Chapter Five Chapter Five

Gibbs watched the doors open and close in front of him, his body refusing to move from within the elevator. The elevator was the safest place within the building; somehow it always made him feel secure. Countless times he had used the emergency switch, either when he wanted to talk to someone alone, or sometimes when he was on his own. It was a place where he could think things over, a place where he could make sense of things.

The doors opened again and this time he stepped out. Today, the elevator wasn't helping. No matter what people said, something had gone on yesterday, his gut told him. It had always served him well in the past, why should he abandon it now?

"Abbs?" he said, entering the dark lab.

"Yes, Gibbs," Abby said turning round to face him.

"Tell me I'm not mad."

"You're not mad."

"Then why can't anyone else remember anything?"

"We didn't want them too?"


"Yes, me and the others."


"Yes, Gibbs."

"What exactly are you?"

"We're vampires, Gibbs."

Any other day and Gibbs would have argued, but not today. Besides, he had heard stranger things. Hadn't he?

"Did you kill that Petty Officer?"

"Oh man, no! Do you think I'm a murderer?"

"No, not you. But if you're a vampire, don't you need blood?"

"Of course, but only from consenting donors."

"Donors? People donate their life to you?"

"Oh, not their lives, only small amounts of their blood."

"Then you don't take all their blood?"

"No, that would be wrong. Even with vampires, taking a life is wrong."

"Then what happened to the Petty Officer?"

"That one, we can put down to a stupid risk."


"We made the decision to allow someone younger than ever before to be 'converted'. Ultimately, it was the wrong decision."

"What happened?"

"He couldn't take it; the thirst for blood was too strong. He started with people that wouldn't be missed, you know, prostitutes, the homeless…but he escalated and started killing erratically. It was hard to keep up with him, covering up his tracks to stop us from being discovered." The anger seeped through in Abby's voice. The boy had obviously cost them a lot of time and effort.

"What happened when you found out he had murdered the Petty Officer."

"I waited for the DNA match for confirmation. There are a lot of pranksters, you know, staging 'vampiristic' killings. Once I had confirmed it was him, I consulted the others and we managed to track him down. It was sheer luck, really. Since the killings began he had abandoned his house, but we were alerted when last night he returned briefly."

"What happened?"

"You saw the house, you saw the blood."

"But it wasn't his. I saw the dog."

"An unfortunate sacrifice," Abby said, saddened, "Sometimes when consenting donors are scarce we can survive off animal blood. It's risky and not as strong as human blood, but it keeps us alive."

"Then why…"

"There are some types of blood, however, that can be referred to as 'poisonous' to our species. Blood from a dog is an example."

"So you fed him poison."

"There was no other way, Gibbs. I'm ashamed to admit we killed him, but he had to be stopped. Innocent people were being killed. There was no other way."

Gibbs looked at Abby, watching as her eyes filled with sadness. He walked over to her and stroked a stray hair away from her face and tucked it behind her ear. He looked down at the silver chain around her neck and with one hand lifted the necklace from behind her top. He turned over his hand and let the vial rest on his palm.

"And this?"

"It's a vial of my blood. We keep it in case we ever need to initiate someone else. In case of emergency, say if all of us were wiped out apart from one of us. We are only of a small number."

Gibbs tucked the necklace back behind Abby's top and looked her in the eyes. All this information was new, although somehow, it felt as if he already knew. It was as if, he had always known that Abby was a vampire. It didn't scare him. Why should it? In fact it kind of fitted. Abby was still Abby, his dark beautiful angel. He looked at her know, she was putting so much trust in him. He would never tell of course, but how did she know that? She had just told him the biggest secret she could of, but then again she could just as easily make him forget. "Why me? Why can I remember and the others can't?"

"I wanted to give you a choice. It can be lonely keeping my secret to myself, not letting anyone see me."

Gibbs lifted a forefinger to her chin and caressed it gently. "I see you."

"I can make you forget. If you want, I can place fake memories, you won't remember anything that I just told you."

"Why would I want that?"

"Knowing what I just told you is not easy. It's a hard secret to bear."

"If there's one thing I can do Abbs, it's keep a secret."

"I would understand."

"You've been alone for too long, Abbs. Let me in."

Abby smiled at Gibbs and he felt his muscles relax. She really was beautiful when she smiled. She smiled from the heart; you could see it in her eyes. There was no one he would rather keep a secret for. He leaned in and smelled her aroma, the mucky scent of gunpowder. Sometimes he would come down here just for that smell. Even when she wasn't in the lab, the scent lingered in the air.

Abby reacted by moving her head to the side slightly; letting her cheek brush the soft bristles of his chin. Neither of them spoke, they just stood there; enjoying each other. Gibbs' finger traced along her collarbone before slowly trailing down her chest. It caught on her top and pulled at it, his finger between her breasts. Just as quickly the material slipped from his finger and he moved his hands swiftly round her waist, pulling her into him.

Their bodies aligned, thigh to thigh, stomach to stomach, chest to chest; everything fitting. Abby's cheek still rested against his. She placed her palms on his forearms and brushed them up his arms before running them across his chest and to his neck. The stood like that, holding each other. Abby moved, her head coming round, and she pressed her forehead to his, their lips now less than an inch apart. Neither of them moved, each of them daring the other to go first, to break the barrier. Abby teased first, her lips moving forwards and brushing his before she moved back. Gibbs smiled and when she went to do it again he moved to the side slightly so she missed, planting a small kiss at the side of his mouth. She laughed, her body shaking against his. She ducked forwards again, this time Gibbs letting her target. There lips connected and Abby moved her hands around Gibbs' neck her arms extending and wrapping around him.


There was a small cough behind them and they turned to find Tony and Ziva standing there. Tony's jaw was dropped but Ziva, although evidently just as shocked, had a twinkle in her eye.

"Wha…Abbs…Gibbs…you two…wha…?" Tony stuttered.

"Cat got your tongue, DiNozzo?" Gibbs said, the famous Gibbs stare making it way across the room.

"Er, no…its just…ow!" Tony flinched and brought his hand to his arm. "Ziva, why did you…"

"Come on Tony, we have those um, reports to finish."

"We don't have any reports to do, we haven't got any…oh, right, yes, those reports."

Ziva looked over at Gibbs, and for the shortest moment a flicker of thanks flashed across Gibbs' face. Ziva's grabbed Tony's arm and pulled him out the lab, a move which Tony didn't like. As uncomfortable as he felt, Gibbs and Abby? That was something he wouldn't mind seeing…

"Ow!" Tony said this time bringing his hand to the back of his head. "What did ya do that for?"

"I know exactly what you were thinking, Tony. Now do I have to grab somewhere else to get you to come or are you ok to follow on your own?"

"I'm ok to follow," Tony said, blanching a little.

Gibbs and Abby heard the pinging that meant the elevator doors had closed and they looked back at each other.

"Trust Tony to…" Gibbs didn't allow her to finish the sentence before planting his lips on hers. He had waited long enough for this moment.

Abby smiled as she kissed him. Finally being able to tell someone felt like such a lift on her heart. And the fact that it was Gibbs made it so much better. The one person she loved most in the world was willing to accept her for what she truly was: a vampire.