The Science of Love

The Science of Love Part 1

Warning! If you don't like Transformer Yaoi fics DON'T READ! Rated M for future chapters. Ratchet/Wheeljack OC/Wheeljack

Perceptor mumbled as he tried to figure out what was wrong with his new formula he was trying to finish. It had been driving him nuts for the past Earth-month trying to get the right ingredients in the right quantity, in the right ratio but so far he was getting zilch. The formula was supposed to create a substance that would recharge the Autobot troops out on the field when they had no supply of Energon, sort of like a ration-pack. The results weren't to the Microscope's liking and he actually thought that he was going to snap when the formula came out wrong again.

'Blast it all!' he cried, slamming his fists onto the table.

Perceptor was a peaceful Autobot so this was quite out of character for him. He quickly straighten himself up and calmed down, thankful that none of the other Autobots were around to see that ugly scene. He jumped slightly when he heard a knock on his office door and quickly checked that he wasn't a mess before answering.

'Who is it?' he asked.

After a small pause a voice he knew too well answered.

'It's me Wheeljack!'

Perceptor walked over to the door and opened it to see the Autobot mechanic standing there with the look of worry in his optics. Perceptor ushered him in and shut the door behind him as the mechanic took a seat at the scientist's desk.

'Hope I'm not bothering you ol'buddy, but I need…advice.' informed Wheeljack, nervous for some reason.

Perceptor shrugged, what was a talk with a friend compared to figuring out a formula that he could probably fix in an hour or two…or maybe another Earth month? He sat down next to Wheeljack and relaxed.

'Of course Wheeljack, I more than happy to help…but why did you come to me? Did Ratchet kick you out of his medical bay again?'

Wheeljack shook his head and chuckled nervously.

'Well, er, no. Not that. I mean I've already seen him today after…another big boom. But it's not about that! However it is about Ratchet…I mean, not with him being angry at me again but…'

Perceptor sighed as the mechanic continued to stammer on. He knew what he was talking about but seemed to have a hard time getting it out. However Wheeljack did get cute when he got nervous and stammered and it did cause Perceptor to snicker as the mechanic tried to straighten out his sentences. The scientist placed a hand on Wheeljack's shoulder and shook him a little.

'Now, now Wheeljack, calm down a little. What is it, plain and simple?'

Wheeljack shook himself and seemed to take in a deep breath before giving his problem.

'Well, I went to the med bay after blowing my chest compartment open and I went to see Ratchet to put it back on for me.'

'Couldn't you do it yourself?' asked Perceptor.

Wheeljack flushed a little and scratched his head.

'Heh, I couldn't move my left arm at the time' he snickered,

'Anyway, I went to see him and he was annoyed, naturally, and he just flopped me on the examination berth to patch me up. That's when it got weird.'

Perceptor sat up straight as Wheeljack lowered his head, his hidden face was going red, and it was easy to see.

'I felt funny as he checked to see if any of my circuits were damaged. I mean he checked them in the past but when he actually touched them today I felt really strange. Plus when he checked my SHU my Spark began to pulse faster than normal and I got that funny feeling again. After he fixed me up and I tried to get off the berth…and I couldn't feel my legs for some reason and fell. Ratchet helped me up and he thought I was sick or something cause I was hotter than normal!'

Perceptor took all the information in, if he were human the information would had gone in one audio and out the other. However Perceptor was a good listener and was waiting for Wheeljack to finish, noticing that he was blushing like mad.

'Is…something wrong with me? I'd ask Ratchet but I think I ticked him off for one day plus he seems to be working on something. You think I got a virus or something or am I losing it?' asked the confused Autobot.

Perceptor sighed and tried to think. When a human see's a doctor they get a little scared that they might get hurt, but Wheeljack had been going to see Ratchet for years. Sometimes they get embarrassed when they had to remove their clothing but Wheeljack had removed his armour before when Ratchet requested it. Then again, Ratchet might have touched a sensitive circuit inside Wheeljack making the poor thing nervous. However, thought Perceptor cheekily, there could be another good reason. He patted Wheeljack on the head and the worrying Mechanic looked up.

'Well, then Wheeljack I might know what your problem is.' replied the Microscope.

'Really!?' piped the Mechanic, brightening up.

'Indeed, but first let me ask you something.'

Wheeljack tilted his head in confusion.

'What's that?' he asked.

Perceptor leaned in a little closer.

'What do you think of Ratchet?'

Wheeljack seemed confused but could see in the Microscope's optics that he was waiting for an answer.

'Well…he's smart, a bit gruffy, dependable, decent, knowledgeable, tall, caring, a good friend, there when I need him, always looking out for me…'

Perceptor halted him and chuckled.

'Yes I see all that but what I mean is…how do you feel about him?'

Wheeljack was quiet for a while and he looked down at his feet. He was trying to find the right answer but right now his logic circuits weren't helping him.

