The Science of Love Part 8

Warning! This chapter will have mech on mech action! Yes, that's right people, this is the part you've been waiting for RatchetXWheeljack

Months had passed since the incident. The Energon Booster project was scrapped after Perceptor found a fault with the process. Ratchet didn't argue and got back to doing what he did all day, checking everyone's current health and repairing them. The scars on Wheeljack's body were gone and he was able to walk round the base again. It took him time to build up the courage to leave the med bay but Ratchet gave him a little push and soon it was like nothing happened. The Autobot's, and even Wheeljack almost, forgot what had happened that day. On the plus side Wheeljack seemed to be happy and healthy, but that wasn't true. He wasn't happy, he was hiding his pain behind a fake smile and he hid that under his mask. The mechanic was still very much in love with Ratchet but after what had happened he decided not to tell him in fear of becoming rejected. Everytime he saw Ratchet he felt like his Spark was being ripped apart, he tried avoiding him and even reduced his experiments to a small level so he wouldn't have to report for an injury but nothing worked. He still thought about him and he almost longed for him.

'Why can't I just let him go?' he sobbed as he sat at his desk in his workshop.

Wheeljack eventully lost his interest to invent and create, which meant something was very wrong. At first it wasn't noticed until Prowl realized that he didn't have to send Brawn, Huffer or Windcharger out to get more materials for the base for a while. He only ordered more materials when Wheeljack blew up something which happened so often. Soon the rest of the Autobots began to notice and started getting concerned. Jazz popped in to try and give him a pep-talk, the twins tried to cheer him up with jokes, even Prowl tried talking to him and they all got the same answer.

'I'm fine guys. Just having a little creating-block-thing going on!'

That didn't convince the Autobots and Wheeljack felt even worse after Ratchet came to see him. It was an average afternoon and Wheeljack had sent Bluestreak away after he tried to see what was wrong with him. As he skipped through pages of his previous inventions he heard a knock at the door and groaned.

'I thought I told you all I'm fine!' snapped Wheeljack, not looking up.

'Well, you're not convincing me!' came a voice.

Wheeljack sat up straight and turned to see Ratchet standing at the door way. He looked like he was part angry, part worried as he walked over to the mechanic. Wheeljack got nervous and felt his Spark pulse a few beats as Ratchet sat next to him.

'Wheeljack what's wrong? You haven't been yourself lately.' asked the medic.

'I'm fine, really I am. I'm see I...I got a...'

Wheeljack groaned as he tried to figure out how to explain this to Ratchet without getting caught out.

'Ratchet...I have a problem.' confessed the mechanic.

'I knew it.' chuckled Ratchet.

Wheeljack sighed and flushed a little red.

'You see...I want to tell someone something, but I'm afraid this someone will hate what I have to tell them and that someone will come to hate me. I'm a good friend with this someone and I'm too scared to tell...this someone.'

Ratchet chuckled after Wheeljack had finished with his explaination.

'You do like to make my job harder don't you?'

Wheeljack tried to chuckle back but it was a little hard. His real problem was that he wanted to tell Ratchet that he loved him but was afraid of being rejected. Ratchet began to ponder.

'Well...why don't you just tell this someone. If you don't you might regret it later.' offered Ratchet.

Wheeljack sighed. He wanted to, he screamed at himself at times to tell him but he couldn't. Wheeljack was too scared of the results. That was pretty strange for him, when he invented new things he was always wondering what the results of his work would be. Wether it was a sucess or a failure he always wanted to know, but this was different, this was love and love was a hard thing to understand. Ratchet smirked and stood up to leave.

'If you ever need me you know where I am, OK?'

Wheeljack nodded and waved goodbye. The only problem was he wanted to never see Ratchet ever again.

Wheeljack had been too afraid of going near the med bay, everytime he saw Ratchet it hurt. The Autobots were still worried about him and tried to convince him to get better. Wheeljack tried but it was no good, he couldn't stop thinking, hearing or seeing Ratchet everyday. He had tried to get over him but it was no good, Wheeljack couldn't fall out of being in love with the medic. The worst part was he was hardly touching his Energon and he worked less and less. He even got called into Optimus Prime's office, who demanded to know what was wrong with him. the mechanic just told him he was feeling a little funny but it should pass. Wheeljack knew they were all worried but if he told them, they would tell Ratchet and Ratchet would reject him. Time went on and one day Wheeljack suddenly collapsed from the lack of Energon. He was rushed to the med bay where Ratchet gave him a fresh supply and fixed him up. Wheeljack wanted to leave but Ratchet kept him in and was quiet for some reason.

