Five Hundred Miles
by Blackened Wing

Rating: M

Summary: Called away right before Yuki's graduation, Kaname and Zero are in a hurry to get back in time. But a plane crash, an inhospitable jungle, warring guerilla factions and serious injuries plunge them into a struggle for survival that they may not escape at all.

Warnings: This story portrays an established, committed relationship between three people who love each other. It includes both m/m and m/f/m themes. If the preceding threatens to disturb you, please don't read this story. Warnings too on character whumping, blood, gore and minor scary/thematic events later on. If you are overly phobic of airplanes and airplane crashes... uh... well, you've been warned.

Pairings: Kaname x Yuki x Zero – yes, mix match and together in any order ;)

Series: This story is part of the Trio Series, which follows Kaname, Zero and Yuki and their relationship as based off of my story "Crimson Door".

Important: This whole series splits off and is AU from the Vampire Knight Manga as of Chapter 33. In this universe Yuki really is a human, born of human parents who were friends of Kaname's parents. Kaname's parents were both murdered by Rido, Kaname all but killed Rido to avenge them and keep from becoming his ward, and Yuki's parents were killed as a result, leaving Yuki with no memory and Kaname the only one left to look out for her interests and his own. Everything else is in accord with the Manga version of events up to right after Kaname asks Yuki to be his lover. Everything from there on out, as told in my story "Crimson Door" is different. As long as you know that, you don't have to have read any of my other stories to read this one. It would make the story a richer experience probably, but the story can stand alone okay too.

A/N: This story is set some years after the ending of "Crimson Door". Yuki is now in her early twenties and Kaname and Zero are somewhere thereabouts as well, although they're physically aging slower than her, naturally. I start this story off with the assumption that there's been a lot of hell for the three of them in the past, trying to get their non-conventional relationship to work, but that they're finally at a point now where things are comfortable. Don't worry, I fully intend to go back and write some nice, angsty stories that take place between the end of "Crimson Door" and the start of this story that deal with how they finally work the situation out and all the trouble and pain along the way. But the bunnies chewed my leg off with this idea first, so I had to write it out of sequence. shrugs what can I say? My muse is a vampire and she makes me write whatever she wants me to write. cowers LOL

Disclaimer: Vampire Knight and its characters do not belong to me. They belong to their inspired creator Matsuri Hino. I borrow them without permission, but with great affection. This story is for entertainment purposes only; no money is being made from it.

Chapter One: "Morning Serenade"

"I would walk five hundred miles, and I would walk five hundred moreee..." the sound of Yuki's voice absently half-singing drifted in clearly from the bathroom as she brushed her hair. Morning light streamed in brightly through the lightly curtained windows of the airy apartment.

Zero rubbed his eyes groggily as he filled the coffee pot carafe with water and poured it into the tank at the back of the machine. From the only partially walled off kitchen area of Yuki's comfortable little studio apartment he could see the bathroom doorway in one direction and the bed in the large 'bedroom' enclave near the patio doors in the other.

Kaname was still passed out on the bed, cocooned in the covers, dark hair lightly mussed against the pale green sheets. Of course, since this was actually the time of day when he was supposed to be sleeping, that wasn't much of a surprise.

Zero yawned again, squinting a bit against the light. Mornings were not his best time, and it was worse since Kaname had half-converted him to a normal vampire sleep schedule, at least when they were together. But the hunter often still clung stubbornly to his old human habits when he was alone. When they were with Yuki... then both he and Kaname tried to adjust to a daytime schedule, for her sake. Yuki always met them half way, keeping late hours with them into the wee hours of the morning. The result was usually that nobody really got enough sleep initially and you ended up with two cranky vampires and a human who dozed off in all her morning classes. They couldn't have been happier.

"Just to be the man who walked a thousand miles to fall down at your door. Oooh, I would walk five hundred miles..." Yuki was still singing. She apparently only remembered the chorus of the song.

Zero winced ruefully and grabbed the bag of coffee beans from the shelf. He loved Yuki dearly, and it was admittedly sweet to hear her voice, but... she couldn't sing worth a damn and she was getting that silly song from the movie last night stuck in his head. Sometimes vampire hearing was a curse. It sounded like she was singing right in his ear instead of across the apartment.