'I think he's…a really good friend?' he responded, not too sure if it was the right answer.

Perceptor chuckled; obviously the poor mechanic hadn't figured it out yet. At first Perceptor thought he should tell the Autobot what was possibly wrong with him and that it was nothing to worry about however the Microscope thought it would be fun to let Wheeljack figured it out on his own. It would be a good experience for him too; the mechanic always used his spare time to invent meaningless contraptions sometimes and rarely had a social life. He gave Wheeljack a reassuring smile.

'There's nothing wrong with you Wheeljack. I mean it was the first time Ratchet gave your circuits a close inspection correct? You must have been a little nervous at the time. I suggest you and Ratchet have a little talk…just to let him know what was wrong with you at the time.'

Wheeljack seemed to sigh with relief. If Perceptor said nothing was wrong then that was good enough for him. He stood up and shook the scientist hand.

'Thanks Preceptor, that took a load off my chest! Gotta run!'

Wheeljack jogged out the room, waving his thanks to the microscope who turned round and giggled to himself. He wondered what would happen when Wheeljack would discover he was getting his first crush.

Wheeljack walked back to his workshop, happy that he wasn't going crazy. Like Perceptor said Ratchet must had touched a circuit that made him feel funny. Trying to forget all about he sat at his desk and began to think of something to invent when over the Intercom came the voice of the Autobot leader.

'Wheeljack, report to my office immediately!'

Wheeljack winced a little, was he trouble? He didn't detect any anger in Optimus Prime's voice but he did detect urgency. Leaving his workshop he hurried down the hallways to Optimus Prime's office, finding it closed. He gave it a quick knock and waited for a reply.

'Who is it?' came a voice, not belonging to Prime.

'I was summoned by Optimus! Who's that?' demanded Wheeljack.

The door opened and if Wheeljack was using his full face right now he'd be frowning. Prowl was standing there with a scary yet stern look on his face. He quickly ushered the confused mechanic into the office and slammed the door behind them. Looking round the office, Wheeljack saw Optimus Prime, Jazz and, to his surprise and shock, Ratchet, who was looking over some blueprints. He looked up from the paper and smiled gently.

'Hey Wheeljack, nice to see you made a full recovery!'

As Ratchet spoke, Wheeljack suddenly gripped his chest as his Spark began to pulse even faster. His circuitry began to heat up and he had a feeling his face was going red again. Jazz noticed and tilted his head in confusion.

'You alright man?' he asked.

Wheeljack stood up straight and chuckled nervously, realizing he made himself look like an idiot in front of his superiors.

'I'm fine, I'm fine! My Spark's been acting funny lately.'

Optimus chuckled slightly.

'Someone once told me that the Spark is a mysterious thing.' He said.

Ratchet gave his leader a funny look.

'How is the Spark mysterious? It basically gives us energy and keeps us up and running! Nothing more, nothing less.'

Optimus shrugged.

'Well there are some things we don't know about it.'

Prowl cleared his vocal processor loudly and addressed his leader.

'Sorry to interrupt Prime but…the meeting?'

'Ah yes, sorry Prowl. I called you all in here because some of you are my most trusted officers and some of you are wondrous mechanics in the field of science.'

Optimus glanced over at Wheeljack.

'Wheeljack, it seems that for once you'll be working on something that ISN'T your original idea!'


Wheeljack looked round the room with the look of confusion in his optics. Optimus chuckled again and Prowl just sighed.

'What I mean is Ratchet has come up with a device that can help our cause in the future!'

If Wheeljack was using his full face, his jaw would have dropped in shock. He looked over at Ratchet who smiled back. Wheeljack felt his Spark pulse fast again, but not as fast as the first time. Trying not too looking like an idiot he asked a simple question.

'What is it?'

Ratchet then began to talk.

'Wheeljack as you know, we constantly feed off Energon when we need it and sometimes we dry up our recourses, like back on Cybertron. This device that I have designed will prolong the effects of Energon!'

Wheeljack was impressed, a machine that could prolong the effects of Energon would be beneficial to the Autobot cause plus it made the mechanic wonder,

'Why didn't I think of that?'

But why wasn't Ratchet announcing it to the rest of the Autobots? Surely something like this would excite them. Prowl stepped in.

'We want to keep quiet about this Wheeljack, in case the Decepticons get wind of it. So right now the only ones authorized to know are myself, Optimus Prime, Jazz Ratchet and yourself!'

Wheeljack seemed a bit confused.

'Why me?'

Ratchet snickered a little, walking over to the mechanic and giving him a friendly slap to the back.

'Because Wheeljack, ol buddy, I need your help with making it a reality!' he answered, grinning.

Wheeljack felt his face go red again and tried to hide it. Ratchet noticed and leaned in a little closer.