'Ratchet, I'm feeling better now!' said Wheeljack sitting up.

His body was re-energized and he felt a bit better. Truthfully he wanted to get out of the med bay so he didn't have to see Ratchet. The medic said nothing as Wheeljack walked towards the door. To his suprise it suddenly locked itself. The mechanic looked at Ratchet in confusion and was almost scared to see he had a very angry face. The medic had activated the electronic lock so Wheeljack could't leave and was now striding towards him, his fists clenched and his face full of anger. Wheeljack backed up against the door as Ratchet got nearer and yelped when Ratchet pounded his fists either side of Wheeljack's head.

'WHAT IS YOUR PROBLEM!' screamed the medic.

Wheeljack began to quiver as Ratchet boomed down at him.

'You've been acting funny for weeks, hardly built anything, hardly talked to anyone, almost stopped your Energon supply and you still won't tell me what's wrong!'

Wheeljack saw the concern mixed with anger in Ratchet's optics. The concern had grown into rage the more it was left inside the medic's mind. The mechanic was a little scared but tried to find a way out of it.

'I can't talk about it!' he whimpered.

'Why not? Wheeljack we've been pals for eons, you can tell me anything! Was it about the Energon Booster? The fight we had? What the Claw Brothers did to yo-'

'NO! None of that!' wailed Wheeljack, tears starting to pour out of his optics.

'Then tell me Wheeljack, cause you're not leaving till I know what is wrong with you!'

Wheelkack sobbed and fell, hugging his legs as he sat next to the wall underneath Ratchet. The medic bent down and sighed, he was harsh but with the way Wheeljack had been acting lately was worrying him. After listening to Wheeljack cry he finally heard a word.

'I'm scared.' choked the mechanic.

Ratchet blinked with suprise.

'About what? Is this about that conversation we had a few days ago?'

Wheeljack nodded and Ratchet sighed again.

'Who is this person you're afraid to talk to?' asked the medic in a more gentle tone.

There was a long silence but neither budged from their spots. Wheeljack didn't look up at Ratchet but Ratchet kept his optics on Wheeljack. After what seemed like minutes Wheeljack finally spoke.

'...You.' he murmered.

That shocked Ratchet.

'Me? What are you so afraid to tell me?' chuckled Ratchet.

The silence got even longer until Wheeljack sat up and tried to force the door open. Ratchet pulled him back and spun him round, his hands gripping his shoulders and his optics garling at him.

'I told you you're not leaving until I know what is wrong with you!' snapped the medic.

Wheeljack broke down into tears and cried again. Ratchet sighed yet again, he drew him into a small hug, patting the mechanic's back and shushing him.

' can tell me anything alright. I promise...I won't get mad. I'm just worried about you for Primus' sake!'

Wheeljack hugged Ratchet back and tried to stop himself from crying. Should he tell him, could he? Was this one moment worth the next life-cycle of the medic hating him? Ratchet had told him that he would regret it if he never told him and possibly he might regret telling him. As Ratchet stroked his back, Wheeljack took a deep breath.

'I...I...I lo...I...'

He trembled as he couldn't get the words out but heard Ratchet speak into his audios as he rested his head on Wheeljack's shoulder.

'Yes, what is it?'

Wheeljack clenthed his fists and switched his optics off as he said something that he thought he'd never say to the medic, whilst he was awake.

'...I...I...I love you Ratchet!'

Wheeljack couldn't see after switching his optics off. There was nothing but silence as Wheeljack waited for something to happen. He was half expecting the medic to push him to the floor and tell him to get out. He was expecting the medic to smack him round the face and call him names. He was expecting to be warned to stay away from him or else. What Wheeljack didn't expect was somebody removing his mask and kissing him. Wheeljack switched his optics back on and looked in shock to find Ratchet...kissing him. Wheeljack yelped and fell back to the floor with a suprised Ratchet looking down at him.

'What?' he asked innocently.

'Y-y-y-ou w-w-were...y-y-y-you w-w-were...'

Ratchet grinned as he pulled Wheeljack to his feet and pulled him into an embrace.

'...kissing you?' he finished as he placed his lips over Wheeljack's to commit the act again.

