Something about the kid

There something about that kid. He says.

He sees Ziva and McGee look at each other. As if he wouldn't notice. As if he wouldn't care.

There something about that kid. He doesn't know what. Not at first that is.

He tries to ignore Ziva and McGee. He triest to ignore what he knows there thinking. That must have been DiNozzo when he was a kid.

There something about that kid. Keeps going trough his mind. He knows now what it is. He doesn't say it out loud.

He knows they look at the kid and see him. Maybe they think he was like that once. How wrong they are.

There something about that kid. He sees him leave the building. His father on one side, his mother on the other. And he knows why he didn't see it at first.

He knows they think he and the kid are alike. Now maybe. Maybe he was like that when he was a kid. But nobody noticed.

There something about that kid. Long after he leaves it keeps going trough his head. He can't stop thinking about the kid.

He knows his teammates think he was like that. Never has he wished more that they were right.

Long after the day is over and he is already at home he keeps thinking about the kid. He can't forget him. The kid thought he had bad luck. But he was the luckiest kid on earth.

He has never wished more in his life to be just like the kid. Come home and find a father worrying about him. Waiting for him.

There's something about that kid. He knows what it is. He didn't like the kid not at first. But now he does.

He didn't realize at first why he didn't like the kid. Maybe he thougth they were to much alike. But now he knows what it was. He was jealous.

There's something about the kid. He likes the kid. And he knows why. When he looks at the kid he sees what should have been. When he looks at the kid he seems himself.

He was jealous. Not because he knew more about movies. But because trough it all his father loved him. And waited for him.

He realised it the second he saw the kid hug his father. He liked the kid because he sees what he wanted his childhood to be. A loving father to wait for him. To look for him. To fight for him.

He wanted what the kid had. Not the father he got. The drunken bastard who beat him every single night. He wanted what the kid had. A loving family.

Maybe that's why he didn't see the resembelance. Not at first. He just saw a kid that looked like him. Now he sees what he wanted it to be like. What he wanted to have.

But he will never tell his team that. They wouldn't care. If they did one of them would have asked him already about the scars. But they didn't.

So instead he chooses silence. He chooses to go home and be alone. He chooses for them not to know. He chooses to play dumb.

'There something about that kid' He says. And he sees them look. And he knows once again he fooled them. Into thinking he didn't see.

How wrong they were. There something about the kid. And he will never forget. The split second he saw him hug his father, he whished it was him. Just once.