"MOTHER!" Hermione screamed from her room for the third time in a space of a minute. An owl had been perched on Hermione's window sill when she had woken up that morning, with a thick envelope clasped in its beak. Hermione had instantly know what it was and was out of her bed and across the room within five seconds. Upon opening it, a smaller envelope fell out onto the desk. She opened the usual letter telling her about the new school year. There was the usual book list and Dumbledore telling Hermione what to expect in her last year which was quickly discarded and she tore at the smaller envelope. Inside was a letter and a small badge fell out onto the palm of her hand and Hermione nearly fainted with delight. The words 'Head Girl' were placed against a ruby red background, clearly indicating that the head girl was from Gryffindor.

Seconds later after Hermione's deafening scream, her mother arrived at the door out of breath and she had jumped out of bed, thinking that it was an emergency.

"Hermione darling what is it? Are you hurt?" Jane hurriedly asked her daughter not wishing to spend another second discussing it in case she was hurt.

"I made Head Girl!"

"That's it? I mean congratulations Hermione but it is six in the morning on a Sunday. You know that me and your father need to get our sleep!" Jane smiled at her daughter not wishing to upset her as she knew how much this meant to Hermione. The tears started to wash over Hermione's face as she realised that her mother was right. Jane was seven months pregnant and extremely hormonal and Hermione didn't want to anger her mother or tire her out so she nodded and allowed her mother to leave.

Teary eyed, she looked back at the paper, which was the usual parchment with the emerald green writing.

Miss Granger,

I am pleased to welcome you back to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry as Head Girl. I have no doubt that I have the to the best candidate and I know that in your time here as Head Girl you will try to make a difference.

On September 1st I would like you to come to the head's compartment straight away. Please bring your belongings as I would like for you to spend the whole journey with your Head Boy. You will receive instructions on the train.

Congratulations once more.

Albus Dumbledore

Order of Merlin, First Class, Grand Sorc., Chief Warlock, Supreme Mugwump, International Confederation of Wizards.

Hermione gave a sudden squeal of delight as it had been confirmed that she was to be Head Girl of Hogwarts. This is what she had dreamed of since first knowing about Hogwarts. She wanted to make it a better place and she knew where to start, S.P.E.W. She had given up on it after fifth year as she was too busy helping Harry and Dumbledore's Army and since had been helping Harry and Ron find out about horcruxes but she knew that she would take it up again. She wouldn't abuse her power like she knew Ron would have, taking points off people for just looking at them in a funny way but she would be fair and rewarding. Looking at the date, she cursed herself as it was the 31st of August and she was leaving for school tomorrow. She had to get ready and buy her new books and some new clothes as she had grown out of many of the ones bought for her at the beginning of last year.

She ran into her bathroom, showered, brushed her teeth and washed her face. For once, her hair remained in the curls she had blow dried into her hair. They cascaded down her back and ended up, just below her shoulder blades. Extremely happy that her hair remained this way, she glanced at her wardrobe and her clothes. She could either wear something Parvati and Lavender would be happy about seeing her in, or she could wear something really big and baggy. This once Hermione chose the clothes that the girls of Gryffindor tower would be happy with, which consisted of a denim skirt that skimmed the tops of her legs revealing an expanse of tanned toned flesh, and a halter neck black t-shirt that was made of a silky material with gauzy material over the top. Hermione glanced at herself in the mirror.

'OK' she thought 'I look like a slut. Lavender and Parvati will be pleased!"

Asking her mother for the money for a train ticket into London, Hermione left the house almost causing her mother to go into early labour after seeing Hermione in those clothes. Her father on the other hand, ordered Hermione back to her room to get changed. Ignoring her father, she left the house and walked to the train station. It didn't cost much for Hermione to get a train into London and it only took half an hour and that was because the train stopped in so many places. She lived just outside of London in the town of Stevenage and she went into London many times when she wanted to get away from the people in her home town.

She had just placed her I pod nano into her ears and was listening to Rascal Flatts 'What Hurts The Most' and humming along when someone slumped down into the seat next to her. Seeing who it was, Hermione turned away and turned the volume up as this was one of the last people she wanted to see. When Hermione was five, her best friend had been Adam Howarth and they had been best friends since then and they had remained friends when Hermione had gone to Hogwarts, however he started to get angry with her when she told him about Harry and Ron. She hadn't told him about being a witch, he had just found it horrible that she had made other friends when he was supposed to be her best friend. Then, the summer after her fifth year, they had had this huge argument about Hermione's school and her new friends, and when she refused to tell him he had shouted at her saying that she no longer valued their friendship and had started spreading rumours around town that she had been sleeping with him.

Hermione felt Adam tense next to her when she turned away and was pleased but also upset. She had lost her one best muggle friend and she had no-one to talk to until she returned to school. He reached over and switched off her I pod and smiled at her, showing her his million dollar smile. He was an attractive boy and he knew it so he used it to his advantage. He let the blonde hair fall into his baby blue eyes when he wanted something that he couldn't have and the person gave in. He reminded her of Malfoy except, Adam was a human being, however, due to those rumours she may have to take a different stance.

