Unseen Love

Unseen Love

Chapter 1

Potion Mishaps

"Oh Harry, you need potions to get into Auror training so just grin and bare it " Hermione Granger sighed as she and her two best friends Harry Potter and Ron Weasely walked down the dark and Gloomy halls of the dungeons to their potions class room.

"Fine but why does he have to be such as greasy git?" Harry asked as they entered the potions lab.

"5 points from Gryffindor!" Professor Snape the potions master snapped as he strode in the room behind the trio, his black robes billowing around him.

Harry groaned as he took his seat next to pansy Parkinson, whilst Hermione sat in front of him next to Draco Malfoy. Snape had thought it a good idea to pair up every Gryffindor with a Slytherin, hence the unusual seating arrangement for the seventh year class.

"Today we will be mixing a potion that is used mostly for disguises, it is called 'colourus-iris'" Snape said "anyone guess what it's used for?" He asked looking around the class, seeing no one other than the Gryffindor know-it-all with their hand up he answered for them.

"It changes the colour on the users eye and is usually used in conjunction with the 'Hairus-Colorus' you brewed last week" he said turning to the bored he tapped it with his wand. "Instructions are on the bored get started you have two hours!"

Hermione looked at her partner who was quietly snoring be side her, rolling her eye she jabbed him with her wand, he jerked awake.

"What…" he jumped staring around the room, rolling her eyes again she handed him the first four ingredients and went to get the next four.

Draco looked at the board and saw they were making the sister potion of the one they had made last lesion so he assumed it would start off the same, so with out looking at the instructions her chopped and crushed the ingredients, he then noticed she hadn't given him the chameleon skin witch was to be added as the water hit boiling point so he went to get it.

Hermione came back and did the next four ingredients while Malfoy was getting the last of them. As the dropped the lavender in and began to stir clock wise she realized that Neville was about to drop something in at the wrong time so leaving her potion she rushed to stop him.

Draco came back and added the chameleon skin into the mix and began to stir anti-clock wise 9 times before leaving the potion to simmer for 3 minutes.

The time was up and it was time to test their potions, draco0 took a ladle and filled it before handing it to Hermione, she took it and drank out of it, the class waited to see what colour Hermione's eyes changed to but nothing happened her eyes stayed the same chocolate brown they had always been.

Seeing no change professor Snape walked over to the cauldron, expecting to see a liquid that was multiple colours but he saw a clear liquid, narrowing his eyes her rounded on the pair.

"Mr Malfoy take Mrs Granger to the hospital wing, and once she had been check and it has been made sure there is nothing wrong with her come back here at seven o'clock to redo your potion! Is that clear?" the professor snapped. Both nodded and Draco grabbed Hermione's arm dragging her out the classroom.

What the hell did you do wrong Malfoy!" she hissed as they walked to the infirmary, she blinked a couple of times as her vision blurred slightly.

"I didn't do anything, it was you!" Draco hissed back.

"Yea cause it was the one sleeping during the explanation!" Hermione bit out, as she pushed through the door of the hospital ward.

"Hello dears what can I do for you?" madam Pomfry asked as she finished wrapping a bandage on a first year hw had gotten bit in a care of magical creatures lesson.

"Granger was testing a potion but it was brewed wrong so we came to see if anything was wrong with her" draco said.

"Very well, come sit down dear and we'll have a look" the med-witch said "do you know what potion it was suppose to be?"

"Colourus-iris" Hermione replied and madam Pomfry nodded shining the light from her wand in the girl's eye. After 2 hours of having her eyes looked at and her vision tested she was aloud to go, and nothing was wrong with her except some spells of blurred vision, which the med-witch said would go away in a few hours.

Hermione took one look at her brewing partner and left the ward her curly brown hair bouncy as she walked.

At seven o'clock Hermione entered the potions lab, blinking like mad as her vision blurred once more, shaking her head she tried to clear it but it refused to shift. Walking up to professor Snape she told him that she was having trouble with he vision and requested that the make the potion anther time, but her request was ignored and she had to make a potion with less than perfect eyes sigh, and endured two Slytherin's shouting at her every time she made a mistake in cutting or pealing the ingredients. Nut eventually they finished the potion and got the desired effects as Draco's stormy grey eyes turned an ocean green.