"Yuki, you've worn that one to death, pick another already," he called to her in a voice that was more wry than grumpy. He popped a couple of pieces of bread into the toaster.

Yuki, smile obvious in her voice, merely pitched the song up a little louder, starting the chorus all over again. She was a senior in college now, nearing graduation, and much had changed over the past few years in her relationship with Zero, and with Kaname. As she'd grown and matured, she'd discovered two incredible lovers who were devoted to her and to each other. She returned that devotion wholeheartedly and savored the unlikely joy of being part of a three-way relationship that actually, for the most part, worked.

One thing that had not changed in her relationship with Zero however, was the fact that they still picked on each other mercilessly.

Zero poured beans into the coffee grinder and jabbed the button down, momentarily drowning out Yuki's voice with the loud, grinding whirr of the sharp blades chopping the beans up into coarse grounds suitable for making their morning injection of java. Caffeine, ironically, was one of the few mild stimulants that had more or less the same effect on humans and vampires alike.

They used to really only drink tea, but Kaname had gotten hooked on coffee after acquiring several island coffee plantations and had introduced it to the rest of them. So now they alternated between tea and coffee as the mood struck. This morning, was definitely a coffee morning, for all of them. But if it was coffee, it had to be of the fresh-ground variety or Kaname wouldn't drink it. He thought canned, crystallized or even pre-ground coffee was an abomination.

Zero held the grinder button down for a little longer than necessary before finally releasing it. Yuki was still singing. He rolled his eyes, amused despite himself.

Kaname groaned, wincing at the light streaming in all over him and at the loud sounds grating on his incredibly sensitive hearing. He rolled over, tugging the pillow over his head.

"Unngh, do you two have to make so much noise?" he grumbled in a heavily sleep-fogged voice, muffled by the pillow. He felt like he'd just barely closed his eyes and the sunlight streaming in through the patio doors was uncomfortably hot and annoying.

Zero's grin widened. If there was one thing that made his own difficulty with mornings more bearable and amusing, it was watching Kaname try to deal with them. The pureblood had the advantage over Zero in just about everything... except when it came to those unique areas of vampire weakness that Zero's human heritage helped protect him against.

"Come on, sleepyhead, it's time to wakey-wakey..." Zero egged with a dark grin as he dumped the coffee grounds into a filter and put them in the coffee machine, closing the lid and turning it on to perk. The toast popped up and he put both pieces on a plate, spreading a light film of butter over the hot bread before putting two more slices in to toast.

"Get that smirk out of your tone, Kiriyu, or I'll find something to breaky-breaky," Kaname retorted warningly from under the pillow, mimicking Zero's inflection.

Yuki emerged from the bathroom, still in her camisole and pajama pants but with her hair and makeup all done.

"Coffee smells great!" she said cheerily, bouncing into the kitchen to press a warm, good morning kiss against Zero's lips. As she did so, she deftly stole a piece of toast, darting around, out of reach behind him as soon as he'd seen what she'd done. One arm snaked around his waist from behind, her cheek resting against his back as she chewed contentedly on the lightly browned and buttered toast. It made her very happy to have both the boys here with her and she savored the warm, steady beat of Zero's heart under her ear as she munched.

It also didn't hurt that she rarely had to cook when they were around. Zero had always been good in the kitchen and he tended to simply take over naturally, which she found unbelievably sweet. Kaname was pretty good with food too actually, when he wanted to put in the effort. But spending a lot of time in the kitchen wasn't his idea of fun unless it was a special occasion, so he usually preferred to order them expensive take-out.

Zero's arm curled around Yuki's where it rested about his waist, his larger fingers twining with her smaller ones and giving a soft squeeze as he enjoyed the feeling of her body pressed against his back, her breath warm against the light tank-style tee he was wearing over his pajama pants.

"What do you want for breakfast?" he inquired. "Besides my toast?"

Yuki could hear the amused smile in his voice as it rumbled softly beneath her ear. She licked butter off her fingers and pressed a semi-greasy kiss against the back of his neck, nuzzling her face lightly against the silky strands of silver hair that brushed his skin. "Toast is fine. I've got to run this morning, haven't much time."

