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Chapter 11: The Hustle

They arrived at the club and were now outside the entrance as they saw the huge line of people trying to get in as the bouncer who looked like a guy you really did not wanna mess with.

"How the hell do we get in?" I asked.

She rolled her eyes as she walked towards the bouncer and whispered something in his ear and motioned fro me to come on over.

I arrived and the bouncer let us through. "Sorry for the delay Mr. Zane, enjoy your night." he said.

We went in and I think I saw him giving Kira a perv look as I just shrugged it off and we just went in.

The club was definitely one of those VIP places and looking around and surveying the place I saw the rich and the famous…wait better rephrase that the tasteless.

These were the types of people I hated to even be near as we went in and found a table and sat down.

"How are we gonna attract her attention?" I asked in between the loud music.

"Start buying rounds of drinks for everyone!" Kira said as I gave her some Wulongs and she went to the bar.

The bartender took the Wulongs and got the name. "Alright free rounds for everyone compliments of Mr. Phoenix Zane!" he announced as he pointed towards me as I bowed arrogantly.

I kept my eye out as the patrons of the club were all cheering as they heard of my kind gesture and the party kicked up and I began to look around for our target.

"You see anything?" I asked talking into my cufflink.

"No not yet but I think she's scouting from the top." Kira said taking into her wristband.

As I looked around for the target I couldn't see much with all the bright lights and amounts of blind spots it would be hard to spot her and it wasn't like she would just fall into my lap.

"Pardon monsieur."

I heard the sexy feminine voice behind me as I let her talk more.

"Is this seat occupied?" I turned to look at the female in question and it was her.

She looked just like she does in her profile picture, she wore a red dress with her hips and abdomen exposed and she wreaked of perfume.

"Be my guest." I said as she hopped over and sat next to me.

"Are you by any chance the very generous patron Mr. Phoenix Zane?" she asked in a sultry tone of voice.

"That I be and you are…

"Tiffany Maylene, pleasure what brings a handsome man like you to a place like this?" she asked.

"I could ask the same thing Miss Maylene." I asked.

"Oh a sense of humour…I like that." she said getting close to me with a smile.

"How about a drink?" I asked.

"Yes that would make this much better." she said as I motioned to Kira to get some drinks.

She got a couple of glasses and brought over as well a bottle of what looked to be some expensive champagne as she pit it on the table lightly and shot me and her a glare.

"And who is this…woman?"she asked.

"This is my…protection she goes wherever I go." I explained as Kira stood guard in front of us.

"You must be very important man right?" she asked.

"Yes I own shares in companies of my families and what do you do Miss Maylene?" I asked.

"I run financial and import interests of artistic culture to many clients." she explained.

"You must meet a lot of interesting…people?" I asked.

She smiled as we had a small chuckle with one another and Kira who had her back to us was getting impatient with me as she went off to the bar and ordered a hard scotch for herself as she kept a close eye on us both from a bar.

Come on! Just get her out of here so we can just…oh now you're just showing off!

As she saw me and Matisse kissing one another as I then trailed down her neck and used my bottom lip to go back up her neck and to her lips again.

That is just…is he…oh now that's just…god alive.

Kira looked on at me as I thought I saw for a second she looked all mesmerised just by seeing my mouth techniques.

Then she downed her drink and came right over to us and she broke our "meeting" up and grabbed her by the wrist as she looked a bit confused.

"No more touching okay?" Kira warned her as Matisse had a smirk on her face.

"Fine…but remember what I said." she said to me as she walked off blowing me a kiss.

I looked to Kira who had her arms crossed and looked pissed off as usual.

"Okay why did you just ruin my good time?" I asked.

"You were supposed to be getting her alone so we can take her, not fuck her!" Kira said.

"Uh if you'd let me finish with her I would've done both by now but since you want her caught so badly I did just that." I said holding a room key.

"Oh…then what's the next part of your plan?" she asked.

