And another one, it´s Clarisse/Josef centered of course but I made a minor change to the story line that will make things a lot more difficult for our dream couple... Hope you´ll enjoy :D

"Hello, Amelia."

Queen Clarisse Renaldi couldn´t help but wish her granddaughter could have had a bit more class and style but for now it would have to do, there was still time until she had to present her to anyone of importance after all- for now she was glad that her former daughter- in- law had talked the girl into coming back to the embassy at all.

"Hi, Grandma."

Amelia said, somewhat hesitant and this time Clarisse could see what was bothering the girl, of course she had no idea what was to be expected of her grandmother´s so called princess lessons.

Amelia´s eyes wandered to a framed photograph on Clarisse´s desk, the queen´s favorite picture of her and her husband, King Rupert.

"Is that Granddad?"

"Yes, that is him- he would have loved to come here with me to meet you but unfortunately he had to attend to important business, I´m afraid he´ll only arrive in time for the ball."

"How long have you been married?"

The princess asked, still looking at the picture.

"Forty- two years now" Clarisse answered, causing Mia to stare at her open mouthed.

"Forty- two years? Why on earth did you get married so early?"

"Our parents arranged for us to get married as soon as I turned eighteen, there wasn´t really a choice actually."

"So you didn´t marry because you fell in love?"

"No, we didn´t, it was simply a sensible arrangement for the country´s sake- that doesn´t mean I am unhappy with Rupert" Clarisse added hastily, sensing her granddaughter´s feelings.

"Quite the contrary, he´s a wonderful person and we are very close, I´m very fond of your grandfather."

"Ok- I was just surprised."

"I understand it´s hard to imagine it but it´s not that unusual within our circles."

"That´s why Dad left Mom?"

Mia asked, watching Clarisse intensely.

"No, I wouldn´t say that, your mother could have moved to Genovia with him and become queen but she didn´t want to, she was young and very free spirited and she didn´t want to live in a golden cage as she called it."

"Oh, ok."

"I know that must be difficult- but since your uncle had already abdicated at the time your father felt that he had to become king and to be honest your parent´s relationship was not a very harmonic one from the beginning, they decided that with the circumstances given it was best to go separate ways."

Clarisse explained, relieved when Mia relaxed.

"Perhaps it would be good if you asked Helen about it" Clarisse suggested and Mia nodded.

"Yes, I´ll do that."