"Ah, yes, too bad we can't all sleep in like some people..." Zero said innocently, sending a meaningful nod towards the bed and its sole occupant.

Yuki giggled and peered around him, following his line of sight. Truly, Kaname was a precious, sometimes hilarious sight in the mornings when he'd not gotten enough sleep. So different from the completely suave and meticulously turned out aristocratic gentleman he was most of the time.

"Mmm, yes, true..." she agreed. Giving Zero another squeeze, she slid out of the kitchen again, shooting Zero a devilish grin as she crossed over to the bed. Leaning down Yuki blew softly against the nape of Kaname's bare neck where it showed beneath the pillow. The hairs stood on end and she smirked at the reaction, grabbing the pillow and tugging it up enough to lay a kiss on the pureblood's cheek.

"Were you calling my singing noise a minute ago, honey?" she asked in an overly sweet tone of voice that heralded danger.

Kaname rolled over onto his back, blinking up at her, the picture of bleary-eyed, charming innocence. "Coffee grinder. Coffee Grinder was noise," he said with perfectly straight face. "You, my princess, sing like a lark." He captured her hand and pressed a warm, sleepy kiss against her knuckles.

Zero chuckled at Kaname's ability to lie oh so convincingly, even when half asleep. "...A lark stuck in a vacuum cleaner..." the ex-human added quietly, but not quietly enough. He ducked the pillow Yuki hurled at him with a laugh.

Kaname groaned again, shading his face from the sun with his hand as he groggily pushed up to sit, leaning against the headboard. "Yuki, darling, you know I'd be glad to get you some better shades for this window..." Since you insist on keeping your bed here where the damn sunlight comes in every morning at the infernal crack of dawn...

"I like the sunlight coming in to wake me up, Kaname," Yuki pointed out with a fond smile, but she took pity on him and reached behind the transparent, gossamer curtains and tugged the cord to draw a second hidden, sturdier shade across the expanse of the sliding glass patio doors, blocking out the sun and plunging the room back into semi-gloom.

"But after you complained so much last time, I did put this in. That better?" She leaned down to give him a quick kiss.

Zero raised a wry eyebrow at her dangerous move. Didn't Yuki see the sparkle in Kaname's dark gaze? She should know better by now than to tease him when he had that look. Zero had long ago learned the warning signs of when he needed to stay well out of Kaname's reach unless he had an hour or two to waste. The hunter shook his head, but offered no warning.

"Mmm... much..." Kaname murmured in return, arm swiftly snagging around Yuki and pulling her down close to him. Yuki yelped softly in admittedly pleased surprise as she tumbled onto the bed and was swiftly rolled over onto her back, finding herself suddenly trapped under a smiling and delightfully naked pureblood.

Kaname kissed her deeply and Yuki's breath escaped in a rush as their lips tangled. She ran her arm down his strong back, fingers tracing the graceful line of his spine as she returned the kiss for a long moment.

"Um... Kaname... I gotta go, I really, really can't afford to be late for this class again..." she murmured somewhat breathlessly after a moment, starting to slide out from under him. Kaname didn't let her, keeping her pinned where she was, his lips caressing her jaw and sliding down her neck.

"I can make your teacher think you were there..." he teased her, hot mouth trailing down her collarbone. "Say the word and I can make him think you're his top pupil..."

Yuki struggled to breathe normally. Damn... he was sending such fire pounding through her... "Kaname!" she protested, stifling a small moan. "You know I don't want you to do that. I'm making it through on my own or not at all. But if I fail this class I won't be able to graduate this term..."

Kaname's mouth slid down to her stomach, pushing up the hem of her lacy little camisole and tracing hot, languid kisses across her ribs and her abdomen. Yuki shuddered, fingers tangling in Kaname's hair for a moment before she tried again to push him off. Kaname grinned wickedly and blew softly against her moist navel, knowing that she was ticklish.

Yuki giggled and squirmed. "Zero, will you please tell this insatiable, twit that I have to get to class?"

