Got Ghost Troubles?

Author's Notes: I should really be working on the stories I already have. But…I just can't focus on re-writing, or even writing in a plot like manner, so I'm just gunna write on whim. I like that. EEerm, this site is irking me, expecting me to preview and fix my documents after I upload them. A month ago, they were fine...grumbles...

Disclaimer: Muhyo & Roji's Bureau of Supernatural Investigations, or BSI, is owned by a whole lotta people, but Yoshiyuki Nishi should be given all the credit and glory.

Jiro Kusano took a step back, admiring the simple paper sign he just put up. The boy himself was no different then an ordinary average boy. He was normal height, a normal size, his hair was blond, his eyes were brown, and his expression was one of simple bliss. He sighed happily as he looked at his sign.

The sign read:

Got Ghosts?

We've got solutions!

P.R. Manager

Jiro Kusano

Muhyo Bureau of Supernatural Investigation

0-03F, 00 District, 00 City

(000) 000-0000

Jiro rubbed his jacket sleeve over his wetting eyes. It was just too beautiful! Soon, people would come near and far to them for help, and though he knew he wouldn't be able to do much, he'd be able to help-

"Its have, not got," A voice cut across his thoughts in a form of a sneer, "Can't you even get something as simple as that right?"

Jiro looked down, he knew it was have, not got, but it had a catchy tone and, and, aaaaand alliteration! Oh! He was always stepping on him, crushing him with hurtful words! It wasn't fair; people so small shouldn't be so mean.

"Its-," He had to defend himself this time, stand up to his little tyranny, "It's suppose to be catchy."

"Well," The little boy in question was much older then he size gave him, but not much. He had a round face, and maybe, yes, maybe, his head was shaped like a turnip, with his black hair for the roots, "It looks stupid, which makes you look stupid, Roji."

Jiro…otherwise know as Roji, sighed. Muhyo always called him that, not that he minded it. It was kinda like having your name in ghost words, you know, all spelled backwards and whatnot.

Without even waiting to be told, he pulled the grammatically incorrect flyer from the wall, crumpling it, defeated, in his hand.

"Yes sir…" He said, his voice full of the disappointing defeat. Muhyo never let him have any fun.

"That's better," The small boy replied, turning tail, his over robe fluttering in the wind, "I can't have you making me look stupid. Now let's go."

Roji sighed again in reply, shlumping over, his arms dangling. He followed his short boss, as he slipped like a sewage rat under the darkness around the corner. Roji stopped suddenly, recalling that he just mindless threw the paper on the ground. That was littering! But when he looked back…

The paper was gone. Roji gulped. He had a bad feeling about that…maybe the wind just blew it away…yeah, the wind.