Little one-shot that I decided to do cuz I'm board, I do like how it turned out. I might expand it. Reviews and critique is greatly appreciated.

Disclaimer: I do not own the series even though it's canceled and they're not doing anything with it.


It's been 30 years? Yes, 30 long years since the Teen Titans, one of the most greatest Superhero groups fell apart. Everyone knew it was going to happen soon. But when it did it still hurt, citizens could only watch as they deteriorated, barely talking to each other, and when they did it was to yell. So when the day came they said "Goodbye" and left.

Robin took to solo hero. Fighting the minimal crime there was left after all the supervillians found better things to do. But Robin, excuse me, Nightwing did save lives from gang shootings and reckless driving.

Beast Boy tried going solo, but got his butt kicked…a lot. But found an opening in a circus and became the one-man freak show. The kids just laughed at the green skinned man and throw things at him as he sulked in his cage.

Raven stayed in a broken down apartment complex, alone. People spread rumors that an insane witch lives there and drinks the blood of kids that dare enter. But those were just rumors and aren't true. The only thing she'll do is yell for you to leave. So she can be alone once again.

Starfire tired to put everything behind her, as she is so good at doing, and became a teacher for 2nd grade. She is happy teaching, so she is surrounded by smiling faces and tries not to relate the kids in her class to the kids she knew so long ago.

Cyborg took to hiding everything and becoming a mechanic. And he was the best in Jump City. Anything you had that was broken, Cyborg could fix it. He made numerous things and enjoyed every one of them. But nothing could replace the things in his mind that couldn't be fixed.

The ancient fault line that Slade threatened to expose 30 years ago decided to open. Engulfing nearly 3/4ths of the city into rubble. Too many people to count died that day.

The ancient structure that no one could bring themselves to destroy was taken into the ocean. Engulfed in the waves the T shaped tower was sitting on. I'm sure those five people saw it happen. I'm sure those five people took it hard, old dust ridden memories becoming fresh again.

What brought them all there on the island so barren now is unknown. But these five people, civilians known just as Richard, Garfield, Rachel, Kori and Victor something happened. They were no longer simply civilians. They were teenagers again. Restored of past demons and standing there on the barren island. The ex-sidekick of Batman, the changeling, the half demon, the alien and the half robot.

"Besides, we kind of made a good team." The green boy said, standing with his new friends.

"I thought we might want to keep in touch -so Cyborg and I designed these." The ink black haired leader of this new team fished in his belt and pulled out these communicators. Giving them to each teen.

This was the restart for some, I don't believe in second chances, but sometimes, I guess, history repeats itself.

"Grandpa, you're silly!"

"Am I Alicia? Besides, I was there when it happened"

"But Grandpa, the Teen Titans are just teens! They aren't 40 years old!"

"But they were, then history decided to play a trick on them…"

"Slade Wilson, would you stop filling my daughter's mind with those silly things?" The 34-year-old woman set her daughter on the couch. "Sometimes I worry about you dad" She shakes her head. I just sit back in my chair; sure, most people died then, from the fault line, but I didn't, no. I'm still here; just me and five other people will ever know what really happened.

(Dark Wolf)