Zero crossed over and knelt on the edge of the bed, by Yuki's head. His pulse was pounding deliciously in his veins from watching his two lovers and he grinned as he bent his head to capture Yuki's lips in a slow, upside-down kiss. He knew he shouldn't, he should help Yuki keep her schedule, he knew how frustrated he got with Kaname when the pureblood did this to him, but...

"Hey, Kaname, she said she's got to get to class," Zero repeated unhelpfully, exploring the warmth of Yuki's mouth as she kissed him back with an eagerness that totally belied her playful protests.

As Zero's hot breath brushed her lips and Kaname's glided slowly lower down her body, Yuki knew she was lost. She groaned softly in her throat. Her hands tangled in their hair, silver in one hand, sepia in the other. Damn these two drove her crazy... but she loved it. She loved them. They had had such little time together these past few months; she supposed she didn't really care if she sacrificed a few grades. She wouldn't really fail the class over one absence. She was almost done anyway, almost graduated. Much as Yuki had enjoyed college, she looked forward to being finished. Especially since she hoped it would mean she'd have the freedom to spend more time with Zero and Kaname.

They were here with her whenever they could be, but it was usually only weekends or a few weeks here or there, hence the reason she'd been able to talk Kaname into letting her keep this cozy little one-person apartment rather than one of the larger and more ostentatious affairs he would have gladly funded for her. She would have felt lonely, knocking about in all that space by herself when they weren't around. It would have only served to remind herself how much she missed them. Maybe things were a little crammed when the two boys came to stay with her, but they were never there long enough for it to get truly uncomfortable. After all the time apart, it was delicious to be living on top of one another, to be always in one another's paths, at least for a little while.

Of course... it was also dangerous... obviously...

Zero's lips trailed down the underside of Yuki's chin and his hand slid under the straps of her thin nightshirt, sliding them almost reverently down her shoulders before his hand slipped below the thin material down to cup her breast, thumb playing warmly across the smooth, delicate skin. Kaname eased her pajamas off her hips, his mouth now tracing indescribable lines of fire along her inner thigh and Yuki was completely gone.

She gasped softly against Zero's warm, full lips as the hunter's strong fingers, lightly callused from his constant work and training slid across the sensitive skin of her breasts. Kaname's hot mouth worked inexorably higher up her thigh, his fangs grazing teasingly across the heat-flushed skin. Zero lightly pinched her right nipple at about the same time that Kaname's tongue did something disturbingly incredible and Yuki whimpered into Zero's mouth, her back arching against the mattress. She swore the two of them worked far too well together, even unconsciously. Wasn't fair. Wasn't fair at all... mmmmm... but she wasn't complaining...

It felt like Kaname and Zero were always busy, always away. Kaname tending to his massively sprawling business interests and the needs and duties that his position in the vampire world required. Zero either on assignment for the Hunter's association or on assignment for Kaname, who was not shy about putting the young hunter's ample talents to work as a troubleshooter in tricky situations all over the world. Because they shared a lot of work in common, the hunter and the pureblood saw a lot more of each other than either of them was able to see of her, and Yuki would have been tempted to feel jealous, if they didn't always make it up to her so incredibly beautifully whenever they were here.

To hell with everything else, Yuki decided, her knees catching at Kaname's sides, her arms curling up around Zero's shoulders as she hungrily kissed along the open neckline of the hunter's tank-top, lips and tongue tracing the dark lines of the tattoo on his neck. She teased Kaname's bare hips with her feet as she curled her legs around him, running her toes slowly along his thighs and shivering at the growl of pleasure that reverberated through him, buzzing against her skin and singing through her body as he devoured her.

Fire buzzed through Zero's body, pooling deliciously in his gut as Yuki arched and writhed beautifully under his touch, trailing kisses across his skin like a flock of fiery butterflies. He groaned softly as Yuki's teeth bit and nibbled firmly at the side of his neck. She was well aware of how uniquely sensitive both her vampire lovers' necks were and she intentionally worried Zero's bite area with her teeth, making his eyes flutter shut as his heart pounded raggedly. Yuki's teeth were small and blunt, not sharp like Kaname's, and it felt different then it did with another vampire, but her touch created its own type of unique delight.

