Sexy Soul Society Servant

FINALLY! The sequel! Took me more than a goddamn year!

This is the sequel of 'Of evil dresses, Christmas trees and peeking guys'. If you haven't read it, don't worry, cause it won't really matter. You can still easily read this without having read the former story. But it could be more enjoyable if you have read it first, so maybe you should just read it. ;3 (Hint hint, maybe review for that one as well xP)

This story is set some months after the Christmas 'incident'. And in this one, Renji's gonna be a whole lot more, well… cheekier/kinkier and a whole lot more perverted. Blame the hormones. And he's gone totally obsessed with the Ichigo dress-thing, poor guy…

Disclaimer: I do not own Bleach, emo-me T-T

Warning: Groping, potty mouths, lapdances, bit OOC, dirty thoughts, YAOI, Renji/Ichigoness, a bit of roleplaying (master-pet) and of course; again a lot of embarrassing moments for Ichi-chan!

This sequel has a WHOLE LOT MORE SMUT! Woot! x3


Renji just couldn't forget the images of those long slender legs, under that cute mini-mini-mini-skirt. That nice lean frame and god! The butt; couldn't forget the butt. How could he forget the nights where he had woken up sweaty, his little John erect, screaming for attention after having dreamed of… Well, just a really nicely shaped ass.

He never would have thought he could get that excited over his friend, Ichigo. But after that day in the mall with Ichigo in that cute female-outfit, he couldn't help but begin to fantasise over him when he got back to Soul Society.

When he met Ichigo again some weeks after the incident, Ichigo had made sure that Renji wouldn't spill it out back in Soul Society. It would ruin his reputation as the brave and strong hero who had beaten two captains, a vice-captain, a third ranked captain and well fuck, a whole lot more. Telling somebody was beginning to sound more and more appealing cause it would be way amusing to see the shocked faces of his friends.

But Renji wasn't that dumb that he would risk his balls' sake. Ichigo would totally slaughter them… Maybe he should risk it after all. Who would pass down such an offer!?

Anyway; all these emotions, lust being at the top, had made Renji throw a party with his friends and of course Ichigo would be invited. Tomorrow, he couldn't wait. He had also made up his own evil little master plan that would satisfy his desires. Well, he hoped it would. And he had made sure it would work, Rukia had helped him getting some blackmail. She was going to use the pictures of Ichigo in the elf-costume, but that would only work for getting Ichigo to the party, he only had to find some more blackmail to get Ichi… well you'll see.

So probably right now, Ichigo, Rukia and their friends, meaning Inoue, Sado and the Quincy-kid, would get a message on their cellphones, inviting them to come to Renji's oh so great no-reason party. He didn't really care how they would get into Soul Society, as long as they would come, as long as Ichigo would come. The rest was just good for more embarrassment and constant reminders of the living world when Renji wouldn't be able to.

He lazily lay on his bed, an empty bottle of sake in one hand, staring at the picture that would make his little plan work.

"Tomorrow you're gonna be mine, Ichi."


Ichigo was pissed off. He had been forced to go along to Renji's place by Rukia with her stupid blackmail. He didn't really mind the redhead, but a lazy night, lying on his bed, reading a book sounded so much more appealing than partying all night long, he didn't even party, he never went out... Besides, he couldn't help but get a bad feeling when he thought about this party.

So now he was being dragged along on top of Sado's shoulder, running through the Senkai gate as that stupid thing, the Capturing Thrust chased after them again with it's frightening speed. Just their luck, that thing was activated again when it only activates once every seven days.

Anyway, the reason he was now being dragged along on Sado's shoulder was obviously not the tall man's fault. Normally Sado would choose his side, but Rukia could be really scary… really really scary. Nope, he didn't blame him at all.

They were nearing the end of the tunnel in a rapid pace, running hysterically in front of the capturing thrust. Thank god that their speed had increased or they would have to risk Inoue's life again with those Lilly-thingies, he always forgot their names, typical...

