Got Ghost Troubles?

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Article Six:

The Morning Arrival

Dark lazy clouds passed by them, or rather, they passed them by. Roji leaned his head on the square lumpy headrest, eyelids feeling heavy. How could Muhyo sleep? Roji's eyes shut just a little bite more. When there was so many interesting things to see out the window...and not just that, they were going to meet another Executor, which reminded him- Oh, he couldn't take it anymore!

"Muhyo," Roji asked sleepily, taping the side of the sleeping boy's head, "Muhyo, I've got a question."

Muhyo grunted in his sleep or maybe said 'what?'. A half asleep Roji decided it was a what.

"What's so special (His body slumped down in his seat) about this? Cant't you do it?" And with that, Roji fell asleep, the rest of his sleepy conversation muttered in his head, and between his lips as silence. Muhyo replied with a leg twitched. The plane hummed with the dull sound of sleep and air motion.

Up in first class, much was the same, though they has an in flight movie to lull them to sleep. Such sweet sleep.

Roji entered a room full of people. People he didn't know at all. Faceless or masked, it was unknowable for they were all blurry, and were facing the opposite direction of him, each of them, as thought they were avoiding him entirely. Facing, that's right. For some reason, that room scared him, but he knew he must walk forward. Must walk through it.

They were eating off silver trays, which were being served by twisting people in wicked smiling masks. Fancy women with blurred faces and big wigs picked up the food, which was nothing more then green triangles. Everyone was all dressed up, like they were going to a medieval ball.

Slowly, as he made his way through, the dinning room table came into view- with its bright soft orange blocks, set upon in stacks of the soft linen tablecloth. He needed one of those oranges, he didn't know why, but he just did.

Roji stretched out his arm, reaching out for a block, knowing he could never sit down at such a fancy table with the dollies and such. His close, just a little bit more. Just a little bit farther- his finger touched the orange block.

As quick as a flash, the blurry faced faceless or masked people all turned and looked at him at once, the force of their sudden turn about creating enough wind to knock the blocks and triangle all around the room.

They scared him. The faceless people. They scared him- and they all were staring at him. Roji felt his heart skip a beat, as he lifted his hand to his face and-

"AAAaaaaargg!" Roji snapped awake, cold sweat clinging to him. Cold sweat on his face, and Muhyo's foot in his jaw. The force of the kick sent him fly from his seat.

"What the hell?" The nearby passenger whose armrest was now causing Roji some mild head trauma asked, looking down both ticked and sleepy.

"He's okay," Muhyo replied, yawning, "Just flip him over."

The man gave Roji a good whack, which sent him reeling back so that he ker-thudded the back of his head, leaving a good goose egg. The score: Sleepy passengers one, Roji zip, zero, nought, nothing'...

The airplane gave a great rumble, as the sun peaked up over the horizon, tickling the underbelly of the clouds with its golden rays.