Some years ago, Zero had been 'tamed' to Yuki, through the tattoo that she was now lavishing with such intense attentions. At moments like this, the ex-human swore that she could and did manipulate him a bit through that connection, because his skin fairly burned under her lips. Or maybe it was just because he loved her so much. Either way, he was quite happily lost to the building pleasure. Yuki's hands reached up over her head, tugging the hem of his tank shirt up his chest, fingers tracing warmly across his stomach.

Yuki's foot slid up Kaname's thigh. His body was hot, flushed with desire under her cool toes. She delightedly rubbed and teased his hard flesh. The pureblood shuddered softly with ragged, pulsing hunger and pleasure, momentarily pausing to press his face against her stomach as his breath rasped against her skin.

"Mmmmmmm..." Kaname's mouth slid down again and he hummed against Yuki's hot skin, letting the vibrations travel through her and elicit another pleased whimper. He glanced up towards where Zero and Yuki were rather passionately making out. It was an intoxicating picture. The hunter's silver hair brushed Yuki's shoulder as he dipped his head. Strong, pale fingers moved across her tanned skin, exhibiting skill with which Kaname was intimately familiar. Yuki's hands were tangled in Zero's shirt and she pulled it off over his head.

The fire inside the pureblood spiraled exponentially, almost unbearably higher, just about hazing out his senses. Nothing like watching the two of them together to make him want to bed them both... urgently. There was a time when things were different... when he had a real problem seeing Yuki and Zero together, despite how much he cared about both of them individually and despite his best intentions to the contrary. But now... now that time and faithfully forgiving hearts had had their say, he had a pretty firm peace that neither of them was going to leave him for the other. So Kaname simply reveled in how delightful it was to know that both these delightful, caring, wonderful, sensual people were his.

Kaname slid up Yuki's body and Zero slid down. Meeting in the middle they exchanged heated glances, brown eyes and silver both tinged with red, but out of a hunger for something other than blood. The desire thrumming through both brought them together unintentionally and their lips brushed lightly, then more forcefully as they kissed for an intense moment, feeling the pulse pounding in the other's veins. Kaname groaned softly against Zero's mouth as Yuki wrapped her legs around his waist and Zero drank up his shuddering breaths before they separated. Kaname pulled Yuki's camisole down to her stomach, finishing the tantalizing exposition that Zero had started. His mouth fell to her left breast and Zero took her right, their movements unintentionally syncing exotically as they kissed, licked and nibbled her smooth skin.

Yuki moaned delightedly, her legs twining tighter around Kaname's waist, urging, tempting, as her hands slid down Zero's sides, catching in the waistband of his loose pajama pants and pulling them down over his hips. Her hands hooked behind his thighs, pulling him closer and Zero hissed sharply through his teeth in raw delight as her beautiful mouth found new places to explore.

Yuki's head was spinning and her blood pounding in her ears as she gave herself up eagerly to the two men that comprised her whole world and held her heart completely and utterly between them. Sometimes she felt she'd no right to be this happy, felt it must be completely sinful to have this much raw joy in her life. But she didn't care. These two were her heaven, her heart, her soul, her life.

Microeconomics could so wait.

Yuki lay exhausted and deliciously sated on the bed, comfortably sandwiched between Kaname and Zero, their bodies tangled together in a warm, intimate sprawl so that it was hard to tell where one began and the other ended. Kind of like their hearts and their souls.

Kaname was spooned against her back, his knee hooked comfortably over her hip. He was leaning partially upright on one elbow, long fingers tracing slow, delicate patterns against Yuki's shoulder and arm and gliding over to trace them across Zero's skin as well as he lay on the other side, facing her. Zero's knee rested contentedly between Yuki's warm thighs, his arm wrapped around her waist and his hand resting on Kaname's hip.

Kaname caught Zero's eye and gave him an adoring look. "Hey, you have something, right there... no, over a little..." Kaname murmured with a grin, gesturing to Zero's mouth, but then shaking his head. "Never mind, I'll get it..." Zero had Yuki's lipstick smudged across one corner of his mouth and Kaname leaned over to slowly lick and kiss it away from the hunter's skin. Kaname was usually incredibly mellow and lazily playful after this kind of... exertion.

