Declaring War

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Tommy woke up with a grin on his face. Rolling over onto the other side of the bed he discovered that Kim had once again snuck past him to go to work. He found he couldn't really be bothered by the thought though after what had happened the night before. Last night, and part of this morning really, had been one of the best nights of his life. He couldn't believe how everything had worked out. He had had everything planned out for last night and he hadn't needed any of it.

He had been almost sure that Kim was going to protest a little longer, but last night after she had got home from work she had made it perfectly clear where they stood, the only thing better had been when they talked-

His thoughts faltered for a moment, his grin sliding off his face to be replaced with a frown as he re-thought about the night before.

It took him a moment but he finally figured it out. Every time he had started to say something her eyes had narrowed at him and she jumped him, and by the time they had finally gotten around to eating they had been so out of breath it took everything to eat, talking had been way to much.

"Holy crap, she got me." He said out loud, amazed. "She freaking tricked me."

He shook his head, thinking about what this meant. Kim was still playing the game, still resisting his advances, and had simply come up with a new way of attack that she thought he wouldn't recognize until too late, she had been right but she probably still thought he hadn't figured it out yet. Which meant if he could somehow twist this, it could turn out to be good for him.

He just had to figure out how.

Sitting up he threw the covers back and stood up, walking to the shower. He had a lot to think about and very little time to plan and start setting up before she would be back from work. It was already noon and he had been sleeping so he was going to have to work fast.

He need a new plan of attack, something she wouldn't be expecting. Something that would tip the scales and end this game. Playing this cat and mouse was fun, but he'd rather have an answer than be left wondering.

Turning the shower on and waiting until it was the perfect temperature something started to form in his mind and he smirked as he stepped into the shower. He had the beginnings of a plan, and it wouldn't take long to set up.

"Everything is going to turn out okay." He said out loud, laughing a little.

And if that laugh was slightly familiar to the days when he had worn green, well, no one was around to hear it.

Kim had put this morning out of her mind so she could work. She didn't think about how amazing last night had been, or how good it felt waking up in Tommy's arms, again. Nope, instead she concentrated on work and was currently in the middle of finishing up an email to a client.

So of course that's when it all hit her and wouldn't let go of her mind.

She had to push herself away from her desk as her mind took her on an minute to minute replay of the night before. She put her head in her hands and hid a moan or a groan. She couldn't tell anymore. Tommy was turning into the best and worst thing that had ever happened to her.

She didn't know what was wrong with her. She was enjoying this week way more than what she was supposed to. What would happen when Tommy went back home next week, and why the hell did that thought make her so unhappy if she thought she wasn't ready for what Tommy wanted?

She had to stop and think for a moment. She knew she loved him, she knew that eventually they would end up together, Tommy was nothing if not stubborn and while she was also stubborn, well, he could out do her in persistence any day. If only by the fact that he knew that if he was annoying enough she'd give in just to make him shut up. But she had to think about it seriously for a moment. Was she fighting this just for the sake of fighting this? Was being stubborn really worth it?

Here Tommy was, the man she had always loved and wanted, offering her everything she'd always wanted. Was she really going to be a fool and keep telling him no, or trying to fight this. What if he thought she was serious when she protested and he walked away, what would she do than?

She hit herself in the forehead with the palm of her hand. She was being stupid. Sure the game was fun, but he had proved by now he was serious. Hell, he had survived shopping with her with minimal complaints. That alone should have told her this was a serious to the death kind of thing, and here she was still fighting it. Even after a whole night of sex and the morning after.

Shaking her head she came up with a new thought. She was going to go home straight after work and tell him that she was in love with him, she was going to tell him the truth, and admit everything and see where it went from there. By damn, this was all going to finally happen, it was about damn time. She was going to rush home and get herself some of her Tommy.

Right after she finished work, and hopefully her nerves would shut up by then.

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