Wheeljack thought his face was on fire at this point. He thought it had to be a dream, this couldn't be real. Ratchet was kissing him. Wheeljack went even redder when he felt Ratchet's glossa enter his open mouth. He trembled in the medic's arm and thought he was going to fall again but Ratchet held him, not letting go. When the medic finally broke the kiss Wheeljack looked at him in confusion. Ratchet smirked.

'Oh come on. You were scared of telling me that you loved me!?'

' thought...I...'

Ratchet chuckled and hugged him again.

'I'm the coward Wheeljack, I wanted to tell you for so long but after what had happened I just couldn't say anything. I wanted to tell you right after we tested the Energon Booster but then I went off and came back a fool. I hurt you Wheeljack in more ways that you can't imagine. I was so scared that you would reject me after what I said to you. I had no idea that you loved me...I didn't mean to hurt you...I was just so scared to tell you...that I loved you.'

Wheeljack's optics widened in shock. Ratchet was in love with him the whole time!? Perceptor was right but there was one thing that Wheeljack had to know.

'How long?' asked the mechanic.

Ratchet broke off the hug and walked over to his desk. Wheeljack followed as the medic began to rumage round his drawers till he pulled out a half broken bolt of some sort. Wheeljack looked at it with confusion as Ratchet sat on his chair gazing at it.

'You remember when I had to fix you up the first time, right before the war?' he asked.

Wheeljack nodded, right before the war Wheeljack had his first ever experimentel invention blow up in his face and Ratchet had to patch him up. Back then Wheeljack thought of Ratchet as a close friend and nothing more. Ratchet continued.

'I was a little worried when I had to drag you out what was left of your lab but was relifed when I managed to repair you. I doubt if you remember but I had to replace some of your parts, including this. For some reason I couldn't throw it out, I didn't want to get rid of it. So I kept it for a while and I began to notice that I acted rather funny around you, of course you never noticed because you were so wrapped up in your work. Then when we joined the Autobots after the war began I began to slowly realize that I was devolping feelings for you. As time went by I realized I fell for you, but because of the war, the fact that I had to repair Autobots and you had to invent new weapons and such...I didn't have time to tell you, I thought you would get the wrong idea. Then when we came to Earth I thought about it but I got a little scared with each passing day. This little bolt was a memonto from the first time I fixed you, the first time I realized that I was in love with you.'

After Ratchet had finished he looked up and was shocked, but not too much, to see Wheeljack crying. He was trying to stop the tears but they fell down his face. Ratchet grabbed his hand hand pulled him down so he was sitting on his lab, sobbing as the medic cradled him.

'Don't cry Wheeljack...I thought you'd be...well...happy?' chuckled the medic.

Ratchet couldn't make out what Wheeljack was saying as he cried but picked out a few words.

'I...I''m...sorry...' he whimpered.

'Sorry? For what?'

Wheeljack waited till he was calm enough to talk before looking up at Ratchet.

'All this time...all this time and I never noticed. You loved me for so long while I only loved you for a few mere Earth months. You must had suffered for so long and I didn't notice. All this time I thought I was the one suffering when in truth I've been a fool. I'm a idiot...I'm so sorry Ratchet.'

It was all true, Ratchet had been through 9 million years of Spark-ache and he had only expierenced it for a few mere months. Ratchet had suffered for so long and Wheeljack thought that no one could understand what he was going through. Ratchet smiled and hugged him, trying to calm him down.

'No Wheeljack, we're both fools. We just never got the guts to tell each other. I hurt you and you hurt me but that's not important right now. Forget all that now, OK?'

