My Hopeless not so Little Crush

My Hopeless not so Little Crush

Chapter 1:

In this world practical world people have grown tired of hopeless romanticists, and turn to reason and logic to live their lives. Roxas, however, have been one of the few who, as much as he hates to admit, a hopeless romanticist. People often thought of Roxas as superficial for he often develop attraction through physical appearances and sometimes their style and appeal as well.

Yes, and his friends do often tell him so, along with another line they like to add that follows so, "How can you like someone you don't even know?"

Roxas sat quietly at the cash register. There isn't much customers around late even because it was almost closing time. It was a humble private owned restaurant, and Roxas happened to be both the cashier, and waiter. The owner was quite a cheap fellow and only hired a total to three employees, one being the cook, and the other two were Roxas and another boy who happened to be his best friend Hayner. Roxas covered the night shifts and Hayner took the morning shifts. Hayner have often complained that Roxas got the easier time due to the lack of customers during near closing time but little did he know that Roxas has to end up to be the one to clean up for the day and close the shop. Though the restaurant wasn't big, it is actually one of the best tasting places in town, that is if you can get pass the weird assorted things Cid puts in his recipes.

His life was a pretty uneventful, uninteresting, and not to mention loveless life. Roxas in his friends opinion was too quick to fall in love as well as too quick to fall out of love. He move on and on with crushes like changing socks, however, this time was different. Though Roxas had a typically boring life, however, working at the restaurant improved his social life a bit.

There was a particular customer who Roxas had a cardiac arrest for over a six months now. The particular customer, sadly, never come to the restaurant alone, he is often and almost always surrounded by people. Roxas didn't know that customer's name, he only knew him because he often see him come by with a lot of other people near closing hours to grab a bit. There wasn't many places that opened around midnight. Roxas's crush would always come to order some Asian Cuisine from Cid's and usually Roxas was the one to take their order being (once again) the only employee there at the time besides the chef.

As usual, his crush strode in with a group of people, sometimes from about 5 to 12 people. They belonged in some type of club. Roxas's crush was notable through his lengthy height and brilliant red hair. Often there isn't many people that would have such a vibrant color for hair, and Roxas had assumed that is was natural. Of course, Roxas's friends know about his crush though none of them except Riku have seen him in person. They all know of this crush to be code name " Flame" or "Red". Roxas being a hopelessly shy person dare not ask the guy for his name so he randomly decided to call the young man Flame or most times Red. It wasn't the most beautiful of nicknames to pick but they were better choices than "The tall guy" or "skinny".

Red walked in today with not so surprising 5 people. That was the usual average. The were all so casual and so comfortable around each other, it made Roxas extremely envious at how those people can interact with Red so freely and casually. He really wished him and Red would have that kind of relationship, and more. The group seated themselves at the usual spot near the corner deeper into the restaurant, too busy talking to notice that their waiter was off in daydream.

Roxas was dazed until one of the guys from table started calling out to him, a bit annoyed.

"Oi, when can we order some food?" This rough man with hair like a skunk's back yelled out. He was a bit older than the rest of the group.

Snapping out of his trance Roxas proceed to their table with the notepad, ready to take the orders. He could really feel his cheeks burning red but more then anything his heart ached as if it was screaming out to Red's heart screaming for a mutual agreement. Roxas knew it was strange and probably rude to stare but he couldn't help it. He doesn't get to see his crush often enough to not look. His mentality was to get as much as you can while it lasts.

Roxas wrote down the orders, while occupied with looking at Red. He would be surprised when he's done that he didn't mess up any orders by far. Red finally took some notice on these glances that Roxas have been giving him. He gave Roxas a quick glance with a tiny hint of awkwardness and a whole lot of emotionally expressionless. He only smiled when his friends talked to him. Roxas sigh in defeat, depression have already weighed him over as he walked towards the kitchen. Inside Roxas hoped that Red would be look at his back side, so he gave his usual supermodel walk, almost tripping over himself due to the newly sweeped floors at the kitchen's entrance.

Roxas really felt ashamed of himself for always acting like a major idiot in front of his crush. By now he wouldn't be surprised if Red thought of him as the freak cashier/waiter that always stares.

The crew ate, laughed, and talked the hour away. Roxas in a very lonely state stared hopelessly at the tall Red headed young man. He was truly a prince. Perfectly lean body, long arms and legs. Brilliant and awesome hair, light and pale smooth skin, straight perfect nose, and the most beautifully shaped green eyes. Roxas have admitted many times that in the pass none of the people he liked every counts until now. Red truly seem to be the man that Roxas have always hoped for. Many times he had prayed that God would give this beautiful person to him and allow Roxas to be loved by the gorgeous redhead.

"Um..Hello? Cashier boy…check please."

The tone had a soothing flow to it. Roxas had almost fallen out of his chair after being face to face with Red. He quickly turned red as his cheeks burned. Red still nonchalantly paid for the meal as his friend took leave. Soon after Red also exited the Restaurant. His head turned slightly back, and for a second there Roxas had thought maybe, just maybe Red wanted to look back at Roxas.

Roxas didn't have high hopes, because most of his lifetime at age of nineteen the people he liked never shared the same feelings. Like they always say, the higher you climb the harder you fall, and Roxas was one who took this quote very seriously.

Another month pass and Roxas was feeling more depressed than ever. Nothing have really progressed with Red. It was the usual same o' routine of seeing Red twice or thrice a week but even then it was never enough. Roxas still hope they one day they can just be more than even friends.

Hayner and Riku have rushed Roxas to try to talk to the guy. Being a shy grump that he is, it was plainly too hard for Roxas to take the initiative. Like his lovely brother Sora always say, " don't go find love, let it find you"

Damn Sora and his sayings, as much as he hate to agree with Sora, Roxas was just too impatient.

It was around 11:38 when Red arrived. The Roxas's surprise he was alone. The moment Red entered the room Roxas's eyes were glued. He just couldn't' help it. Roxas approached the single table with notepad in hand and eyes on his crush's lean figure. Red was about to order when he realized that Roxas was lost in thoughts.

"Ahem…earth to…waiter…"

With a blush Roxas answered, "…a..S..So ry…W..what can I get you?"

"You can get me one of those blinds…your just staring at me…is there something on my face?"

Roxas shook a bit at the customer's comment, "..i..iie..I..I mean yourfaceistooprettyhav-som-e-wrong"

He quickly coverd his mouth. He couldn't believe he just blurted almost everything he loved about his crush.