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Naru was carrying an unconscious Sasuke back to Konoha even though she was dying slowly from blood loss. She was concerned about the others since they were fighting the sound four who seemed more challenging than Sasuke. Hopefully they hadn't got life threatening injuries like she had. The injuries Sasuke gave her were two chidori wounds round her heart, a poisonous kunei to the hip and a cut going straight through her right eye stopping about center of her cheek. Naru only gave Sasuke scratches or light burns since she promised she would bring Sasuke back to Sakura, knowing she would be hit anyways. Naru didn't understand why he tried to kill her all through their battle when she held back the urge to ram a rassengan through his throat. When Naru used kyuubi's chakra to make the fox's cloak, the chakra caused some of her back and stomach where the seal was appear with burns. Naru thought of Sasuke as her brother, he was ok except the whole revenge of Itachi thing. She was on the path of an avenger, hopefully she would be able to persuade Sasuke to change his life before its too late. When Naru arrived at the hospital, Sasuke had woken up and stared at Naru's injuries. Slowly Naru lay Sasuke's body on the chairs then leaned up against the wall trying to breathe.

'Oh, Sasuke I see you've woken up' Naru spoke smiling at him as she winced in pain when her hand gently wiped against her hip. 'You might aswell give up on the whole revenge thing cause I know how you'll end up in the end' Naru spoke looking down at the floor not wanting to show the pain in her eyes.

'Never, how do you know how I'll end up, you don't even know what it's like to lose your whole clan in one night' Sasuke snapped at Naru who coughed up some blood leaving some trailing from the corner of her lip.

'Maybe I don't but…at least you don't know what its like to have the whole village against you…I've lost many precious people already and I didn't even know them…they died protecting me from the assassinations' Naru spoke as tears begun flowing out her eyes, some mixing with the blood from her right eye.

'Naru…what do you mean…Konoha hates you…?' Sasuke managed to get out not finding the exact words since the shock was getting the better of him. Naru just chuckled lightly before coughing a fresh batch of blood onto the floor.

You…won't under…stand if I…told you' Naru spoke as she slid down the wall. Tsunade soon came in with Shizune but froze when they both saw Naru.

'Hi obaa-chan, shizune-nee san' Naru managed to get out before coughing even more blood up.

'We need to get you healed right now, Shizune get the best medics here now' Tsunade shouted as she carried Naru into another room then begun healing her.

XxXxX 5-8 hours later xXxXx

Tsunade came out exhausted after trying to heal Naru, it was mostly a success except Naru was now blind in her right eye. Knowing Naru she would be devastated at the news. Shizune had managed to get the poison out, she now was moving Naru into another room. Naru had woken up after they finished healing her only to notice her left eye open. No matter how hard she tried to open her right eye it didn't work.

'Naru, you're awake' Shizune spoke sounding surprised as Naru strained to sit up in her bed so Shizune helped her.

'How's everyone else Shizune?' Naru asked secretly hoping she had the worser wounds of all. Shizune sighed at this but smiled at Naru.

'I'll tell you later, I have to check up on them anyways' Shizune replied as she walked out the room leaving Naru on her own. Naru got bored straight away so with much effort and a lot of pain Naru went out the room to the entrance which was empty.

'I wonder whose injured' Naru thought as she grabbed the paper with all the injured people on it. She saw Neji, Kiba, Akamaru, Lee, Chouji and herself down that she recognized.

'At least the others are ok' Naru thought as she looked at the medical reports for them all noticing she got the worst injuries. 'I'll go walk round Konoha for abit, they won't know I'm gone' Naru then walked out the hospital wearing a blue tank top (like Sai's top), black shorts and blue sandals. Naru ended up walking into Kakashi and Iruka which made her gulp.

'Naru aren't you supposed to be in hospital?' Kakashi asked as Naru giggled sheepishly.

'Err…maybe…' Naru's reply was before she shunshined to the nearest roof. 'I'm not going back just yet, you'll have to catch me' Naru shouted while jumping roof to roof.

Hinata was with Neji when Naru bumped into them.

'Gomen Hinita gomen Neji, but seems everyone is trying to get me back into hospital' Naru giggled abit before waving goodbye. Naru then disappeared behind the nearest corner holding her hip. She managed to open up her wound, her running around didn't help either.

'damn it!' Naru shouted as she forced herself up. She limped to the hospital since she wasn't far away from it, ignoring Sakura and Sasuke who spotted her. Tsunade was called by Sakura only to see Naru's hip bleeding again.

'Naru, don't you dare leave this hospital again! It's not easy to heal your hip so take it easy' Tsunade spoke sternly to Naru as she carried Naru back to her room.

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