Hermione went to bed at nine o'clock exhausted from the day's events.

The next morning Hermione sat up in bed and starched she opened her eyes expecting to be blinded by the morning light, but all she could see was pitch black, she tried rubbing her eye to see if that would clear it but still all she saw was black, her breathing became shallow and her heart was pounding as she let out a scream.

"Hermione!" Lavender and Paravati gasped as they ran over to her bed.

"Lavender? Paravati? Where are you?" Hermione asked her hands trying to feel them out.

"I'm here Hermione" Lavender said coming to Hermione's left side and taking her left hand, whilst Paravati went to her right.

"What's wrong?" Paravati asked giving Hermione's right hand a squeeze.

"I…I can't see, it's all black" Hermione whispered as her current situation came crashing down on her. "I'm blind!" she gasped as she felt tears running down her face and her body begin to tremble.

Ginny who had herd the scream from down in the common room came up to see Hermione sitting in her bed with Lavender and Paravati on either side of her whilst she sobbed her eyes out her head hung low. Her mione looked up as she heard footsteps on the stone floor. She looked up and Ginny saw her friends chocolate brown eyes, where now clouded over with white.

"Hermione? What happened?" Ginny asked from the door way but before the brown haired girl could answer, Lavender ordered her to go get Madam Pomfry and Professor McGonagall. Nodding Ginny left the room in secrch of Harry and Ron so they could get the med-witch.

"Harry! Go get Madam Pomfry, tell her to go to the girl's dorm! Ron come with me!" she said grabbing her brother's arm and dragging him out the portrait Harry hot on their heels.

"Ginny What's…" Ron tried to ask but she cut him off.

"No time!" she snapped as she burst through the doors of the great hall as flew up to the head table stopping in front of McGonagall.

"Mrs Weasely, What is the meaning of this!" the teacher asked standing up.

Taking a few deep breaths the young redhead gasped out "something's wrong with Hermione, her eyes are all white"

"Oh my! Albus you had better come too" McGonagall said as the two professors and Weasely's hurried back to the Gryffindor tower.

At the Gryffindor tower they met Harry who was arguing with Paravati.

"Good dam it, that's my friend in there, let me in!"

"You can't! It's the girls dorms!" Paravati explained calmly.

"You can get in to the boys!" Harry exploded.

"Mr potter I suggest you calm your self you and Mr weasely wait out here with Mrs patil and we'll get you when you may come in" dumbledore said in a soft but firm tone as he walked up the stairs behind the head of house with out the stairs turning into a slide.

By this time Hermione had calmed down somewhat and she had let it sink in that she was now blind, but she was however, not prepare for what the med-witch was about to tell her.

"Mrs Granger this sudden loss of sight must have been caused by that potion mishap you had yesterday, as it was not a certified potion, there is no antidote, I'm afraid you may have lost your sight for good unless professor Snape can come up with a way to reverse what has been done"

"No!" Hermione gasped. Shaking she asked Ginny to pull a black book out of her trunk, Ginny did so and handed it to her. She opened it and slides her hand over a picture it was of to girls, one fiery red hair and her green eyes where clouded with white the other girl was Hermione, the picture wasn't moving and was in colour so it was obviously a muggle picture. Hermione slide her hand over the picture of 5 minutes before speaking, to no one in particular it was as if she was reminding herself.

"The other girl is my sister, Cecilia, meaning Blind one, she was named so because she was born blind, and here I am worrying about the fact I can no longer see when she has never had that privilege, I'll just have to live with like she does" Hermione closed the book and let a lone tear fall on it's black cover.

"Mrs granger, you'll need to be taught brail…." Dumbledore began.

"I already no it" Hermione answered sharply.

Taken aback dumbledore cleared his throat "very well you'll also need an escort around the castle, the escort maybe you choice"

Hermione nodded in what she thought was dumbledore direction.

"I want Malfoy," she whispered.

"Hermione why!" both Ginny and Lavender gasped but the med-witch smiled knowingly.