They dove the final end through the portal, just in time before they would be flattened. Five bright flashes shot down out of the sky in Soul Society, crashing down in Rukongai. Almost the exact same spot as they had crashed in before and their landing poses were just as artistic as the last time…

Growling in annoyance, Ichigo stood up and dusted his hakama pants off. He scanned the place; it hadn't changed a bit. He directed his eyes to his friends and saw they as well were standing now.

"So…" Ichigo started, "And how do we get in Seireitei, if you don't mind, I rather not go the way I did before with the creepy firework-ball-thingy." Ichigo shuddered at the thought.

"Baka, we just use the gate," Rukia said while punching Ichigo in the stomach, continuing to walk to Seireitei's entrance.

"Bitch" Ichigo growled while holding his poor little stomach. That party better be worth it or Renji would regret it, dearly.


Everything was ready and guests were already piling into Renji's apartment, already sipping on the booze. Renji snickered in mischief. And soon his berry would come as well and he could start with his evil plan. He had already found the perfect outfit for his little Ichi-chan.

He held the frilly clothes in his hands and dipped his nose in it to sniff the delicious scent of strawberries. He had made sure to spurt a whole bottle of strawberry perfume on the frilly dress and oh god it smelled delicious to him. He could already imagine himself on top of Ichi who wore of course the frilly strawberry-scented dress. And he, Renji, would sniff Ichi's whole slim, strawberry-scented body. Renji sighed in pleasure.

A slap on his shoulder pushed him out of his little, perverted, strawberry dream. Growling, Renji turned around to look over his shoulder at the shining and grinning Q-ball.

"What do you want." Renji grunted as he hid the frilly clothes behind his back.

Ikkaku's grin widened, "Oh nothing, just wonderin' what you were plannin' to do with that dress that you are hiding behind yer back, didn't know you were in those kinds of things Renji." Ikkaku took a mouthful of the sake he had in his hand while handing another glass with sake to Renji.

"Shut up, it's not for me," a small grin replaced the scowl on Renji's face, "it's for Ichigo."

"Oh really now…" Ikkaku's grin widened even more if that was possible. "One question though. How are you plannin' to get Ichigo in that dress? If I'm right, Ichigo is a guy with quite a lot of pride."

"Oh… that won't be the problem," Renji smirked as he grabbed the picture of Ichigo in the female elf dress he had secretly taken when Ichigo wasn't paying attention. The picture showed how Ichigo bent forward and probably was going to pick up some kid to place him on Santa's lap or something like that. The good part was that Ichigo's back faced the camera so that Ichigo's butt with the strawberry panties came in full view together with the nice slender legs under it. Renji drooled over the picture again before shoving it into Ikkaku's hand.

Ikkaku whistled his appreciation, "Not bad! Not bad at all." He grinned as he took a closer look at the picture, "He's got nice legs and a nicely shaped butt as well, nice catch Renji!"

"Well, he isn't mine yet, but hopefully he will be today." Renji said with an evil glint in his eyes as he grabbed the picture out of Ikkaku's hands and shoved it back into his pocket.

"What kind of mischief are you two planning?" Yumichika's head suddenly popped between the two men. "Is it something I might find interesting?"

Ikkaku and Renji smirked at the other male. "I think you would find this wonderful Yumichika." Ikkaku answered while Renji shoved the picture into Yumichika's hand and showed the frilly dress in his hands.

"Indeed, this is better than I had expected." Yumichika's eyes squinted evilly together. "If I'm right you two are planning to get Ichigo-san in that dress, yes?"

Renji and Ikkaku eagerly nodded in response.

"Then I'm all in, cause those legs are a lust to the eye, not as beautiful as mine though." Yumichika said proudly as he tossed his hair to the side and let out a short laugh.

Renji and Ikkaku sweatdropped at the oh so arrogant and vain man in front of them. Renji quickly took a mouthful of his sake.

"Anyway… Yumichika," Ikkaku said annoyed as Yumichika continued to talk about how pretty he was, "You also have to help Renji to get into Ichigo's pants."