He then lifed the mechnic's head up and captured his lips in a tender kiss. Wheeljack had calmed down a little and tried to relax as he melted into the kiss. Ratchet gentley slid his glossa into the mechnic's mouth and stroked Wheeljack's back, sliding his hand up to his wings and began to slowly stroke them. Wheeljack made a small, muffled whine as Ratchet stroked his sensivtive wings and they atcully twitched. It took Wheeljack a few minutes to realize that he had somehow straddled Ratchet's lap and flushed bright red. His face got redder as Ratchet began to nuzzle his neck joint and rub his hand down Wheeljack's back while the other gently stroked the wing. Wheeljack felt pleasure through every sensory circuit where Ratchet touched him and he tried not to moan but when Ratchet somehow managed to lean over Wheeljack's shoulder to lick his wing he suddenly made a low and long moan followed by a shudder. Ratchet smirked as he went back to nuzzling the mechanic's neck, bringing the hand he was using to stroke Wheeljack's back round and placing it on his chest. Another smirk came about on his face when he felt Wheeljack's Spark, pulsing very, very fast. Wheeljack was a shivering wreak, he had never felt so much pleasure from just being touched and he clung tight to Ratchet trying not to fall off. He felt Ratchet place his hand on his chest and flushed when he felt the bio-tech musles in Ratchet's face forming a smirk. Then Ratchet began to do something that suddenly made him both nervous and a little afraid. The medic's hand began to trace down Wheeljack's body, past his chest and right down to the top of his groin area. Wheeljack shuddered when he felt Ratchet place his hand gently on his Cod piece and made a small whimper, hugging Ratchet in an almost crushing hug. Ratchet puased and brought his head round to look at Wheeljack in the face, to see he was very nervous and shaking like crazy.

'I won't do this if you're not comfortable with it.' informed Ratchet.

As Ratchet began to move his hand away from the cod piece Wheeljack suddenly grabbed his hand and kept it there, his face flushing red and his optics squeezed shut. He was scared, he was nervous but he wanted it. He wanted Ratchet to show him how it was really like to bond with someone, someone that you loved. Ratchet was a little uncertain, he didn't mean to take it this far but his primtive instincts got the better than him. Wheeljack's "first time" was a horrid experience and he probaley never wanted to go through it again.

'You sure?' he asked.

Wheeljack said nothing but nodded his head. Ratchet brought his other hand round from the mechanic's wing and used it to caress Wheeljack's face. The moment he touched his face Wheeljack's optics flashed open and Ratchet could see the nervous fear in his optics.

'If you want to stop, just say.' whispered Ratchet as he once again kissed Wheeljack.

His other hand removed Wheeljack's cod-piece and when it came loose the mechnic shuddered but kept his arms wrapped round Ratchet's back. Wheeljack tried to concentrate on kissing Ratchet but when he heard Ratchet remove his own cod piece he began to tremble. Ratchet pulled away from the kiss and looked up at him.

'I'm not forcing you Wheeljack. We can stop now if you want.'

N-no...I'm fine...really...please.' whimpered the mecahnic clinging to Ratchet despretley.

Ratchet stroked Wheeljack's back and shifted him till he was in reach of his bonding wires. Wheeljack had his arms wrapped round Ratchet's back and his head resting on his shoulder and he tried not to cry out when he felt the bonding wires enter his ports. He felt painful memories hit him, when he was at the mercy of Slash who laughed every time he screamed and ravished his Spark with his own. He was shaking and struggling to get away but Slash held him place. Wheeljack did not want to bond with him becuase he felt nothing for him and that made it even more painful. He screamed and cried as Slash continued forcing his Spark energy inside him. However when Ratchet then kissed him on the neck these horrid memories dissapered and the medic whispered something into the mechanic's audio's that made him flush red.

'I love you Wheeljack.'

Before Wheeljack could say anything he suddenly threw his head back and cried out when a sudden, pleasurable jolt of energy sparked through him. He gasped and tried to force his head to rest on Ratchet's shoulder but he kept jolting back. He had to bite down on his finger to stop screaming, it was early in the evening and some Autobots were still up. Wheeljack found that wasn't working and covered his mouth with both hands making muffled cries. Ratchet's Spark was inside of him, bonding with his own Spark in perfect sync, each pulse sending waves of pleasure through his body. Ratchet had to place both his hands on the mechanic's waist to stop him from jumping off his lap and he reached round to kiss Wheeljack on the shoulder. Wheeljack was gasping and moaning as wave after wave of pleasure stole through his body, trying to keep quiet. Soon Ratchet's Spark was in complete control and Wheeljack felt silly when he made a small whine as Ratchet slowed down the pulse.

' slowing down?' he whined, gazing at Ratchet with innocent optics.

