Chapter 34

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Harry stood at the head of the aisle within the small white church in Godric's Hollow, the same church that his parents had been married in all of those years ago. He wore a mix of muggle and magical suit. The pants, vest and tie while wearing an open over robe. He was even wearing the dark purple flower that his soon to be wife insisted on as her colors. His best man, Ron Weasley, stood at his side across from the Maid of Honor Nicolette Kerrick who had her eye on the second Weasley – Charles – who was seven years her junior. Alexia Black, Amelia Renauldi (Gwen's Best Friend from Beauxbatons), Ginny Weasley and of course Rose Potter stood with Nicolette on the other side – each in varying shades of purple and cuts that suited their colorings.

On Harry's side stood a surprising Sirius Black, who'd been sent through the veil to the United States via the ancient portal that was a one way ticket to exile – it took three years for Sirius to be able to enter the UK without immediately being given the Dementor's Kiss. Victor Krum, who was wearing a vest with a falcon embroidered in the back underneath his over robe, stood next to Sirius who walked up the aisle with his daughter on his arm while Victor walked up with Amelia. Neville Longbottom, who walked up with a blushing Ginny Weasley and Rose Potter walked up with Isaac Kelle who only agreed on standing with Harry if Harry informed his impending family about the Elite.

It was fitting that Ardeth Fehr was marrying them.

Harry's breath caught as he looked up the aisle to see the music begin to play and everyone in the church look to the back.

Gwen didn't come out.

Then Ardeth whispered a swear word, "Would everyone please rise for the bride?"

Harry glared at Ardeth while the hall lightly giggled.

"Sorry, knew I forgot something." Ardeth whispered to Harry. "I haven't married someone in a while."

She came up, escorted by her brother after her father's injury during the final battle Edward Kerrick was still unable to walk his daughter down the aisle – much less walk.

Then John stepped on his sister's train as she was about to join hands with her soon to be husband.

Gwen lovingly hugged her brother as he blushed and took his foot from the edge of her gown.

Ardeth cleared his throat as everyone sat down. "Dearly Beloved…"

The End.

AN: This wedding was loosely based off of my sister's wedding. The Preacher was a last minute substitute, as our Preacher suffered a heart attack the day before the wedding, and forgot to ask everyone to rise. My brother in law was so nervous that she'd run off. Our brother really did step on my sister's gown before she went to join her groom's hand. So far, they are living happily ever after.

It is hard to believe that it took me five years, three degrees and two internships and one thesis to finish this. But I guess I can say that a small part of me will always be Elite.

Maybe I'll get something published for real.

Is the world ready for a story about elementals? It's only been swimming in my head and my physical notebooks for as long as Elite has.

Cheers to anyone who reads this, may you find happiness in the written word.

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