many times do I have to tell you, this is not up for discussion. How did you even get in here? I never told you the password."

"How could I not figure it out?" Narcissa said coldly. "You used her name after all."

Ava was wondering if she was the one Narcissa was referring to when she was suddenly deprived of all oxygen as Bella's grip on her throat tightened. The dark haired girl's eyes went stony and she stopped breathing. "How did you…"

"Oh come on!" Narcissa cried dramatically. "You think I don't remember what went on with you two? You think I don't remember what she meant to you?"

Bella's breathing got deeper. She didn't know what to say. Narcissa knew. She knew and she was using it against her.

"You think I don't remember how much it hurt you?" Her voice dropped lower but by no means did it lose any of its coldness. "You think I don't remember how much you cried?"

Bella's grip tightened again as she let out a strangled cry of anger and frustration. There was something else in there too but Ava couldn't put her finger on it. Hurt? Humiliation? This was all confusing her so much, she had no idea what the two sisters were on about and she was pretty sure she was going to pass out if Bella didn't release her very soon.

"Do let your whore go before you kill her," Narcissa spat as she turned and began to leave via the portrait that lead to the Slytherin common room. "Not that I'd care if she dropped dead."

Bella finally released Ava but not because she was told to but because she went to chase after her sister. "Don't you walk away from me!" She screamed at Narcissa's back.

Narcissa stopped and turned to look Bella in the eye. "Why not? Huh? You're walking away from us. I owe you nothing." Then she disappeared into the darkness of the corridor.

"Cissy! You get your ass back here NOW!" Bella shouted as she chased after her sister. "Don't you go anywhere," she said to Ava before following Narcissa into the darkness.

Ava, who was now slumped on the floor trying to return her breathing to normal just nodded in reply a she watched Bella leave. Her mind was reeling. What was Narcissa on about? It sounded like someone had meant a lot to Bella and had left her. Had Bella's heart been broken? Ava almost laughed at the idea of Bella being in love. Though, it would explain why she was so emotionally closed off.

One thing was clear though. Whoever this mystery girl was and whatever had happened in the past had caused Bella to react in a way that Ava had never seen before. Was it fear? Whatever it was, it shook Bella up something bad and Ava could only imagine what was going on between her and her sister in the common room at this moment…

The Slytherin common room fell silent when Narcissa entered. Rabastan looked over at her from where he was studying and didn't quite know how to react to what he saw. She was flustered, crying and looked to be somewhere between anger and fear. He got up and went to her immediately.

"Narcissa, what's wrong?" He asked, searching her eyes for an answer.

She looked at him, eyes pleading for help. He didn't quite understand what was going on until he noticed that she hadn't come from the main entrance, but the portrait leading to Bella's private room. His face fell as it dawned on him what was wrong and as he heard Bella's outraged cries for her sister coming out the corridor his eyes mirrored the fear found in the girl in front of him.

"What have you done?" He whispered, as Narcissa clung to his robes. He shook his head at her. "I don't think I can help you now."

At that moment Bella burst through the open doorway. "OUT!" She screamed. "Everybody get out. Now." She added in a soft yet no less menacing voice. The younger students bolted from the room, pleased to be excused from what ever explosion was brewing. The older students lingered a little longer, and it wasn't until Bella stunned Snape that they all left. Lucius shot her a death glare as he carried Snape out over his shoulder.

"That goes for you too, Rabastan." Her breathing was heavy and there was fire in her eyes. Rabastan didn't need to be told twice. He gave Narcissa one last sympathetic look as he pried her hands off his robe before collecting his things and leaving with all the others.

The longest silence passed. Narcissa fumed and cowered while Bella just fumed.

"Are you going to say something?" Narcissa asked, finally growing tired of the silence. "I know you didn't just come here to make a scene."

"You tell me, sister. You seem to be the one who has all the things to say," Bella spat back. "You're the one that knows everything, aren't you? You know exactly what's going on in my life, you know how I feel. You know about Her."

"I don't want to talk about her, there are more pressing matters then the past."

