"Hermione will you hurry your bloody arse up!" Draco called. Hermione was late and this surprised Draco. She had never been late for anything, yet today, the day when they were leaving to go to the south of France, she had decided to not come out of her room. They were still not allowed to sleep together, even on their wedding night, so Draco had knocked on the mahogany door, requesting she come out, however she remained in isolation.

"Draco Malfoy I will be out in a minute!" he heard Hermione say sternly and he sighed. This was the fifth time she had said it in less than two minutes, and everyone knew that Draco was not a patient guy. Therefore, getting irritated, he muttered a spell that opened the door. Hermione was stood, with her back to him, her hands in front of her. She heard his footsteps and turned around, ready to tell him off when he stopped shortly.

"Bloody- Draco started, staring at her stomach which looked as though she had a small ball placed under her t-shirt.

"I have no idea what happened. I woke up this morning and this was here!"

"What do you mean it was here this morning?"


"Well the hormones are starting to kick in I see."

"Don't be smart with me Malfoy!" Hermione said sternly

"Sorry, Malfoy-" he said, emphasising her new last name, "-but I am right. We have to see my mother and know if this happened to her!"

"I can't go down there like this!" she pointed to the bump

"Well you are going to have to some day! You can't stay in here until the baby is born!" He took Hermione's hand in his and pulled her from her room. She protested wildly, considering all she had on was a tank top and a pair of shorts she had obviously slept in. Her hair that was usually sleek was still rather messy, with the ends flicking off in all directions. She could just imagine what Lucius and Narcissa were going to say.

Narcissa followed her husband with her eyes as he paced the floor. Their luggage had already been sent to the house and now they were waiting for Hermione. She heard footsteps coming along the corridor and rose as she saw Draco pulling someone. Finally they were ready. When she took in Hermione's appearance, maybe not.

"Draco, whatever is the matter dear?" she asked her son

"Did this happen to you when you were pregnant with me?" he asked, his tone was one of being bored. He just wanted to go on holiday.

Narcissa looked at her son, with an eyebrow raised. Hermione was hiding behind Draco, determined not to show anyone what she looked like. Draco took a step to the side and let Hermione be exposed to his parents.

"Bloody-" Lucius started as he saw Hermione's stomach but Narcissa cut him off. Draco grinned as his fathers sentiments had matched his own.

"Well Hermione, you have certainly..." Narcissa searched for the word "blossomed."

"Told you this wasn't normal!" Hermione glared at Draco. Her hands went protectively over her stomach. She still couldn't get over the fact it had grown that much over night.

"Yes Hermione, it was like this with Draco. However it didn't happen this quickly, as in over night. My stomach expanded over a few days. Has yours?"

"No. I went to bed with a flat stomach and woke up with this!" Hermione sounded desperate and Draco thought it wasn't a very flattering Hermione.

"It's ok dear. We are just going to have to buy you some new clothes. We can just magic your clothes for today to fit, and then we will go shopping with Pansy and your mother. Would you like that?" Narcissa asked kindly and Hermione wanted to hug her. Hermione nodded and Narcissa smiled. "Come on Hermione, lets get you ready to go. Draco you can stay with your father!" she added.

Hermione walked along the corridor and up the stairs to her room with her new mother in law. On this journey, Hermione took the woman in. She was exceptionally beautiful when she smiled. Her blonde hair accentuated her silver eyes, the exact same shade as her son's, and Hermione was astounded. When she had met Narcissa before, when she had been a mudblood, Narcissa had never smiled; she had looked on in distaste. If her child was going to be a girl, Hermione would want her to look exactly like Narcissa. She walked with elegance and poise and Hermione tried to copy her, but it hurt her back straining to stand tall.

When they reached Hermione's room, they stepped inside and closed the door. Narcissa instructed Hermione to sit on the bed and relax while she got to work. Hermione watched as she muttered spells and enchantments to make the garments fit her new daughter in law. The skirt Hermione was supposed to wear had been a size eight, though once Narcissa was finished, it looked as though two Hermione's could fit inside it. Her top that had been a slimming eight also, was now double the size.

"Oh Merlin" Hermione muttered as she put on the clothes, however she noticed they were the correct size. "I must look awful!"

"Actually Hermione, you look beautiful. You are glowing!" Narcissa smiled.

Hermione had heard many people say to pregnant women that they were glowing and she smiled. She looked in the mirror and saw she didn't really look much different when she was standing straight on, however as soon as she turned to look sideways, she looked the size of a killer whale.

"I am never going to do this right!" Hermione broke down into tears. "I thought pregnant women were supposed to enjoy pregnancy but all I feel is terrible. I look terrible and I know the fate that is going to happen to my baby. How can I be happy? I am going to be a terrible mother!"

Narcissa watched as Hermione broke down and cried. She came over and hugged the young girl. What she had said had been partly true. No pregnant women ever knew the fate of her child, however Hermione's child had a special fate, an unpleasant one. She could understand the girl being upset about that. When she had found out what was in store for her Grandchild, she had begged the Dark Lord to choose someone else. The punishment had been severe and Narcissa had never questioned the Dark Lord again. She hadn't told Lucius what she had done, and she wasn't planning on telling anyone about it. She loved Hermione as if she were her own daughter, and would do anything for her.

Hermione looked up to see Narcissa smiling down at her. "Are you alright now?" the woman asked her. Hermione merely nodded and smiled. She brushed the tears away and started to pull the brush through her hair. Narcissa took the brush off her and made her sit down on the chair at the vanity. Narcissa gently pulled the brush through the girls hair and thought about how she used to do this with Aurora.

'"But Mammy, there are too many knots in my hair!" A little girl, with curly blonde hair said to her mother who stood, brandishing a brush.

"Aurora Serena Malfoy, you will sit there and do as you are told!" Narcissa said sternly to her daughter. The girl pouted but did as she was told. Nine year old girls were a handful Narcissa had thought. She put the brush to her daughters hair and ran it through. Of course, the hair was silky smooth and no knots were seen. She smiled at her daughters feeble attempts to stop brushing her hair.

"Mammy, where is Draco?" Aurora asked, a grin on her face. She had just lost her front teeth so her smile was even more adorable as her tongue stuck through the gap.

"He is asleep at the moment. He will be woken up shortly. We have to get ready for your party!"'

The scene changed and it was years later in the Manor.

"MOTHER!" Aurora yelled at the top of the stairs. She needed to get ready for the party tonight and her hair was being a nightmare. "MOTHER!" she yelled again.

A blonde boy of no older than ten walked through the corridor and looked at his sister, and shrugged. "Merlin Aurora, you will raise the dead with that voice!"

"Bite me Draco!" she sneered

"Don't know what I will catch!" he sneered back, doing an imitation of his sister

Narcissa came to the bottom of the stairs and watched the pair squabble. They were true siblings and Narcissa wouldn't change them for anything in the world.

"Yes dear?" she asked as she approached the pair.

"Mother, my hair! It will not go straight and the party is in two hours. I need to get ready but this is stopping me from doing so! Plus Draco is being a pain. Do something with him please!"

"Draco, leave your sister alone. Go find Blaise and Pansy. Aurora, come on, lets go and sort out your hair!"

Narcissa smiled at one of the last memories she had of her daughter. It had been that fateful night that Aurora had died and Narcissa had thought about it every day of her life. She looked in the mirror and saw Hermione watching her, curiously but also sadly. Narcissa just smiled and muttered a spell. Hermione's hair was sleek and beautiful again.

"Come on, they are waiting. You know Malfoy men don't like to be kept waiting!" she said, leading Hermione down the corridor. Narcissa would protect Hermione like she should have done Aurora.

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