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Ray of Light

Kagome gazed out over the horizon. She could see for miles around her, the sun's rising rays blanketing the mountainous landscape. The young miko cast a solemn look as she turned to look back down at the village she called home.

Well - the one she had called home.

The wind picked up around her, tossing her hair behind her back in its loose ponytail, whisps loose strands kissing her cheeks.

She sighed deeeply, and clutched her bow tightly to her shoulder.

Never once would she be venturing so far from this village. She had left before to collect limited supplies from nearby villages - such as Nezumi village - but never as far as she would be travelling in the next few weeks.

Looking down across the village once more, Kagome smiled sadly at the sight of children playing happily as the falling sakura blossoms landed all around them, some getting caught in the children's hair.

Kagome spied Sakura, the girl she had grown a particular fondness for. Sakura was a naive young girl, but full of hope and always smiling. Perhaps the reason Kagome had felt so fond of her was because Sakura reminded her of the sister she had loved dearly and lost - Kaede.

The memories of Kaede's death were still strong and clear in her mind, and never would she forget them. Since her parent's and Kaede's death, much had happened. Her older sister Kikyo had fallen in love with the bandit Onigumo, only to have her heart broken by the man she loved when he sold his very soul to a demon in exchange for power. A few years later, Kagome herself had met and fallen in love with the wolf prince, Koga.

Their relationship hadn't exactly worked out either.

Both sisters had been betrayed by the ones they loved. Both had had their hearts broken, and neither believed they could be repaired.

That was until... InuYasha came along.

Now Kagome's small sad smile lifted up at the corners into one of pure happiness and triumph.

The scar Koga had left on her had been healed, she had been able to find love again, thanks to InuYasha. InuYasha had mended her heart, and she had mended his own, slowly vanquishing all the doubts he'd had about himself that the cruel taunts he'd endured all his life had put into his head.

When Kagome had first met him, he'd been stern faced and hard eyed, an invisable barrier around his soul, not allowing any one in to comfort him. He had drastically changed from that day, now revealing more and more hidden and locked up emotion. He'd allowed her into his heart, and she definately wasn't about to brake it anytime soon.

Never would she leave InuYasha, and she hoped beyond reason that he would never leave her, that they would always be together.

That's what made the new quest Kagome had on her hands more durable.

InuYasha would be by her side.

So would Sango and Miroku, her two best friends.

Even the Kitsune Shippo, who she couldn't help but baby and adore.

The only one who couldn't be with her, who Kagome would have to leave behind, was her older sister Kikyo.

Kikyo's heart was still broken, there had been no one come yet to mend it. Onigumo's betrayal and transformation into the half demon Naraku would still etched into her memory. Kagome only wanted to heal her sister's heart herself, let her know that she was loved and cherished by so many other people.

Heck, the villagers adored their beautiful, strong-willed and kind priestess.

Kagome adored and loved her older sister.

Perhaps, when she and InuYasha returned to this village, she could work on healing Kikyo's own emotional scar.

Until then, Kagome preyed that Kikyo would be alright. The older miko was still healing from Naraku's attack on her, hence the reason it was Kagome going on this perilous journey - not Kikyo.

Kikyo desired her revenge against Naraku, the former bandit Onigumo.

The man had stolen her heart, then crushed it himself. He'd been responsible for Koga's betrayal, so in reality he had been behind both sister's suffering.

Kagome desired her own revenge, but knew that her heart and spiritual power could not be kept pure if it held such a desire for vengence.

So she decided to leave her home village and defeat Naraku so he could not cause anyone else to suffer the way Kikyo and herself had. He would cause no more pain to anyone else, Kagome would make sure of that.

Also, if Naraku was finally gone from this world, then perhaps it would be easier for Kikyo's heart to mend and move on. Until he was gone, Kikyo could not fully let go of her pain and hatred.

" Kagome! Are you ready to go? Sango and Miroku have finished packing the supplies! "

Kagome looked down to see Shippo waving up at her from the bottom of the hill she stood on. She smiled reassuringly at him.

" I won't be a minute Shippo! " Kagome called too him.

Shippo nodded and scampered back to Keiko's hut to Sango and Miroku, who were already making their way up the hill to where Kagome stood.

Kagome gave one last look over the village, not knowing when she would see it again.

" You're gonna miss it, aren't ya? "

Kagome smiled, recognising the voice from behind her. She turned round to look at the one who had spoken and smiled sadly once more.