"Herrrrrrr-miiiiiiii-oooo-neeee" he sang into her ear and she curled her lip as she hated her name sounding like that.

"What do you want Adam?" she asked in a bored tone

"Is that anyway to talk to your best friend?"

"Since when was spreading rumours-" she started, but he interrupted her.

"I am sorry about spreading the rumour that you slept with me! I was just upset that you talked about them more than me. This Harry Potter seems like an attention seeker, but you look up to him like a god. And don't get me started on that pillock called Ron"

"Don't talk about my best friends like that!" Hermione spat at Adam, making him recoil into his seat.

"You have turned into a bitch since coming back from that school!"

"Bugger off if you have nothing better to do!" Hermione said uncharacteristically without looking at him.

Adam stood up, knowing that Hermione had changed and it wasn't for the better. The Hermione he knew was kind and caring and didn't dress like a slut whereas this Hermione was short and snappy about her life at school and dressed like she wanted men to ravish her. Leaving Hermione, he ventured back to his friends to tell them about his conversation. Hermione refused to let the tears fall from her eyes as she saw her first muggle friend walk away from her forever. She reverted back to the thoughts that she was going to be Head Girl. She would have her own common room and she wouldn't have to share a bedroom with prissy girls. A smile crept onto her face as she thought about the look that would be on everyone's face when they found out that swotty know it all Hermione could take points off people or give detentions. No, she wouldn't abuse her powers just to make herself look good.

When Hermione returned from Diagon Alley, her arms were laden with bags with all her books and other equipment she would need this year. However, on her arms, she had many bags from clothing stores which was her birthday present to herself. She had decided that she needed to change and not be the Granger people knew. Her mother came upstairs to see what Hermione had purchased and smiled to her daughter as she saw what Hermione had bought. For years Jane had been trying to get Hermione to wear more feminine clothes, which Hermione had point blank refused, but here she was buying her own clothes from stores such as H&M and Zara. Her daughter had thought that she hadn't seen it, but Jane could have sworn she had seen a carrier bag from Ann Summers. Slightly confused with what Hermione could have bought in there, she waddled down stairs to check on tea.

Plucking the Ann Summers bag from underneath, Hermione tore at the paper and saw what she had bought. Inside was underwear of every colour imaginable and they all looked amazing on Hermione. She had tried them on in the shop and had spent almost £100 on her underwear but she didn't mind. It was all for a new Hermione and that included what she wore underneath her new clothes. Maybe this year Hermione could tempt some of the male population of Hogwarts with her new clothes and her new look. She bounded down the stairs to have her tea and then ran back upstairs to look at her new shoes. Hermione had always had a soft spot for shoes, but she rarely let anyone see it. She had bought five new school shoe pairs, two pairs of Ugg boots, a pair of wedges and some party shoes. Her bags had been bought from all over and consisted of Roxy, Radley and other fashionable ones that Hermione couldn't remember the name of.

She hardly slept that night as she was too excited about the next day, so she lay in her bed, wondering what Harry and Ron would say when they saw her in the new clothes she had bought. Her birthday was on the 19th of September and hoped that she could do something exciting for her birthday which was completely out of character for her. Having already been awake, her mother had rapped on the door of Hermione's room announcing that the shower was free if Hermione needed it. She did and then she ran off back into her room to get ready. She still had three hours before they needed to leave so she decided to let her hair dry naturally and then curl it with her straighteners. Whilst letting her hair dry, Hermione picked her clothes out of her empty wardrobe, as everything had been packed into her trunk, and put them on. Her skirt was shorter than the previous days and her t-shirt barely reached the band of her skirt. Once doing her hair and placing her feet in her new wedges and picking up her new bag, she realised that the old Hermione was gone from her life and she now needed to start living her life.

The platform was crowded and Hermione said goodbye to her parents and her baby brother, who kicked her mothers stomach in response. She laughed and left them standing on the platform while she went to find Harry and Ron. Suddenly she was nearly knocked over as two boys launched themselves at her. When they had let go of her, Hermione saw that they had both grown a foot after she had last seen them whereas she looked petit between them, even though she was tall herself. They smiled at her and she smiled back and gave them a kiss on the cheek, Ron blushing hard. When they asked her to accompany them to a compartment she shook her head claiming that she couldn't. She had hoped that Harry was about to shout that he was Head Boy, she wouldn't have minded if Ron was head boy, but neither of them did. She sighed and hugged them once more before getting on the train at the front and walking along to the Head's compartment, her Radley bag stuffed with her school robes. When she entered, she was the only one in and she used this time to get changed into her robes. However, when she had taken her skirt off and stood there in her underwear someone opened the door.

"That's a nice sight, too bad you're a mud blood!" and Malfoy laughed evilly.