Zero instinctually leaned up a little, into the caress, allowing the sweet kiss to linger deliciously between them. Time had accustomed him to Kaname's ways, and gradually drawn him to enjoy them. He murmured softly in his throat as the kiss deepened a bit, unintentionally, or perhaps intentionally, rolling a little closer against Yuki so her warm, round breasts rubbed against him.

Yuki smiled deeply as she lay nestled between the two vampires, watching them kiss with fond, exhausted contentment. Kaname and Zero had been hesitant, at first, to be intimate with each other when they were around her, embarrassed and probably afraid what she would think, even though they knew she knew about them. Of course, it had been the same way with her and Kaname and her and Zero too... all of them kind of shuffling and stepping around one another as if not sure where to draw lines and boundaries and where to tear them down, not sure where to step to not hurt someone else or how to deal with certain flares of jealousy and natural possessiveness. Initially, finding a balance in this crazy lifestyle of theirs had been awkward, confusing and often downright painful. It had been like trying to walk on rice paper without tearing it – almost impossible. There had been a lot of moments of intense hurt, misunderstanding and uncertainty when it felt like they were nuts to think this could ever work. But gradually, time and familiarity had worn away some of the edges and let the three of them find their comfort zones together.

Even so, Kaname and Zero had still been hesitant to be like this with each other when she was around until Yuki finally flat out informed them that it did not bother her in the least to see them together and in fact, quite frankly it made her hot as hell, so would they please just get over it already.

Mmm... right now it was making Yuki a little too hot. She laughed softly. "Hey, guys, come up for air before you make me want to miss my afternoon classes too, will you?" she teased them.

Kaname and Zero seemed in no hurry to finish their kiss, but they eventually separated, sharing an amused grin. Usually, the three of them were with each other a little more separately and discretely, but sometimes... like this morning... the mood was right and life was just beautiful.

A half hour later, Yuki had finally managed to get all the way dressed, including having to reapply her makeup and redo her hair. Zero and Kaname were semi-decent, still topless and barefoot, but at least now both wearing pajama pants. Zero poured coffee for the three of them, putting Yuki's in a to-go mug

since she had to leave now in order to make her next class in time. He put in the amount of cream and sugar that he knew she liked and screwed the top on, passing it to her as she set her purse and book bag down on the counter, grabbing an apple from the fridge to eat on the way.

"You'll be okay, right?" he asked her quietly as he removed the two now cold pieces of toast still sitting in the toaster from earlier, slid them into a plastic bag and tucked them into her backpack for a snack later, should she want one. He knew they usually had butter, cream cheese and other fixings for free at the university commissary. "I mean, I'm sorry about making you miss this morning..."

Yuki grinned. "No you're not," she teased, although she knew that he was, a little. Zero was always responsible like that. It was sweet. She kissed him on the cheek and arranged her book bag, purse apple and coffee and headed for the door. Kaname beat her to it and opened it for her, so she didn't have to juggle everything she was carrying. Yuki was by now used to his speed and having him pop up where he hadn't been a moment ago and she gave him a smile, leaning up to kiss him on the chin before she stepped out into the hallway.

"I'll be back in a couple hours!" she called as she jogged off.

Kaname watched her through the door until she was out of sight and then let it close. He stretched and yawned, reminding Zero of a cat who was trying to wake up. He was obviously still tired, despite having been perfectly awake enough to be a completely demanding lover, but that was Kaname for you. Zero silently placed the mug of coffee he'd poured for the pureblood in Kaname's hands. Black, the way he liked it. Kaname's fingers curled around it gratefully and he took a deep sip. It was very hot, almost hot enough to burn, but that was also the way Kaname liked it, so Zero didn't warn him.

The hunter kept his own mug cupped in his hands for the moment, waiting for it to cool a little. Zero knew that Kaname had more reason than usual to be feeling tired. He hadn't mentioned it to Yuki, because she would have fussed and he knew Kaname hated wasting any of the precious time they had together, but Kaname had had a long week. The pureblood had double-packed his schedule in order to be able to take some time off to be here. He'd stayed up a day or two working and getting things ready for... for whatever the important, business-y things it was he did. Zero didn't pretend to try to keep up with Kaname's business wheeling's and dealings unless they concerned something he was working on. Kaname used to try to explain things to him, but it just gave Zero a headache.