Ratchet smirked and kissed Wheeljack on the cheek and then he speeded up the pulse. Wheeljack had to cover his mouth again as his body was starting to expierence an overload of pleasure jolts as Ratchet was now making both Sparks pulse very fast. Wheeljack tried to say something but his logic circuits were getting scrambled and his funtioning circuitry was overheating. Ratchet placed a hand on the back of Wheeljack's head, bringing down so he could kiss him again. The kiss caused static in their mouths and Wheeljack wasn't even sure how long he could handle this. Ratchet sensed that his Spark was almost at it's peck of raw energy after it had bonded with Wheeljack's. He placed both hands on Wheeljack's waist, holding him in position before sending a very powerful jolt of energy from his Spark. Wheeljack broke the kiss and leaned back, crying out as the pleasure reached it's climax. Ratchet had to grab him before he fell over backwards and he slumped on Ratchet's chest, gasping after what seemed like pure joy. As Ratchet retracted his bonding wires Wheeljack's cooling systems kicked on but he couldn't move. As he laid there in Ratchet's arms he felt the medic kiss him on the forehead.

'You OK?' he whispered.

Wheeljack nodded and cuddled up next to Ratchet, his head lying on his chest while his arms warped round the medic's back.

'...I'm fine...I'm...just...exhausted...' gasped the mecahnic.

Ratchet chuckled a bit as he stroked the mechanic's back. Wheeljack flushed red and almost felt like crying again, Ratchet noticed and stared down at him with concern.

'What is it? Are you in pain?' he asked in a worried tone.

Wheeljack shook his head and tried to talk but he already began to cry.

'I'm just...sniff...I'm just so happy...sniff...right now.' he sobbed as he clung tight to Ratchet.

Ratchet smiled and kissed him on the forehead before the two bots drifted of into a deep recharge, leaving confused Autobots standing outside the door of the med bay.

'Why'd he lock it!' wailed Ironhide, who was feeling funny.

'Ratchet! Open up! I broke my arm joint again!' cried Sideswipe.

No matter how loud the bots cried out for Ratchet, he and Wheeljack heard nothing as they dreamed of sweet things which mainly involved each other.

Three Earth Months Later...

Ratchet growled as he booted Sideswipe and Sunstreaker out of his med bay. The twins yelped as they hit the floor and tried to scarmble as Ratchet towered over them, his face covered in markings and paints.

'You two must have a death wish or something!' snarled Ratchet.

'It wasn't my idea!' cried Sideswipe as ratchet raised a fist.

'What did you two did now?' came a voice.

Ratchet and the twins looked up to see Wheeljack standing there with his arms folded, looking down at the twins with an amused look in his optics. Sunstreaker scrambled to his feet and jumped behind the mechanic.

'Wheeljack make him go away!' he cried.

Ratchet growled.

'How dare you hide behind him, you sneaky, pair of-'

'Ratchet! I think you taught them a lesson when you kicked their rear-ends off!' chuckled Wheeljack.

As Ratchet grumbled Wheeljack shooed the twins away and led Ratchet into his med bay, grabbing a cloth and trying to prevent himself from laughing as he wiped the markings off the medic's face. The twins caught Ratchet sleeping and used the oppertunity to create art on the medic's face.

'You looked pretty good with that on!' snickered the mecahnic.

'I swear one of these days I'm gonna turn them into toaster ovens!' snapped Ratchet.

Wheeljack could see he was in a foul mood but he knew how to cheer him up. As ratchet glared at the wall Wheeljack removed his mask and kissed Ratchet on the cheek. The medic blushed but tried not to give in as Wheeljack hugged him, gazing at him with playful and innocent optics.

'C'mon Ratchet...for me? Pleeeeease?' purred the mechanic.

Ratchet sighed and he hugged Wheeljack back with a small smirk on his face. Ever since he and Wheeljack had admitted their love for one another, Wheeljack had somehow gotten rather seductive...not that there was anything wrong with that. Some of the Autobots knew of their relasionship including Perceptor, who was glad the two had finally moved to second base. Nobody thought wrong of them but left them to their business. Optimus Prime just warned them to not lock the med bay doors again, it had caused a little bit of a panic within the base.

'Remind me why I fell for you again?' sighed Ratchet, stroking Wheeljack's wings.

'Because I have an explosive personaitlty?' chuckled Wheeljack, which earned a snigger from the medic.

Ratchet captured Wheeljack's lips and tenderly kissed him. After a few minutes he pulled away and looked at a red-face Wheeljack with a seductive smirk.

'I love you.' he whispered.

'Love you too.' replied Wheeljack.

Then they kissed again, the two bots heading towards the berths and stayed in the med bay for rest of the peaceful afternoon...loving each other for all eternity.