Sake spurted out of Renji's mouth, "Don't say it like that! It makes me sound like a pervert."

Yumichika and Ikkaku shot Renji a dry stare. "Says the one who always carries a picture with him with a boy wearing woman's clothing." Ikkaku stated while raising one eyebrow.

"Okay I get it… I am a pervert." Renji growled while sipping on his drink with a scowl on his face.

At that moment, Ichigo and his friends stepped inside Renji's apartment, looking around bewildered at the mess that was already caused while the party wasn't even going for an hour.

"Ey Renji, look who's there." Ikkaku grinned as he grabbed Renji's cheeks between his fingers and directed the man's gaze at Ichigo. Renji immediately started drooling. "So tell me Renji, how did you plan to get Ichigo in that dress? Me and Yumi are eager to know."

Renji scratched the back of his head and took a sip from his sake. "Persuasive him with my sexiness of course. He'll beg me to give him that dress."

Yumichika and Ikkaku raised their eyebrows and burst out in laughter.

"I think you have to come up with something better than that!" Ikkaku wailed in laughter as he dropped onto the floor, sake he was drinking before spurted out of his nose.

Yumichika calmed down again and leaned on Renji, his hand resting on top of Renji's shoulder. "Renji Renji Renji… You got it all wrong." He said while grabbing the sake out of Renji's hand and taking a sip. "Your so called 'sexiness' won't help you in this situation, what you need is some serious blackmail. And then I mean something worse than Ichigo wearing a dress. Or you could just threaten him that you're going to kill his family if he doesn't do it."

"Wahh!!" Renji choked as he gave Yumichika an incredulous look.

"What? I'm just suggesting some things, it's not my fault you can't come up with anything better than your sexiness." Yumichika said offended as he grabbed the still laughing Ikkaku ,who was rolling around in his own drool and sake, by the collar and pushed him back on his own two legs.

"Ikkaku help this idiot with some blackmail to get Ichigo in that dress, I'll try to distract Ichigo and those friends of his." Yumichika huffed and walked off.

Renji glared at Ikkaku, his arms crossed.

"What? It ain't my fault you can be so stupid. It must be because of yer sexiness, ehh?" Ikkaku wanted to start a new round of laughter, but was quickly stopped when a fist rammed him in the face.

"Shut up Ikkaku," Renji growled, "just help me think of some good blackmail."

Ikkaku scratched his bald head, "we could always threaten Ichigo that we're gonna rape him if he doesn't put the dress on?" He asked dumbly.

Renji wanted to pull out his hair, even the hair downstairs… you know where.

"You guys are fucking unbelievable. Can't you come up with something that won't mentally damage Ichigo or something that won't cause Ichigo hating me forever!?" Renji groaned as he gave Ikkaku a dull stare.

"Guess not." Ikkaku grinned while slapping Renji on the back. "You're on your own then buddy!" Ikkaku laughed out loud. "You'll have to do it with your dirty fantasy tapes in your mind."

"Tapes…" Renji said slowly. "You're right Ikkaku, you're a fucking genius! I still have a tape with a sleeping Ichi jerking off in bed while moaning Santa's name!" (1)

Ikkaku's laughing stopped almost immediately as he stared incredulously at Renji. "What the fuck," Ikkaku choked, his face going red, "Ya gotta be kidding me!" He finally burst out in laughter again.

"I think you've already drank too much…" Renji stated dryly.

"Oh shut up you fucker, you're just sad he didn't moan your name in his sleep!"

Before Renji could shot a snappy remark back at Ikkaku, he was interrupted by someone calling his name and that someone was his sweet little strawberry princess.

"Hey Renji!" Ichigo came running to him through the busy crowd. "How've you been? It's been a while!"

Renji went soft when he heard Ichigo calling his name; he immediately started to imagine Ichigo moaning his name while they were busy making sweet love. His own cock buried deep inside that godly ass.

"Hey Renji… you okay?" Ichigo said and raised one eyebrow while staring up at the other who had a sappy look on his face.

