Hi this is my first take on Bebop so enjoy!!

Chapter 1: The beginning

Was this all real? Was I dreaming? Or did I finally lose my mind and create all of this? I wasn't sure of anything at that time when it all happened I was confused, scared and…..just…..well I wasn't sure what else to think, my name is TJ this is my story.

It all started one night when I was at home………

MAY 10th 2008

I was at home and as usual I had a long day at college and I just got off work and I decided to wash, change and head straight for the PC and talk with my friends and see what was new.

I went on my videos to put an episode of my favourite anime Cowboy Bebop, I always liked it since I was young and I enjoyed their escapades, I even go to their main website to see any news on the next series. I was in the middle of watching when I got a notification that a message was in my inbox I looked at it and it was odd but I didn't see much information it read:






And following the message was a link below.


It didn't make sense to me but I was urged to click it and see, and so I did but little did I know….

All I could remember was my screen went a funny colour and something began to come out of it, it was like some sort of gateway I was taken aback from it but upon further investigation I just out of instinct touched it and I felt a great force just pull me in and before I knew it I was just travelling through this thing and all I could remember was a bright light and I just blacked out.

I awoke in a room, it looked like one of those hospital rooms minus windows but I was strapped to a bed and surrounded by medical staff who looked at me with interest.

"Where am I?" I asked.

"Looks like this one still has all of his brain functions working." one of the people said.

"Who are you people?" I asked.

"He's asking us questions, should we tell him?" another person said.

"Boy do you know what year it is?" another person said.

"Yeah it's 2008 last time I checked." I said.

"Where am I?" I asked again.

"You are at a research facility, my team found you in a cryogenic tube, I don't know how you survived but we managed to save your life with some of our nanotechnology." he said.

I wasn't stupid but I knew a thing or two about nanos and they were advanced bits of tech In the world today and…

Wait did he just say cryogenic tube? and I survived but needed to use nanos to save me?

What the hell is going on here??

I have to get out of here I ain't stayin in some research facility and being someone's guinea pig for life.

I looked at my surroundings a little more and saw some surgical tools and some…needles, I really hated needles, okay now I really have to get out of here no-one is sticking any sort of needles into my body!!

I looked over and saw they were leaving and I asked.

"Hey, can I go to the restroom please?" I asked.

They looked at each other and just looked back and said.

"Okay I guess we can let you do that, you don't pose much of a threat but we need you to stay here so we can observe you a little more." one of them said.

They took the straps off of me and I was taken to a rest room, I was accompanied by an armed guard, why would they need an armed guard to take me to the restroom? I thought to myself but I just went with him and he looked like he was carrying out an important mission or something I just looked at the floor as we were walking and when we arrived he looked at me and said.

"Five minutes kid and we go back ok?" he said.

I nodded and went in, well at least the toilets were clean but looked a little different but I used it and I rinsed my face in the sink.

How am I gonna escape from here? And how did I end up here?

Maybe if I can trick the guard to come in here and I could knock him out and steal his uniform and make my escape posing as a guard…yeah it might work.

I began to fake a stomach ache and I made my moans of pain even louder as he quickly rushed in to inspect.

"Hey kid what's wrong are you o…ahhhh…….ooof"

I just hit him in the nads as hard as I could, and I saw him trying to get up but I saw the nightstick around his waist and grabbed it and used it on him but however it wasn't an ordinary nightstick, it shot out some volts of electricity which stunned him. I checked his pulse to see if I did kill him…thank god I didn't!!

I dragged him into the cubicle after taking his clothes off and used these weird looking cuffs and cuffed him to the railing of the toilet and used the toilet paper to gag him I began putting the uniform on, it was quite comfortable but a little tight around the crouch but ok I guess. I saw that I had the basic equipment including a handgun, I knew how to use it as I did that month in the army and I do have my basic combat skills, including my background in mixed martial arts and wrestling, I only did around 3 years of it.

I looked around and made my way out of the restroom and acted naturally..well as a trained security personnel would and tried to walk around the place in hopes of finding the exit and get the hell out of here. I eventually found the exit and I needed to get past the guard, so I thought of a plan and hopefully it would work.

I approached the desk and looked him straight in the eye and said.

"Hey man how's it going?" I asked.

He looked at me and said.

"Wait a minute! Are you…..

Oh crap he's gonna raise the alarm and I'll get my ass kicked for sure!!

"The new guy right?, well you're a bit late to be taking post, but don't worry bout it kid we all make mistakes on our first day, anyway I gotta go just keep to your post and try not to screw up ok?" he said.

"Ok um no problem man see ya soon" not for a loooonnngg time I hope. I thought to myself.

As he began leaving I saw my opportunity and opened the door and I saw my way out and like a bat outta hell I ran for my life and I got out and ran right out of the grounds and ran right into the woods and as I did I could hear the alarm being raised.

Oh shit, they know I escaped, where the hell am I?

I just had to know and I ran and ran for hours, until I got tired I stopped for a minute and I saw dead ahead a city I ran for it in hopes of finding help or an explanation. I was strolling through the alleyways which did not look familiar but gave a feeling of me knowing it but not being there. I saw on the left hand side a bar I wasn't sure to go in or what but I heard sirens and the sound of dogs in the distance. you have got to be kidding me, why are they after me and why am I so important to them, what in the freakin hell is going on here!! I thought to myself.

I didn't waste anymore time and went in, as I went in it looked like a shady place filled with the scum of the earth, they looked but went back to their drinks I went forward and went up to the bar and asked for a drink. He poured it and asked for money.

"That will be 30 wulongs please" he said.

I looked in disbelief, wait a minute, wulongs, no…it…can't be possible…no it's impossible!!

As I was thinking the most impossible of things some of the security force came bursting in and they held their guns up to me.

"Freeze kid!!, whether you like it or not you're coming back with us even if it means by force!!" he shouted.

"Ok how bout NO!! I refuse to be someone's pet project ok so screw you!!" I said and ran for the back way they began shooting, they nearly got me but I ran as fast as I could and ran into a dead end, I was trapped.

They all found me and armed their guns at me. looks like this is the end..I never thought I would die today…as I closed my eyes I heard some voices.

"It take all of you guys to get one kid, man you're bosses must be getting desperate." one of the voices said.

And I heard some punching and some kicking and fighting going on and a couple of gunshots, I opened my eyes and saw two familiar guys fighting them.

Wait a sec… it can't be…I'm going insane.

I saw a security guy raise his gun to the older guy and I went for him.

"Look out!!" I yelled.

He looked and I pushed him out of the way and I took the bullet for him right in the shoulder. It was the most painful experience in my life, as I looked up I heard them say.

"Spike we need to get out of here now there's too many of them." he said.

"Ok but what about the kid?" Spike said.

"I can't believe I'm doing this, we're taking him ok?" He said.

"You're kidding me right the bebop is crowded enough, ok fine but we need to talk bout this later. Spike said.

All I could remember was him carrying me out of there and I blacked out.

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