The pureblood had then had a business meeting in New York, followed by one in London, but between there there'd been an emergency that sent him rushing down to Brazil in order to stave off some near disaster. After London, he'd come back here, toting a load of business associates along with him on his private jet so they could continue working while in flight and he would waste less time. The end result was that save for the three hours he'd gotten last night between the couch and the bed, the pureblood hadn't really slept for more than an hour or two in about five days. Kaname could, and often did, go long periods without needing rest, but Zero knew that five whole days was still pushing it, even for him.

"How'd the movie end last night?" Kaname inquired conversationally as he continued to sip slowly at his coffee. Kaname, proving how tired he was, had fallen asleep on the couch, on Yuki's shoulder, barely halfway through the movie the three of them had been watching together. Actually, Kaname usually fell asleep when they were watching television. Yuki and Zero sometimes took bets behind his back how long he'd last before he dozed off. With the hectic schedule he kept, it wasn't much of a surprise that any long periods of sitting down without need for serious mental activity tended to put him out like a light. It was a sign of how much he trusted the people he was with, and how comfortable they made him that he was able to let go like that. Zero didn't think that Kaname had missed much last night though.

The hunter raised his eyebrows at Kaname's question. "Uh... the guy and the girl got together again," he summarized in a nutshell. It had been Yuki's turn to pick the movies and while Zero tolerated her choices of entertainment, they certainly didn't stick in his head. Romantic comedy was not really his thing, and he was positive Yuki had only chosen the old movie because she was on a Johnny Depp kick this week. Zero was not oblivious to the fact that the actor had been in both the movies Yuki had selected.

Kaname shot Zero a look. "Wow. That's... deep, Zero," he teased him wryly. "Remind me not to ask you to write up any reports for me unless there's a ten word limit. I could have told you that was going to happen, that's the best you can do?"

Zero scowled and shook his head, finally taking a sip of his own coffee. "Oh come on, don't tell me you actually care about the details... that movie was a total chick flick."

Kaname chuckled. No, he didn't care, but any excuse to give Zero grief was a good one. He didn't really watch television that much unless he was with Yuki or Zero, actually. He preferred reading personally, but he did enjoy cuddling on the couch with both of them and he found it interesting to note the vast differences between what his two lovers enjoyed in their entertainment.

"Well it's your turn to pick tonight, so I'm sure we'll end up with something that has more explosions and less relationship angst," Kaname said with a dry twinkle in his eye as he finished his coffee. The pureblood set down his empty cup and rubbed his face, pinching the bridge of his nose.

"You should go back to bed and rest until Yuki comes back," Zero suggested quietly. He could tell how tired Kaname was. "We've got all afternoon free."

Kaname smiled and shook his head. "I'm fine," he said as he rose from his chair. He crossed around behind Zero, arms resting lightly on the other's shoulders as he leaned on the back of Zero's chair, resting his face against the side of the hunter's neck. "But bed does sound good, if you're coming with me..." he murmured suggestively. Zero'd been looking damn hot earlier, but their attention had mainly been focused on Yuki. Kaname was interested in rectifying the lack of attention...

Zero laughed, trying to ignore the warm little shiver that ran down his spine. He gave Kaname's head a playful shove. "Kaname... we just got out of bed. You know, Yuki's right, you are an insatiable twit!" he growled in fond frustration.

Zero's body reacted quite strongly as he suddenly felt Kaname's teeth graze his neck lightly and Zero set his coffee cup down to keep from accidentally dropping it as he shuddered. "Kaname, you should get some sleep while you can..." he protested, but Kaname could feel Zero's pulse winding up to a hard pitch in the veins throbbing so deliciously under the pureblood's fangs.

"Sleeping's boring," Kaname replied in a husky voice that somehow managed to make words befitting a petulant two-year-old sound alluring. "And like you said, we have all afternoon..." He kissed Zero's neck

passionately and as Zero's blood ran hot with familiar fire he dipped his head back, fingers tangling in Kaname's hair.

"Kaname, life with you is never boring..." Zero muttered ruefully as he traced his lips down Kaname's throat, the pureblood's long fingers gliding down his chest...