"Yeah Renji, are you okay?" Ikkaku snickered.

"Ahh great of course!!" Renji laughed nervously as he noticed Ichigo standing before him again, the boy had one eyebrow raised in confusion.. He quickly hid the dress behind his back again. He noticed Ichigo wore his normal shinigami-outfit again, but as always he looked very, very… pretty. Pretty just sounded right when he thought of Ichigo, however pretty may be a bit girlish for other people. It sounded perfect in Renji's thoughts and well Ichigo wasn't as manly as most people thought him to be. Renji snickered.

"You know what!" Ikkaku suddenly piped in between them, "I'll leave you two alone." He grinned suggestively into Ichigo's direction, which made Renji note to kill Ikkaku later.

"What's with him?" Ichigo frowned and directed his brown eyes back at Renji. "And what's with you? You're acting strange. You haven't told anybody about… you know what…Right!?"

"No no no no no no no! I wouldn't do such a thing, I haven't told anyone!" Renji quickly responded while raising his hands in defence. I've only shown them. He snickered in his thoughts.

"Well, you better not do that or you know what will happen to your balls!" Ichigo growled while crossing his arms.

Oh god please don't tempt me. Renji thought as some mental images began to play in front of his eyes. Ichigo playing with his balls, his little Ichi licking his balls, arghh stop it stupid perverted thoughts. Renji slapped himself hard in the face.

Ichigo gave Renji a questioning look. "Are you sure that you're okay, because normally people don't slap themselves in the face…" He stated dryly.

"I'm perfectly fine." Renji laughed stupidly. "You know Ichigo, I found something… that you might just like to see, it's in my bedroom! Follow me, I'll show it to you."

"Uhhr sure Renji… you sure you're alright?"

"Fine fine, just follow me." Renji said as he swiftly grabbed Ichigo's hand in his, secretly marvelling at the soft skin from Ichigo's hand. He dragged Ichigo into his bedroom and grabbed a videotape that he had hidden under his mattress, oh yes Renji was very unoriginal when it came to hiding things.

"What's that?" Ichigo groaned, he really didn't feel like watching a movie right now.

"Just wait a sec." Renji said as he pushed Ichigo on his bed, quickly putting the videotape in his video recorder and pushing it on play. (2)

Ichigo looked in great horror at the tv as he saw himself on the screen. He was sleeping and he saw his hand going up and down over his little man under the sheets. He wanted to yell at Renji that he was a fucking perverted fucktard, but Renji quickly silenced him with his finger while saying, "There comes more."

Ichigo glared at the redhead, but when he heard soft moaning coming from the TV, he quickly jumped up trying to press on the stop button.

Renji was just as fast and swiftly snaked his arms around Ichigo's waist. "Oh no no no, you gotta see the end of this." He grinned while whispering it into Ichigo's ear.

Right after Renji had said that, Ichigo heard himself moaning Santa's name on the TV-screen. Horrified he tried to get the videotape out of the recorder so he could rip the stupid thing into thousands of pieces, but Renji held him well.

"Now now Ichigo, keep yourself in control would you. And if you're thinking that's the only tape then you're wrong. I've got at least twenty other copies hidden hear in Soul Society." Renji smirked as he let Ichigo go.

"You fucking ugly, arrogant, stinky, perverted, stupid, dumb BASTARD." Ichigo growled, but eventually let out a sigh. "What is it that you want, this is obviously blackmail…"

"You're right! This is blackmail and just to be secure I have you completely convinced I have some more blackmail." Renji grabbed the picture out of his pocket with the elfish Ichigo on it and showed it to the other.

Ichigo growled, but stared heatedly back into Renji's amused eyes. "Okay then Renji… If I do something that you want then you promise me you'll destroy all those twenty copies and all the pictures."

Renji held up his hand, "I promise." He lowered it again and made a grab for the dark blue frilly dress behind him. "Now what I want from you is, is that you're gonna entertain my guests with this." He held up a dark blue maids dress with lots of white frills and a cute white apron. The dress itself wasn't long and would surely promise a huge amount of leg for the whole world to see. With it there were long white stockings, also with frills, that you could attach to the small white panties that belonged to the whole outfit. There were gorgeous black polished little shoes. And there was also the maid headband, decorated with frills as well.

