Summery: Sonic and his buddies find themselves in the land of Japan after a freak accident. The Chaos Emerald get lost and now they have to find them before Eggman does. They soon find out that Japan is being guarded by nine powerful and mysterious young women called Sailor Scouts. Thinking that the Chaos Emeralds may have something to do with their old enemy, Sailor Galaxia, they try to clam the Emeralds first. But as the two teams go out rounds, who's gonna stop Eggman?

DISCLAIMER&NOTES: Sailor Moon, its characters, locations, and any other plot devices were created by Naoko Takeuchi and are copyright of Toei Animation. Sonic the Hedgehog, its characters, locations, and any other plot devices are generally credited to Yuji Naka and are copyright of the Sega Corporation. I would also like to thank MasterMillerLITE for helping me with this fic.

The will be my own version of the cancelled game Sonic Xtream or Sonic Adventure Zero. This story will be mostly different from all the others I've written. Sonic is 14, Tails is 7, Knuckles is 15, Amy is 11, the Inner Scouts are 16, Amara and Michelle are 18, Darien and Trista are 19 and Hotaru is 13. Because this takes place before Sonic Adventure 2, Sonic does not have full control over his Chaos Powers just yet. There are also a few changes.

Stage 1: Chaos Control Freaks

"Communicator Watches?"


"Shovel Claw?"


"Nicole, Remote launcher, Game Boy Color?"

"Check, check and check."

"Okay, let's go!"

The situation was this: after the Perfect Chaos Outbreak, Dr. Ovi "Eggman" Robotnik was up to his dirty tricks again. He stole the Master Emerald and along with it, the Chaos Emeralds. Sonic the Hedgehog, Miles "Tails" Prower, Knuckles the Echidna and Amy Rose infiltrated Eggman's latest Egg Carrier to get back the great Emeralds before it was too late.

As the Freedom Fighters made their way thru the flying fortress, Sonic notices two E-100 robots guarding a door. As quick as a wink, Sonic gave out a double dose of Homing Spin and destroyed the two robots. That was when two other E-45 robots and came in to fire at, Sonic who evade them with ease.

"Hang in there, Sonic!" Tails shouted as he fired missiles from his Cyclone walker and blasted the robots into smithereens.

"Thanks, little bro!" Sonic gave the thumbs up, "Let's keep going!"

They ran down a corridor that curved to the left and came out into a chasm. Across a short gap was the beginning of a catwalk. They managed to hover across the gap and walked around the winding catwalk, only to be greeted by more E-100s. They manage to evade all of the attacks and blast most of the robots.

As they got to the chamber of Eggman's quarters, Sonic and Knuckles suddenly stopped, "Sonic…" Knuckles alerted his friendly rival.

Sonic nodded with a smirk, "Yeah, I sense it too. The Emeralds are close by and so is Egg-In-The-Face."

Here's the explanation: Sonic and Knuckles have the ability to sense the presence of the Chaos and Master Emeralds. However, Knuckles was more intone with the Master Emerald than Sonic. Knuckles has this ability due to the fact that it runs thru his tribe, the reason why Sonic has this power is unknown.

In a split second, Sonic did a drop kick on the door and dropped in followed by his friends, "Shows over, Eggman!" he pointed at the mad scientist.

"Well, well, well! If it isn't Sonic and friends," Eggman sneered, "I congratulate you on making it all the way up here, but you are all too late!"

"It's never too late for us!" Amy challenged.

"Oh really?" Eggman countered as he activated a device that held the Emeralds.

"Gahh!" Knuckles shirked as he knelt down in pain, "He's harnessing the Master Emerald with the other Emeralds again! I can feel it! I can feel its pain!"

"Not while I'm around!" Sonic shouted as jumped up and did a rocket kick on the controls. This caused a chain reaction and the Emeralds begin to flash brightly. The entire room shock uncontrollably and caused everyone to fall over.

"Uh oh…" Sonic uttered as everyone was soon blinded by light.