"Then why the fuck did you bring her up in the first place?" Bella shouted exasperated. Narcissa cringed and for the first time regretted ever mentioning that she knew. "You want to hurt me, Cissy? Is that it? You don't think she hurt me enough? You have no right to talk to me about her. How dare you even mention her in my presence."

"She hurt me too! Maybe not in the same way she did to you," she added quickly after she noticed the look on Bella's face. "You're not the only person in the world who suffers, Bella."

Bella had nothing to say, so just sat there sneering at her little sister. How dare she compare herself to what they had.

Narcissa exhaled deeply. "It's not always about you. You and you're stupid mud blood."

"So we're going back to this now are we?"

"Yes! You gave her our crest. Our family crest!"

Bella rolled her eyes. "Oh come off it, Narcissa. Don't stand here and preach to me about family pride. You have no idea what is expected of me. I only put it on her so people would know that she belongs to me."

"She belongs to you? Do you even hear yourself speak? She doesn't belong to you. She doesn't deserve to belong to you. She's a mud blood. A commoner. She isn't worthy."

"And who is then? Huh, who would you say is worthy for the ever wholly Black blood line?" Bella said in an almost believably cal voice. "You? Her? You're all the fucking same. You all leave."

"But she's a mud blood." Narcissa couldn't understand why there words weren't enough to get through to her sister.

"You don't know that!" Bella stated.

Narcissa scoffed. "Why, cause she won't tell you? Thinks she's above having a blood status? Thinks it doesn't matter? Open your eyes, Bella. She doesn't say because she knows you won't touch her anymore if you knew the truth."

"Maybe she's right about it not mattering," Bella said softly. So softly that Narcissa could have easily pretended she didn't here it.

"What the fuck, Bella? No seriously. What the hell has happened to you?"

"I'm taking care of myself! I'm sick of having to defend myself to you. No one else gives a shit about me so why can't I do what I want? "

Narcissa just shook her head. "You had so much, Bella. You had this thing won, you could have had anything you wanted and this is what you chose. You're betraying the family."

"I'm fighting for the family! I'm still winning. I'm still on top. I've lost everything to get to where I am, but I thought I still had you."

"Bella…" Narcissa was caught off guard. The crestfallen look in her sister's eyes surprised and upset her. "I'm still here, Bella. You still have me," she hesitated briefly. "But the mud blood has got to go."

Dark eyes met blue if Bella was still capable of crying, Narcissa was sure she would have done so now. "Say it, Cissy, tell me you won't leave me." It was a plea. A side to Bella that Narcissa had only seen a few times in their childhood. Deep down beneath the cold exterior, Bella was just as insecure and lonely as everyone else. The idea of it disturbed and saddened the younger girl.

Bella moved closer and put her hand to her sister's face. "Tell me you'll be mine and only mine forever."

Narcissa wanted nothing but to reassure her sister. Make everything okay again. But she couldn't, there was still something that Bella was not aware of. Taking the prolapsed silence as harsh rejection, Bella's eyes hardened and she forced her trademark sneer back onto her face.

"I don't need you anyway," she spat out as she turned and headed towards the portrait.

"They've announced my wedding."

Bella stopped moving, her hand resting on the portrait leading to her room. This was unexpected. There she stood, trying to collect her thoughts and steady her breathing. "Who's the lucky man?" Her own voice surprised her.

Narcissa stalled before answering. The answer would cut Bella and cut her deep, though she was sure that her hesitance was all the answer Bella needed. "Lucius…"

Bella's body went numb with feelings she didn't understand. Without looking at her sister she left. Mind blank, she didn't even remember how she made it back to her room. She felt separated from her body. She felt as though she was watching herself from a distance. She watched as she fucked Ava without saying a word. She watched as she kicked Ava out of her room. Watched as she turned on the shower and grabbed the knife that had always been her friend in times like these. She saw the water turn red as it ran over the fresh wounds on her thighs. She watched, but she didn't feel. She didn't feel anything. Not anymore.