'Are you sure you're OK?' he asked

'I'm fine! Really!' squeaked the Mechanic, still blushing.

After the secret meeting Wheeljack found himself back in his workshop with Ratchet. Ratchet wanted to start on his "Energon-Booster Machine" as soon as possible. Both bots were informed not to tell anyone about it or discuss it outside the room. They had locked themselves in and put out signs that they were not to be disturbed. It made Wheeljack felt funny being locked up in a room alone with Ratchet, who seemed to be the cause of his strange symptoms of blushing, Spark racing and burning up. Trying to fix these strange glitches he focused on the plans for the Energon-Booster. As Ratchet began to go over the blueprints with him, Wheeljack felt his Spark pulse fast again. He jumped a little when Ratchet suddenly looked at him with concern.

'My sensors tell me that your Spark is pulsing at an abnormal rate…are you OK?' he asked.

Wheeljack flushed as he felt even more weird staring into the medic's optics. He couldn't describe it but it felt like he couldn't take his own optics off them. He shook himself and shrugged.

'It's a glitch or something, don't worry!' he said, not wanting to delay in helping build Ratchet's new idea.

As they went over the blueprints together they started to collect the necessary materials. The rest of the Autobots watched them leave and re-enter the room carrying armfuls of metals, wiring, circuitry and other bits and bobs.

'What are you doing in there anyhow?' asked Sideswipe.

'None of your business!' snapped Ratchet.

'How long are you going to be working in there?' asked Sunstreaker.

'That's for me to know and for you to never find out!' snapped Ratchet.

'But where to we go if we get sick or something?' asked Bluestreak.

'Ask Perceptor! Now get lost all of you before I turn you all into toaster-ovens!'

Wheeljack began to chuckle as the three Autobots ran off in fear of making the medic even more angry. Ratchet noticed and chuckled nervously.

'Well I have to keep up my appearances y'know!'

'Being the base Bully you mean?' snickered Wheeljack, putting down some circuits on the table.

Ratchet chuckled as he picked up a few long sheets of heavy metal after locking the door again to prevent further disturbance.

'Well yes and no.' he muttered as he walked past Wheeljack.

'How many pieces or Alpha Level circuits you wanna use?' asked Wheeljack.

Ratchet spun round to answer and forgot he was carrying the heavy sheets of metal. He yelped when he whacked Wheeljack round the face and caused him to fall over. The medic dropped the sheets and helped him while Wheeljack was trying to shake his logic circuits back on, the blow to the head knocked some of them of. Ratchet quickly checked him over.

'Wheeljack are you OK?' he asked in a worried tone.

'I'm f-fine…I think…my face feels funny.'

Wheeljack got his optics back on and saw that ratchet was frowning at him. Looking at a reflective panel, the mechanic yelped when he saw that his face-guard had cracked right down the middle.

'Shoot.' He muttered.

Ratchet brought his hands up to Wheeljack's face, making the mechanic flinch in surprise.

'W-what are you doing?' he yelped.

'It's OK I can fix your face-guard right here, right now. I just wanna see if I damaged your face or not, it was a pretty hard hit to the head.'

Wheeljack flinched and felt his Spark pulse even faster when Ratchet gently pulled away his face-guard. Wheeljack wore it in case he ever blew his face off and when the war started he didn't really noticed he had it on. Wheeljack went red when Ratchet sent him a gentle smile.

'Nothing to be embarrassed about Wheeljack! Now hold still.'

Wheeljack's Spark must have been pulsing at 1000 pulses per minute when Ratchet's hands gently caressed his face, checking there was no real damage. Even though the medic's hands were made of metal Wheeljack had never felt something so gentle touch his face before. It made him heat up even more till the mechanic thought his circuits were going to blow. He winced a little when Ratchet moved his head from left to right and thought his entire face had gone red when Ratchet leaned in closer till he felt the medic's breath on his external skin. Ratchet pulled away and smiled, glad that there was no real damage.

'I can fix this now if you want!' he asked.

Wheeljack couldn't move. His legs were shaking and his lips trembling, he thought he was going to fall to bits. Ratchet noticed and grabbed the mechanic's shoulders and gave him a quick but gentle shake.

'Are you OK Wheeljack?'

Wheeljack looked up, still red in the face as he stared back at Ratchet. He saw concern and worry in his optics but right now Wheeljack couldn't even think straight.

'I'm fine…just overworked my circuits there for a second!' he said quickly.

Ratchet frowned, something was defiantly wrong with him but his sensors just told him that Wheeljack's Spark was just pulsing a little too fast, nothing major. He removed his hands and stood back.

'Well, I'll go repair this for you. You get started on the main body of the Energon Booster.'

Wheeljack gave a thumbs-up as Ratchet walked over to the power-tools table. As Ratchet began to work, Wheeljack clamped his hand over his face and muttered,

'What's wrong with me?'