"I meet her in her room on the top floor, give me some time to get ready for you to bust in and then we nab her." I explained.

"But what if something happens?" Kira asked me as I actually never thought of that. "You do remember what one of her felonies were right? Assault she's not afraid of hurting someone physically?" she pointed out to me.

"Well it's a risk I'm willing to take and anyway give me one hour with her and I'll keep radio contact if you don't hear from me every ten minutes then just bust in there and get her." I said.

"Fine but don't complain if you get some sort of STD, who knows where she's been." Kira mocked.

"Yeah well as it so happens I did come prepared for that situation so don't worry…mom, see you later." I said walking off as she just crossed her arms.

I made my way out of the club and on to the hotel as It was an elevator only access one I pushed the button to go to the top floor.

I arrived at the top and found the room to where she was and used the key to get in.

I saw that she had what was clearly the penthouse suite and it was huge, the living area had leather sofas, widescreen TV, florescent lighting I looked around further and saw the kitchen was nice and clean the cleanest I've ever seen.

I then heard water running as it was coming from the bedroom, I went to find what it was and as I entered the room the bathroom door opened and I turned my attention to it and out stepped Matisse and she was still drying her hair and was wearing a silk blue robe and looked pleased that I was seeing her like this.

"I was wondering when you'd arrive darling." she said as she finished drying her hair.

"Sorry for the delay, had to lose the dead weight." I said.

"I see that, shall we go to the living area?" she said holing her hand out as I took it and she led me there.

"I'll be back in a minute make yourself comfortable darling." she said as she left to get something as I took my jacket off and sat down.

I quickly radioed in to Kira. "She's here but I need to lower her guard down a bit more, I'll contact you in five minutes." I said speaking into the cufflink comm.

As then Matisse walked in and had a bottle of what I could only describe as Kristal and two glasses as she placed them down on the coffee table in front of us and poured us both some as we got our glasses and she came and sat next to me.

"So where were we?" she asked circling my chest with her finger.

Meanwhile outside the hotel Kira was awaiting my call and with the dress she was wearing and the slight breeze outside wasn't helping her as she was freezing her ass off and was getting really pissed off with me.

When is he gonna make the call? It's freezing out here!

She needed to find a way in as she had no access card so she had no choice but to try and hotwire the elevator.

Just wait till I get up there, I'm gonna pulverise that bitch and then I'm gonna bitchslap that pig for leaving me out here!

As she was getting all fired up out there I was getting all hot with Matisse, we were now just on the couch making out as our tongues were down one another's throat as we were fuelled by the alcohol In our systems and she just tore my shirt off exposing my upper body as I went for her robe to undo it, as I slowly did I saw she was wearing black underwear on.

I was getting a little bit excited but the bounty was the main thing on my mind as I needed to contact Kira and tell her to move in.

She stopped kissing me and looked to me straight in the eye.

"Follow me." she whispered in my ear.

I did just that as she took me into the bedroom and then pushed me onto the bed as I fell back first onto it as she stood at the end smirking.

"Now let's begin." she said as then for some reason her voice sounded distant.

As my head began to spin, I was losing my vision and I started to feel sleepy as I then just blacked out.

"Works every time." she said bringing out some tools she had.

Meanwhile on the outside while I was unconscious Kira had made her way inside after jacking the elevator and eventually breaking it she stopped two floors away from me as she tried running but she ditched her shoes as they were slowing her down and ran unp the stairs and eventually making it to the floor.

She drew her gun out from under the dress of her thigh ready and loaded it as she crept up to the door and tried the lock as to her surprise it was open and quietly turned the door handle and entered.

The place was quiet…too quiet it made her a little uneasy and as he said if he didn't contact her within ten minutes but it had been twenty and she began to fear…actual fear that something has happened.


The sounds were coning from the bedroom as she quietly crept towards there and slightly opened the door and saw me lying down, tied up and her on top of me.

Oh god is she? He's…She's…oh…that's it!