"You must be joking… right?" Ichigo said slowly, his eyes travelling over the horrifyingly cute dress.

"Sorry Ichi, but no, I'm not joking." Renji smirked as he tossed the offending cloth at Ichigo. "And since you have quite a lot of experience with woman's clothing than most man do, you should be quite capable of putting all this on by yourself." Renji rummaged in a drawer next to his bed and grabbed some make-up he had bought early today. He tossed it as well in to Ichigo's direction.

"Oh and another thing," Renji said as he began to walk to the door that lead to the party. "I expect you to be polite to all of my guests, treat them like kings and queens. You'll do whatever they ask you, except sexual things… you have me for that." Renji's grin grew as he opened the door. "I'll give you twenty minutes to get ready, I'll see you in a bit!" At that Renji left the room, closing it behind him.

"Sexual things!? You have me for that!?? …Fucking bastard." Ichigo growled as he glared heatedly at the clothes in his hands. And this was all the fault of fucking Santa, he didn't even remember having a dream with that unpalatable, disgusting old geezer. Ichigo sighed and disdainfully began stripping himself of his shinigami uniform. He slipped the haori off his shoulders and let it drop to the floor. After that he undid the white sash around his waist and removed it as well, the black hakama pants following soon after that, leaving him bare and uneasy in the empty room.(3) He looked around and saw the white panties. Grumbling, he slid the soft material on. He then grabbed the dark blue dress. It wasn't an ugly dress. Actually it was quite pretty and it seemed like it had cost quite a lot of money, but it still didn't mean he liked the thing, for god's sake he was a BOY.

He slipped the soft delicate dress over his head and reached for the zipper on his back to close it. After that he grabbed the white frilled apron on the bed and tied it around his waist. He stood up and noticed with disdain how uncomfortably short the dress really was; if it weren't for the frills it would have barely covered his ass. Sitting down on the bed, Ichigo grabbed the white stockings and slipped them on his long legs, trying to get them stuck on his panties so they wouldn't slip off. After that he reached for the elegant little shoes and slipped them on his feet, surprised that they fitted perfectly. That made him think, wasn't it all a bit suspicious that everything fitted perfectly; the dress, the stockings, these little shoes, the PANTIES!? Ichigo growled, not liking the idea of Renji knowing all his sizes. It made him wonder how long Renji had planned this. The sick bastard…

Ichigo stood up again and grabbed the maid headband, but first ruffled his hair a bit to put it just the way he wanted it. After he thought his hair looked good enough he slipped the headband on top of his head. He glanced around the room thinking he was ready but noticed the make-up lying on top of a drawer. He remembered again, he had put it there after Renji had tossed it into his hands. Ichigo grunted and looked into the little make-up box. Eventually he decided to not overdo it and only gave his eyelashes some more volume with the black mascara and put some lip-gloss on his lips.

"Fucking stupid girls, why make all the effort…" Ichigo grumbled as he gave himself a once-over in the mirror. "Fucking annoying…"

Ichigo took a deep breath, while stepping forward to the door, the way that lead him to his future-Hell. Before his hand could grab the doorknob, Ichigo felt himself standing on top of something. He peered down and saw a black collar with frills; a small note was attached to it. He picked it up and read the note.

Wear this so you won't forget who's your master, my sexy servant.


PS: I expect you to address me with Master Renji and the guests with –sama. Enjoy the party!

Ichigo was going to make sure Renji would pay for this. He was going to pay for this dearly.

Unbeknown to him, Renji had hidden a camera in his bedroom.


the moaning Santa's name idea from Sephy-chan's story: Christmas Wishes, it's great you should read it! x3 (and review ;3)

, Renji is quite old-fashioned with his videotape/recorder, let's just say Soul Society can't keep track with our world and they've never heard of DVD before.