" Very much, it's been my home for so long... I don't know when we'll be back... or when I will see Kikyo again... "

Kagome's face saddened when she remembered the sad goodbye she and her sister had exchanged. Both sisters had been close to tears. Kikyo made her promise she would make it back somehow, no matter what. Kagome had promised her so, but wasn't entirely sure it was one she could keep.

Kagome clutched Kikyo's bow tighter to her shoulder.

" Take my bow, Kagome. Keep it for good luck... and so that a part of me will be with you... "

At least Kagome could gain comfort from that.

InuYasha came forward and placed a hand on Kagome's shoulder. His gaze was serious and determined.

" We will make it back here Kagome, alive. Nothing will happen to you, I won't allow it. We'll defeat Naraku together with Sango, Miroku and the brat, and then we'll make it back home safely, I promise you, all of us, " InuYasha stated in a firm tone.

Kagome nodded up at him, but InuYasha could still see the slight doubt and worry in her eyes.

She was afraid of not being able to see her sister again... and for the safety of him and her friends.

He wouldn't let anything happen to them though. Nothing. For that the half demon was sure.

Naraku would be defeated, and Kikyo and Kagome's suffering avenged. InuYasha own small pain would be aswell. He hadn't forgotten the kiss Koga had forced upon Kagome...

InuYasha's stern face melted, though he still looked determined. He smiled lovingly down at Kagome. When they had defeated Naraku... him and Kagome could truly be together to live the life they wanted to live with eachother.

He would build them a home, they would live together... maybe have pups of their own one day.

He would never leave Kagome, she was his home.

On this journey, wherever they were, as long as he had Kagome with him, he was home.

He suddenly remembered something Kagome had told him a long time ago.

" Hey Kagome... you remember how you once told me you wished to travel Japan, to have adventures and all that? "

Kagome's face brightened and a happy smile began creeping onto her face.

" Do you still want all that? "

Kagome gave him the most reassuringly beautiful smile he had ever seen. She came forward and gently wrapped her arms around his waist.

" Maybe... but only if you're with me. I could never live and go on without you... you're my home InuYasha, no matter where I am, you're my home..."

InuYasha gave her the best smile he could muster, wrapping his own arms around her small frame. He pulled the white ribbon from her hair, and began running his fingers through her ebony locks.

" You're my home too Kagome... you'll always be mine, and I'll always be yours..."

Kagome smiled into his chest, closing her eyes and relaxing as he played with her hair.

InuYasha might not be brilliant with words, but he would always know when to say the right thing in the end.

Kagome looked up at him and they locked gazes for a few seconds, before leaning forward slowly. Their eyes began to close, their lips so close they could feel one another's breaths on their faces...

" Well should we get going, or should we leave you two lovesick kids alone for a little longer? "

Kagome and InuYasha jumped apart to see Miroku, Sango and Shippo smiling at them slyly. Miroku was giving his trade mark perverted grin, his stare accusing and mischevious.

" Aw leave them alone Monk... " Sango said, though she still held a sly grin as she locked gazes with Kagome, who was blushing furiously.

" Ah but my dear Sango, it's not my fault InuYasha and Kagome can't keep their hands off of one another for more than five minutes... I'm merely enjoying the show... " Miroku stated in his 'defense'.

Sango couldn't help but giggle at the couple, who's blushes had increased ten fold.

" Damn pervert... " InuYasha muttered under his breath as he glared at the Monk through his blush, his hands balling into fists at his sides.

Miroku took the gesture whole heartedly and suggested they get moving if they wanted to make it to the next village by nightfall, where a possible lead on Naraku had been discovered. Rumour had that he'd been spied not far from the demon slayer's village, and Sango hoped to reach it before he could strike her home village where her younger brother and faithful nekomata resided still.

As the group began their journey, Shippo on Miroku's shoulder and Sango by the Monk's side, Kagome took InuYasha's hand in her own. He looked down at her and caught her silent promise that the Monk's interuption would be made up for later. He smiled and clasped her hand back tightly in his own.

There would be many hard times ahead for them all, for that InuYasha and Kagome were sure. It wouldn't be as easy quest, but as long as they were all together, things wouldn't be so bleak.

Along with the hard times, there were bound to be good ones aswell.

The group walked on into the sunrise, into the ray of light.

The End.


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