CLICK as the sound of the gun's safety was off and the cold barrel was pressed on the back of Matisse's skull.

"Freeze…Bitch!" Kira said.

"Oh it's the bodyguard or should I say hunter." Matisse said.

"Get off him right now." Kira ordered as she slowly did get off my unconscious body.

Kira looked to my unconscious. "What did you do to him?" she asked.

"I drugged him, he'll be fine in a few hours." Matisse said.

"He'd better be or I'll goddamned make you pay!" Kira said.

"Alright then, but before you take me into custody, can I get some underwear?" Matisse asked.

"Ok go right ahead." Kira said as she went over to the dresser and opened it to get a pair of red ones out.

"Just so you know I knew both of you were hunters, of course I do have a price on my head, but you…Kira Dresden are one of the best ones who's come after me and your partner of course." Matisse said putting her underwear on as he hand was still in the drawer.

"But still not as smart as me!" she pulled out a gun from the dresser and pointed it at Kira as both women were at a John Woo standoff.

"How did you know who I am?" Kira asked as they circled one another.

"I'm not as stupid as I look, I make sure I know who I'm dealing with and getting your picture and using the system to find you wasn't hard but you friend well now he is a mystery." Matisse explained as she kept her eye on Kira with her gun pointed at her.

"Tell me about it, now don't do anything rash, just put the gun down and we'll do this reasonably." Kira reasoned with her.

"I'm not going to jail! I would rather die than that!" she shouted as she took the safety off her gun.

They kept on circling one another awaiting a move to be made or a mistake to capitalise on as they kept their eyes locked on to one another.

Matisse ran to the open door as Kira fired but she narrowly avoided the bullets and ran into the living area with Kira following as she ducked behind a wall for cover and peeked to see where she was covering by.

She slowly crept into the room and looked around pointing her gun in defence as from the corner of her eye she spotted her and quickly ducked or cover behind the couch as she fired at her.

The quick exchange of gunfire between both women as then Kira had enough and fired a couple of rounds at her as she was still ducked down and she fired rounds even though not looking where she was firing at…

"I'm not going to ask again…DROP THE GUN…BITCH!" Kira demanded as the gun was pressed to the back of her head.

She reluctantly dropped it and surrendered herself as it was pointless and was now at the mercy of the bounty hunter.

I began to awaken as I looked to the clock and saw it was now afternoon…the afternoon?

How long was I out? What in the hell did she do to me?

I then looked and saw I was on the bed, underneath some covers and was…

I'm naked? How the hell did I…

I then heard the bathroom door open and steam escaped the room as a feminine silhouette was among the steam as I figured it was her but to my surprise who it was.

"You're up, wondering when those drugs would wear off."

It was Kira, she just got out of the shower as all she had on was a bathrobe and a towel across her head…she actually looked hot.

Wait? Did I just say…No…No…No what happened here?

"What in the hell happened here?" I asked as I tried to make sense of what had happened.

"Just the usual shootout." Kira answered bluntly.

I then made an assumption by looking at my current state and that thought did come to my mind as I had to ask.

"Did she do anything to me?" I asked.

I saw the look on her face and that told everything.

"Oh…didn't think she'd go that far, so where is she?" I asked.

"I took her away and we got the bounty." Kira said as I was glad we got it.

"Nice, did she try to fight you?" I asked.

"What do you think?" Kira said as I saw some indications of a struggle and a gunfight as that answered my question.

"So you kicked her ass, cashed her in and…you haven't seen my…uh…well…y'know." I stuttered as I tried to avoid saying it to her.

She raised an eyebrow as she then realised what I meant and just turned her back to me and stopped. "By the way…not bad." she said walking into the living area.

I knew what she meant as I face palmed myself.

You've gotta be kidding me!

I then just pulled the covers over myself and hid myself in embarrassment.

Oh dear poor TJ, now with another bounty on his belt with Kira's help what else is in store for him?

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