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A wave of pain hit the young woman. So immense was the pain. Her chest felt as if it would explode with the agony she felt. She wouldn't last much longer like this. Not if the bleeding couldn't be slowed.

She thrashed violently on the futon, clasping the wound tightly.

" Calm down lady Kagome! You shall only lose more blood by moving so much! "

Kagome managed to keep herself still as the village healer applied special herbs and water to help with the pain and clean the crimson blood away. Next, the healer carefully wrapped up the young woman's wound, needing to call upon several other healer's in training to hold Kagome down. The healer knew the horror of the true extent of the wound, and could only prey that her limited medical skills would be enough to save her.

" How is my sister fairing? " Came the feminine and almsot calm voice of a new woman to enter the hut.

While the healer ordered the rest of her assistants to keep Kagome held down, the healer looked up to meet the eyes of a very beautiful woman. She had long black hair, like Kagome's, if not a bit longer and far straighter. Her eyes were also a similar colour to that of Kagomes, if not a darker shade. She also wore the clothing of a priestess, miko to be exact.

" You may come in, lady Kikyo, your sister is coping with the wound, but for how long I cannot say. She will need comfort. " The healer informed the miko.

Kikyo nodded her head gravely, the slightest touch of worry creeping onto her face. She walked further into the hut and knelt down beside her younger sister, bringing a wet cloth to Kagome's forehead and dabbing it lightly. Kikyo looked rather grimly down at the wound inflicted upon her sister's shoulder. It was bleeding still, though it had notebly slown down since the young girl had first been found in the forest. The wound stretched across the length of her shoulder and chest, ending just above her right breast. It consisted of three long gashes, all deep and red.

The mark of a demon...

Her sister was lucky enough to still be breathing.

Kagome gasped in pain again.

Kikyo made the slightest wince but did her best to hide her fear. She had to be strong for her younger sister. She shouldn't show such emotions.

The healer, Keiko, continued to apply the herbs and wrap up Kagome's wounds. She was lucky that Keiko was skilled in this area of care. Keiko wrapped up Kagome's wounds firmly, so as to keep the blood that escaped from soaking through.

Once she had Kagome wrapped up and stable, Keiko ordered the rest of them except Kikyo to leave the hut. The elderly healer then turned to the village miko.

" The wounds are horrific but I think I may have stopped the bleeding for now. If she is able to make it through tonight she should be okay, though she will bare a scar. We must keep an eye on her should a fever develop. "

Kikyo nodded and continued to dab Kagome's forehead. The young woman was breathing in rather deeply, occasionally choking a little on an intake of air, but always managing to even it out again.

" Lady Kikyo, do you have any idea who could have done such a thing to lady Kagome? " Keiko asked the miko.

Kikyo bowed her head slightly in thought. She knew the wounds were the work of a demon, but she knew not what type. There were many demons in this area, but never any that would dare attack her sister without reason to. Kagome, fithteen years of age, was training to become the next village miko after her sister, and she possessed great spiritual power like Kikyo did to. The spiritual power of a miko was greatly feared by all demons. No one would dare...


There was one possibility.

Gazing at the now wrapped up wound on Kagome's shoulder, the older miko considered the possibilty. It seemed absurd, but still not entirely unlikely...

No. Kikyo would not rush to conclusions just yet. She would wait until after her sister had recovered to find out who attacked her. Her sister's wellfare came before that. After Kaede, Kagome was the only family Kikyo had left.

And Kaede...Kaede was dead.

Kikyo told Keiko that she would wait until Kagome was well again before finding out who had attacked her. Keiko nodded, and after Kikyo had reassured her that she would watch over Kagome, Keiko reitred to the next door room of her hut.

Kikyo kept watched over her sister, and silently preyed to the Gods for her life. Kagome was still young, and had her whole life ahead of her, like Kaede had. Kikyo was only a few years older than Kagome, and had been forced to take the post of miko of the village when their parents had died. She had vowed though, that her duties would never get in the way of taking care of her family, no matter how little of it she had left. When Kaede had died, both sisters had been devastated, but had still kept going, finding the comfort in the fact that they still had eachother. Kikyo had been training Kagome as a miko for the past two years, and would one day take over as the village miko, like Kikyo.

The older miko could only hope that Kagome would live to see that day. As she watched her younger sister finally start to relax through the pain, Kikyo made a vowel.

She would get revenge on whoever did this to her sister.

Somewhere far North...

InuYasha ran with as much speed as he could muster. He had to get away from the castle guards that were persuing him. It had been one of his...vulnerable nights, and with severe wounds from an attack before, the boy had been forced to seek human help from within the castle he was now fleeing from. They had welcomed him with open arms the night before, accepting him seemingly as one of their own. Then the sun had risen the next day...

InuYasha hadn't planned on staying the whole night, he had just needed some help covering his wounds, then he had planned to leave. They had given him something in his food, he realized that had caused him to fall asleep. They believed they were helping his body to gain the much needed rest it desired, but they had awoken to quite a shock the next day...

InuYasha didn't dare look back as the castle finally vanished from sight. It was always like this. People just couldn't accept him for what he really was. When he had been first left on his own, it had hurt knowing how the world saw him. A tainted creature, not worth the air he breathed. He had, however, learnt to cope. He was able to lock away his emotions, keep his heart safe from the outside world. He would never show fear, never sadness or hurt. You couldn't survive as he was in this world with a kind heart and good intentions.

Since his mother had died, InuYasha had lived following the rule that survival was of the fitest. Being kind or showing your kindness didn't get you anywhere in the cruel world of fuedal Japan.

InuYasha's golden eyes glinted in the rising sunlight that consumed the mountainous landscape. His silver hair almost reflected it, glistened in it. His running figure was a dark sillohette in the sunrise. Despite the obvious beauty of the new morning, InuYasha's face held stern and his eyes fierce, a protective barrier around his soul.

He was alone in this world. No one would ever accept him.

He was a half demon, after all.

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